Saturday, 7 April 2018

Journey to the Dark Goddess

Circle Network Book Review:  Journey to the Dark Goddess – How to Return to Your Soul by Jane Meredith Published by Moon Books  Paperback: £12.99 Author website:

Jane Meredith provides a valuable method to relieve depression and grief by integrating a part of our life which is usually repressed to our detriment. The ancients provided a map in the form of myth, as they knew there is life wisdom in confronting death before it happens. The Goddess was the one who wove the thread of life, cast on and struck down, and She is the one to guide our journey to life review and wholeness.

The author also described the journeys of Psyche and Persephone, also underworld Goddesses. The path of Innana is detailed, as the great Queen of Heaven makes her descent through the Seven Gates of the Underworld removing all her earthly possessions because they will not serve her in the eternal realms where she is to meet her dark sister, Ereskigal who is giving birth. There Innana dies, her corpse unceremoniously hung on a meat hook.

Jane very generously escorts us on her own personal journey through this myth, explaining how we can also follow this ritual ourselves safely in order to gain wisdom for our life, to confront our demons, to relive and release old hurts and to then return to the world of the living to live our life better than we could otherwise have done without the knowledge of death.

The journey to the grave to gain insight and understanding is as old as time itself. I was reminded of the response of Jesus to Nicodemus, in response to a question about the saved and the unsaved and how to attain the kingdom of heaven, ‘You must be born again’. In the occult tradition, death and rebirth are to be experienced on the inner levels, such as in Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki’s Sacred Cord Meditations.

The journey of Inanna is one I was guided to take with Helen Brown, a Jungian psychotherapist and Swedenborg teacher in a group workshop many years ago and have since used the Sacred Cord Meditations. Each time, I am aware what little value I place on many of the aspects of daily life that others find important. I am not afraid of death (I am afraid how I will get to this stage). I recall the Ho’oponono sayings, ‘I love you’, ‘please forgive me’, thank you’ and I’m sorry’. My greatest sadness is that I leave a massively overpopulated world where the pollution of seas, soil and skies will eliminate species and that this will also cause illness to all life forms.  

I think it is an amazing journey to undertake, but one not without caution for those with an unstable disposition and one that requires safeguards after, when the revelations gained in the Underworld are brought to the surface for re-evaluation. A journey for the mature seeker of enlightenment and self-knowledge as the Dark Goddess is with us always, whether we are aware of her or not. Review by Wendy Stokes

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