Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Crystal Visions Tarot

Circle Network Tarot Card Review:
CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT CARD DECK by Jennifer Galasso Published by US Games Systems, Inc Website: www.crystalvisionstarot.com  
Jennifer Galasso studied art, graphic design and psychology and has produced a very enjoyable deck with a young female energy. Her fantasy artwork is also available as greeting cards, prints and figurines and her illustrations have been published in anthologies and magazines.

The title ‘Crystal Visions’ was taken from a music CD of the songwriter, Stevie Nicks, and the flowing beauty and elegance of these songs is reflected in the delicacy, femininity and enchanting quality of the card’s artwork. The symbol of the crystal ball is also detailed in several of the images within the deck and provides an

association with ‘clear visions’ which diviners desire to achieve through use of the tarot divination system. The deck is suitable for a beginner or experienced Reader and the deck retains the traditional suit names and numbering, and the 78 card system (with one extra titled ‘The Unknown Card’*). A small general explanatory booklet is included which provides
an excellent understanding of each card, offers a sample ten card spread called ‘The Celtic Cross’ and some advice on how to conduct a reading for beginners.

Some of the motifs within the deck are the lotus flower, fairies, the unicorn, jewels, the winged horse, birds, butterflies and flowers, the lion and other animals, the moon in its phases and the dragon. The card of the Page of Cups is depicted on the pack’s cover. Jennifer is working on producing a subsequent card deck ‘The Tarot of Myths and Legends’.

The Unknown Card depicts a female with long dark hair. The background scene shows gothic windows through which a new moon shines high in the sky. The personality is lit by two mauve candles and she stands behind a bird of prey which carries a bejewelled wand. Upon her brow and also on her forefinger she wears an amethyst, and around her throat, a
pentacle. In her hands she offers a milky white crystal ball which represents an answer that is not intended to be revealed, a situation that is unfolding or a matter that requires further steps. Deeper questioning needs to take place or a moving forward with an open mind and without bias. Review by Wendy Stokes www.wendystokes.co.uk

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