Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

Circle Network Card Review: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue PhD Published by Hay House £13.99 for box of 44 cards plus explanatory booklet.

The deck is designed for divinatory use for oneself or for others. The cards are of excellent quality, the artwork is detailed and can stand the scrutiny of a jeweler's eyeglass. 44 popular Goddesses are profiled with their history and function and a channelled message from each. The book offers an alphabetical list of each of the goddesses, instructions on working with the cards, how to consecrate and store the cards, how to give a card reading (including the use of inverted cards), how to choose which goddess to work with and how to invoke the goddesses.

I have chosen sample cards: 
Firstly, Ixchel (pronounced EE-shel) - Medicine Woman, a moon Goddess revered in Mayan times. She gave birth to all other Mayan deities. She is connected to the tides and water and controls the rain. She is also known as 'Lady Rainbow' and is a healer and a mother goddess of fertility and childbirth.  The card shows a woman with her arms upraised with a waterfall to her right, a South American temple to her left and a lightening storm above her. The message is 'You are a channel for Divine Healing Power'. Commanding power is not the same as demanding it. Demanding comes from a childhood place akin to a tantrum. Commanding is based on the sure knowledge that you are part of grace and wisdom - a lightening rod which can conduct power. The meanings of the card is that who-ever draws the card is a healer, or healed. The situation/ and-or your loved one are being healed.
Honour your healing knowledge and abilities. Teach the healing arts. Start or continue your healing practice.
Secondly, Kuan Yin (pronounced Kwan yin) with her attribute of ‘Compassion’ says ‘release judgements about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone. The message from this goddess is: Gentleness is the strength behind true power and this comes from feeding yourself  and others with nourishing actions. Shield yourself from harshness and seek gentleness. Be happy, be kind, be sweet, but most of all be true to yourself. Kuan Yin is the Eastern goddess who hears all prayers. She is the essence of purity, nurturing love and gentle power. She has vowed to stay close to the earth until all people are enlightened. She is the protector of women and children and she awakens musical gifts and abilities as well as psychic understanding.

Doreen Virtue is a doctor of psychology and a clairvoyant, writer and an international workshop leader. She has authored a large number of popular books. Many artists and designers contributed to the digital artworks. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes www.wendystokes.co.uk

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