Sunday, 29 April 2018

Greek Mythology Reading Cards Review

Circle Network Card Review: Greek Mythology Reading Cards - Wisdom from Ancient Greece by Alison Chester-Lambert, illustrated with digital collages of classical artworks by Richard Crookes, published by Findhorn Press. Box comprises of explanatory booklet plus 50 cards.

Each card depicts a different Greek deity and the booklet has adequate explanations of each. The illustrations are majestic, enjoyable with photos and collages of paintings and sculptures from ancient Greece. These deities have been waiting in the wings to be consulted by us as they were consulted by the ancients, for guidance and advice. Since ancient times, the gods and goddesses have been implored for support at times of difficulty. Athena will provide strength for a task, Hera for the home, Eros to acquire a new love, Zeus for confidence. Sleep with them beside your bed for inspiration.

Pick one card a day, or you can have a three card reading for influences now, and draw another three for future developments. You could also try a 10 card Celtic Cross spread.

I have chosen as a sample the card of Athena, who is given the title 'Protectress'. Athena is a defensive warrior in battle and also protected the peaceful arts and crafts, such as weaving and sculpting. She has an intelligent, smart superiority, which assures success. She is a shrewd and clever strategist and can assist with academic and educational abilities. Athena was born fully armed with her helmet, shield and sword. She remained chaste, single and independent. If there is a battle, call upon her. If you want more information on the deities described, you can look them up elsewhere. Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom, transforming herself from the Goddess of War to the Goddess of Civilisation. She is the Goddess of Athens, the capital city of Greece and her magnificent shrine still stands on the Acropolis. The image portrays a 2000 year old statue. It is known as the Landsdowne Bust.  

The card stock is glossy, of excellent quality and has delightful images. The booklet has adequate information to give good readings. I will use them as as a favourite personal deck that I can also use for readings for friends. I like these cards and feel I can develop a relationship with them, hold a conversation and get some insight into my problems. Review by Wendy Stokes

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