Saturday, 21 October 2017

Your Spirit Animal

Circle Network Book Review: How to Find Your Spirit Animal - Connect with Your Animal Helper for Guidance, Strength and Healing by David Carson, quality paperback, 206 pages, £10.99

This is a marvellous book for those who want to connect to the natural worth through other species, and they are here in every variety across the globe; the four legged, winged, crawlers, singers, growlers, of every kind, many of which are endangered and need our support!

50 of our planet's unique and astounding creatures are features, and ways to contact them, relate and feel at one with them through exercises, meditations, visualisations, ceremonies. When you have made your choice, the author explains the Quest of the Shaman, the process of working with these energies in dreams, for healing, to make altars, create sacred space.

In ancient times, other species were honoured and admired. Connecting with other species is vitally important for their survival and for the planet's wellbeing. Snake, mole, turtle, hawk, cat, whatever you are guided to, will help and support you in some way. Start at the beginning and work through each creature to fully experience the beauty of the species in the book. 

David Carson co-wrote the best selling 'Medicine Cards' with Jamie Sams. 
Review: Wendy Stokes

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