Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween Oracle

The Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco - Lifting the Veil Between the Worlds is Published by Blue Angel Publishing. The box includes information booklet and 36 cards. 5 x 7 inches.
Experience the Scariest Night of the Year Every Night! Cards are not numbered and carry only a title and subtitle to be read upright only. I think it is important to see in death as an aspect of life and it is important to honour those who have gone on the long journey before us. By doing so, we learn how to live our life with consideration and caring and joy and prepare for the eventual day when our number is called by the powers that be.

Several card spreads are suggested, one card (where you can use a pendulum to choose it), a 3 card spread for Halloween (card one represents the heart of the issue or question, card two, the challenge and card three provides the solution) or a 6 card Jack O Lantern layout (card one represents the heart of the issue or question, card two, the hidden issue, card three, the major obstacle, card four, the main fear, card five, the solution, and card six, what will happen if you engage the solution).

This is a fun deck, ideal for Halloween parties, to draw a card and find associations. I would combine this with another deck if I could find a suitable one of the same size and genre. For those who like dressing up, we have the typical symbols - owl, bat, broom, werewolf, skulls, vampires, graves, spiders, skeleton, cauldron, crystal ball, ghost, ghoul, zombie, pumpkin, black cat, etc.

This is the Lady de los Muertos who offers acceptance and equality. At the end of this month is All Hallow’s Eve, 31st October. This lady of death from the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead reminds us to remember and honour all those who have gone on the great journey before us. The veil between the worlds is thin at this time. She honours and accepts that death will come to everyone, regardless of wealth or status. She has reverence for it, but also overcomes and celebrates it, laughing and refusing to allow it to crush the joys of life. It is the last taboo, many run from it but it catches up with all of us sometime. The card is life affirming.  The deck has a booklet with a four line rhyme and a 500 word explanation of each card, ideal to celebrate The Day of the Dead, old Celtic Samhain or our All Hallow's Eve style trick or treat.

The author Stacey Demarco and the illustrator, Jimmy Manton hail from Australia. It's good card stock but cards strongly rely on the intuitive ability and sense of fun of the reader. Wendy Stokes reviewer:

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