Friday, 7 July 2017

Monthly Card Reading

July Cards Chosen by Wendy: 

Brigid was a Druid Fire Goddess and her priestesses kept alive a flame, a valuable service for the community. Later, she was declared a Christian saint, also known as Bride or Bridget, and her sacred site is at Kildare in Ireland. She is patron of brides, fire-fighters, prophets and creative artists of all kinds. The church in Fleet Street, London, is named St Bride’s. It has a unique bell tower. This inspired the design of wedding cakes in their many layers. Her feast day is one of the ancient cross quarter days. Bridget’s colour is white and her name means 'bright'. If your life is lacking excitement, activate her powers by calling on her: Brigid, I am afraid, come to my aid, I am dismayed, my life is too staid. Ease my strife, brighten my life, my joys are unfurled when you enter my world. If you are getting married – or would like to – draw on her energies by lighting a white candle, write a poem, song or story or paint a picture and dedicate it to this ancient Goddess.

From Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christiane Northrup, we have Fertility & Creativity - Hierarchy vs. Partnership: Throughout our lives, we are constantly changing places between leading, following and being a bona fide partner with equal say. All roles are necessary, but you need to know when to assume each of them. When it comes to your creations, you must be willing to support them by claiming ownership and responsibility. If you need assistance, especially financially, you need to relinquish some of the decision-making and leadership role in how your creation gets cared for and launched. Identify what is 'your baby' and what is a 'shared creation'. Hint: Financial support grants rights of ownership. 

Card number VIII of the major arcana of The Dali Tarot is Justice, also known as ‘mindfulness’. This card is not concerned with abstract principles, but tries to answer the age-old question: How do we manage to do what is right and how do we abstain from what is not. The land on this illustration shows us familiar territory, water and uncharted land beyond. In order to judge wisely we must connect the known with the unknown and distinguish one from the other. The scales measure that which is known and our prejudices must be overcome and all current knowledge evaluated. Dali painted the woman of the Justice card in the manner of Lukas Cranach. Her wild mane represents an abundance of life force and the invincible spirit of justice. Her young body hints are two kinds of virginity. Some people consider virginity and innocence are lost with the first sexual encounter. Others see virginity and innocence as goals of personal growth that we must work towards. “Innocence is nothing than can be lost , but something that can be gained.” Bertold Brecht 

This kind of virginity and innocence is exemplified by mindfulness and the ability to get involved without getting entangled. Advice: The more precise the investigation, the more loving the judgement. “The more knowledge is contained, the greater the love.” Paracelsus What is currently needed is the courage to criticize and praise, especially the willingness to shed the discerning light of love on every person and event, on both the high and the low points of life.Reading by Wendy Stokes


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