Thursday, 11 January 2018

Mystical Lenormand Review

This video explains how to read the Mystical Lenormand deck. Quality German tarot and oracle card publisher, AGM Urania has produced this inspired oracle card deck, designed by the medium, Regula Elizabeth Fiechter with artwork by the skilled, Urban Trosch. Both creators are experienced card specialists. In addition to the Mystical Lenormand, Fiechter has created the Mystical Kipper cards (and others), and Trosch has also provided very competent artwork for the Mystical Kipper (and others).

Intuitive sample reading of card number 32 which is titled ‘Moon’, a symbol for inspiration and psychic powers which are at their strongest at the full moon. The scene on the card is seen everyday in rural communities across the world and throughout all time. It shows shepherds watching over their sheep under the moonlight. What is precious to us needs to be cared for, and we often need to make sacrifices, as the shepherds sit all night, often during frosts and rain to see that no harm comes to their flock.
These cards feature 36 images which have their origins in fortune telling cards which were first produced circa 1800 and were used by the famous Parisienne card reader, Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, known as The Sybil of Paris. She read the fortunes for Empress Josephine, Czar Alexander, Robespierre and Marat and now cards based on her deck are extremely popular. The ‘Mystical Lenormand’ cards have an antique French flavour; they are stylish, meaningful and well-conceived.

General divinatory guidance and card combinations are given in a little white booklet which is supplied in the pack, but the cards rely on the in intuitive ability of the reader. The illustrative settings of the fine artworks are useful in this regard, lending ideas and insights to the reader. A stand alone book is available which explains in detail about the card symbolism, legend and card combinations. 

To read these cards, the information suggests looking at each card to consider personal associations and to either use the guidance provided or use intuition. Shuffling, cutting, drawing and layout information is provided and a suggestion that the reader should ask for a message to appear within a spread. There are several layouts; the 'Runway' spread or the drawing of a card for each day. 

The cards are slightly smaller than usual which is useful when laying the entire deck on the table for an 'All Card Spread' reading. Each card is numbered and has an astrological designation and the reader looks at the chosen scene as thought through a window, as if into another world. Animals are frequently featured. The Mystical Lenormand is a card deck that any card reader will find meditative and enlightening, not just in the short term, but as a deck of great depth and understanding that the reader will never tire of using. 

Sample card of Sun: Achievement is gained through energy, will-power and optimism! There will be times when you need to renew your enthusiasm and pick yourself up. What is it that supports you through difficult times? Perhaps it is music, friends, dancing, walking, animals or the cinema! Treat yourself to a break and remember that during the darkest times, a new day is soon to dawn! 
Review by Wendy Stokes  To read the Mystical Kipper review, please click on this link:

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