Thursday, 14 June 2018

Your Life in Colour

Circle Network book review: Your Life in Colour - Empowering Your Soul with the Energy of Colour by Dougall Fraser and published by Hay House, paperback £12.99 Author website:

Dougall Fraser is a Los Angeles intuitive life coach and workshop facilitator. He has an ability to see auras and has added interests in meditation, chakras and colour healing. This book explains how to incorporate colour into our life and includes exercises, affirmations, meditations and suggestions on how to align ourself with colour energies. Colours can create positive and negative reactions so we need to find which colours work for us and he provides a simple course to work with a different colour each week. Dougall Fraser provides examples from his personal experiences and those of his clients. Each colour has a positive and a negative aspect and colour can help us to meet our goals, increase energy, influence and wellbeing. We can imagine a beautiful meditation such as imagining a ball of colour above our head which bursts into a shower of sparkles which rain down over us. He has a radio show on Hay House Radio and offers a blog on his website. White, gold, silver, blue, emerald green, purple, ruby red, orange, pink, mint green, I liked this book and I gained some excellent ideas from it. It improved my awareness of the beauty and power of colours and gave me an increased ability to enjoy nature and everyday objects. What a joy! You can find your gold aura for added independence, your purple for leadership and destiny, mint green for enthusiasm, red for empathy, orange for balance and perception, you can bring out your inner leader, and lots more to enjoy and learn from!
See Dougall Fraser's first book: 'But You Knew That Already - A Psychic's Journey Through Life'. Review by Wendy Stokes

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