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Missing Family of Jesus

Circle Network Book Review: The Missing Family of Jesus - An Inconvenient Truth - How the Church erased Jesus's brothers and sisters from history By Tobias Churton, hardback 242 pages, £16.99 published by Watkins Books.

"The only thing worth contending for is the truth"

In recent years, more evidence has come to light about the extended family of Jesus. We learn about their names and their role in his mission. So much comes to light when we realise he was not an only child of a single mother.

The paternity of Jesus is examined and many members of his 'missing family' are suggested, though not discovered in today's world. Apochraphal writings are researched. Word origins are explained. We learn about the culture, the politics and religion of the time. It was a complex era, of fanaticism, rivalries, oppression and division. We are introduced to many new possibilities. An atmosphere is conjured where we are taken to the places and times of the establishment of the Jerusalem Church.

Was Jesus from Nazareth? Was he the principle of a powerful clan or dynasty? Was Paul the first channeller? Was James the 'beloved disciple'? Who were the Watchers? Who were the Keepers? Who were the New Covenanters? Were the early members of the family of Jesus hunted and oppressed? It is suggested that the term 'handmade of the Lord' has been translated as 'temple slave' and that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, might have been dedicated to the Temple on account of her ancestral heritage. Anna, possibly her Mother, is described as the 'daughter of Phanuel'. Could she have been an occult mistress, receiving messages from her archangel, dedicated to the path of light, and did this spirit assist both Jesus and John with their mission?

A great deal of work has gone into this treatise. My only criticisms are the colloqualisms and ideomatic expressions that I thought might not  be to everyone's 'cup of tea'!

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Review: Wendy Stokes

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