Friday, 15 June 2018

Creature Teacher Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Creature Teacher - Animal Wisdom For All Ages by Scott Alexander King, illustrated by Sioux Dollman, boxed 45 cards and guidebook.

We can learn from other species and their intelligence, beauty and skills can provide us with guidance and inspiration that can enrich our lives. Wild and domesticated species are detailed with imaginary unicorn, dragons, etc., included.

Each card has an animal title and 3/4 word message and a hand painted image. The Guide book contains excellent and extensive information on each card. These are round cards and information on how to use them is provided. Spreads suggested are a one card reading and a three card reading. This would make a perfect gift for a teenager! I thought the box cover artwork looked a little 'Disney' and more for a pre-teenager. Don't be put off by the box cover artwork!
  The author, a primary school teacher has also has written:
'Animal Dreaming' and 'KIDS! Indigo Children and Cheeky Monkeys'.
Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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