Friday, 15 February 2019

Mind Mapping

Circle Network Book Review: The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan published by BBC Books, 320 pages.

Tony Buzan is the leading authority on mind mapping and if you are a student, creative, business person, a child or learner of any kind, whatever your speciality, this is the book for you! In full colour too somit is marvellous value for money!

Our brain is astoundingly intelligent, and this is explained along with great thinkers and how their mind works. Developing our word power, our visionary power, we learn how to create a Mind Map. Exercises, quizzes, questions, all help us understand how well we can improve our thinking abilities, increase our ideas, choices, memory, creativity! This is an exciting book!

How to use the Mind Map for self analysis, problem solving, and keeping a diary, also covered are thinking, teaching and furthering the Mind Map into greater levels of development.

If I can recommend one book to change your life in a radical and beneficial way, it is this one!

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