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Oracle of Visions card deck review

Circle Network Oracle card deck Review: ORACLE OF VISIONS by Ciro Marchetti, published by U S Games Systems Inc, pack includes 52 cards (size 3.75 x 5.5 inches) and explanatory booklet. £17.99

It’s a feast! Carnival in Venice meets Cirque du Soleil meets Las Vegas Harlequin! You won’t find more Hollywood glamour than this!  
Ciro Marchetti has excited us yet again with his distinguished artwork! Following on from his immensely popular and amazingly beautiful tarot and Lenormand cards, we now have an oracle deck - but with a difference! Most oracle cards carry simple messages and lack depth but Marchetti has created this deck to inspire the reader. With minimal input, our inspiration, insight and intuition is encouraged to be individual and versatile. The cards carry a number only. If you wish for a title, the booklet provides titles, quotations and 100 – 200 words of information. All cards are read upright.
The cards are divided into 4 suits: Situations; Emotions; Actions and Behaviour. Two interpretations are provided for drawing for one card reading. A six card combination reading is also offered as a sample.  
Sample: Card numbered 11 of Harmony, 
Balance and Being in Tune with Others. 
It comes with the pertinent message ‘you don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note!’ This is the traditional time to visit the circus (we hope no animals are taking part). To understand what something is, it is a help to understand its opposite. Harmony is not achieved in isolation. It requires resonance or participation with others linked by time, rhythm or agreement. To be out of sync implies discord, disharmony and conflict. These musical metaphors can be applied to other actions and relationships that require us to live, work and relate to others in the world around us. Adjusting our perspective and modifying our position allows us to disregard differences and move forward in tune with others, make allowance, be unselfish! We can see here the jester produces a rainbow of melody, her dress and the musical score sheet work together to tell the same message of good will. Be wary of always making adjustments for the common good. There will be occasions when you should take the lead, sometimes a solo performance is productive.

Eye Candy! The cards are large enough to fully enjoy the visuals. I especially like the animals, which are depicted on most of the cards. There are some intricate mechanical cogs and wheels reminiscent of clocks and watches. The word 'fantastic' was made for this deck. I have been using it for health guidance and found it to be the best deck I have for this purpose. The card stock is of sufficiently good quality to withstand the jeweller’s eye-glass test where more will be revealed. Ideal for meditation, to enter the image and discover wonders of the Otherworldly scenes or for readings for the beginner or the experienced reader.

Roll up! Roll up! Come to the masque ball!
This is the most intense and powerful oracle deck I have in my extensive collection.
Aeclectic Tarot lists Ciro Marchetti’s decks twice in their top 8 best-sellers list. 
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Reviewer: Wendy Stokes 

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