Thursday, 6 September 2018

Finding Heaven Here

Circle Network Book Review: Finding Heaven Here - By John C Robinson Paperback £9.99  240 pages  Published by O-Books Author’s Website:

Dr John Robinson holds two doctorates, as an American interfaith minister and as a psychologist. In this book, he explains very simply, the complex subject of finding Heaven here on Earth. This is where psychology meets spirituality. The book allows the reader to touch what feels like the spiritual realms, if only for a moment. Heaven is a state of mind, and if we can spend time in this beautiful place, the trappings of the modern commercial world fade into the distance and are replaced with peace, contentment and appreciation.
The book offers the equivalent of a home study course in mysticism. Dr Robinson provides the reader with dozens of spiritual exercises that help to clear away the obstacles that prevent us from experiencing the wonder of life and the presence of the Divine. He answers common questions at the end of the book which help to clarify how we can improve the quality of our life by spending time meditating on the higher realms of consciousness. Dr Robinson has written several books on allied subjects. He facilitates conferences, workshops and retreats in the US and is especially interested teaching within the men's movement. His next book will focus on the spirituality of ageing. Also authored by John C Robinson are ‘The Three Secrets of Aging’ and Bedtime Stories for Elders’ in addition to other well received books on the theme of aging.

What others have said about this book:

• Mathew Fox: A welcome contribution to the radical but universal spiritual teaching that the sacred marriage of heaven and earth is possible.
• Andrew Harvey: Finding out that this world is Heaven is crucial for human survival. John Robinson’s passionate and finely researched book will inspire seekers to open their enlightened eyes and see the world as it is.
• John Mabry: Finding Heaven Here is a crash-course in spiritual transformation. Required reading for anyone on a serious spiritual path.

Recommended by Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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