Saturday, 24 June 2017

Magicians of the Gods

Circle Network Book Review: Magicians of the Gods - The Forgotten Wisdom of the Earth's Lost Civilisation by Graham Hancock published by Hodder Books £9.99 paperback 592 pages with many colour plates, Author website:

This is the sequel to the International Bestseller 'Fingerprints of the Gods' which excited me, and on account of this, and his other books, I became interested in this British author's work.

All we are taught about the earliest history of agriculture and the building of cities, but this is misleading. This huge tome of deep research and original thinking, focuses on the last ice age, and a comet cataclysm, creating melting ice waters and causing a flood which demolished a highly advanced 'mother culture' civilisation. A massive impact could hit our planet today and cause equal destruction and this has been predicted. There is a hypothesis that 2030 will be the date for a prophecised  hit. Many traditions involve catastrophic events handed down the generations. There are many parallels throughout the world of similar designs and ideas. Gobekli Pepe in Turkey is an example of this and appears to date from 10,000 years ago. The earliest archaeology there is of finest workmanship, just as the earliest Egyptian pyramids are the largest. Could there be an ancient civilisation of this very early date that had influence and power across the world? The book suggests 'yes'! Could the North Pole be moving and what are the reprecussions of this polar shift? Dates of the great sphinx are questioned. We learn about fascinating modern DNA studies, the Neolithic, Denisovian humanoids and early human migrations. We also learn about comets and asteroids and new discoveries in our solar system and beyond.

Graham Hancock is well know for his work on the Orion Correlation Theory with Robert Bauval who at times is a co-author. This is archaeoastronomy in a similar vein to Erich Von Daniken. Sadly, he is a proponent of illegal psychoactive drugs, which mightbaccount for his highly imaginative and original work and also for the prejudicial views that the established academic world has towards him. I am a devotee and hungry for more!

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