Saturday, 13 October 2018

Archetype Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss, published by Hay House, boxed 80 card deck with information booklet. £28.00 Author website:

The information provided assists you in self examination to discover which archetypes are active in your life, such as How can I be more fulfilled? and What is my purpose in life? I think these archetypes are better than an astrological horoscope as they look at self improvement and life assignments. The book looks at: life journey, unique challenges, life lessons, behaviour patterns, the inner shadow, and how to step into your archetype.

There are an infinite number of archetypes, but some examples provided in the cards are: The Athlete, The Caregiver, The Fashionista, The Intellectual, The Rebel, The Visionary and the Spiritual Seeker. They are revealed in stories, fears and talents, what makes us feel strong and empowered. Sometimes entire families share an archetype.

Each card carries a title and an image and whether a light or dark attribute is activated. The booklet is concise and explains well how to use the cards and about archetypes and how to find yours. I found myself on almost every page! I like cards that have a self development/personal awareness angle as these have and I like work on archetypes. There are 74 cards which express archetypes and 6 blank cards which are provided for your personal archetypes. The deck can be used alone or in conjunction with the book titled 'Sacred Contracts' by Caroline Myss. Caroline has a speciality in the field of archetypes and you will be both empowered and have insights with this card deck. We are all a mixture but learning about our archetypes and how to express them is an important part of life's rich tapestry. 
Look out for her recordings too! 

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