Sunday, 13 May 2018

Journey to the Goddess Realm

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Journey to the Goddess Realm Oracle Deck by Lisa Porter, published by U S Games Inc. Pack contains booklet and 39 cards.
 "The goal of spirituality is to call forth our eternal spirit back into our earthly bodies."

36 cards carry a Goddess name as a title, a number, a related concept and an image pertaining to that Goddess energy. In the booklet, each Goddess has a short write-up (100-200 words per card) with associated keywords. Though the upright energy is positive, a shadow or a dark aspect of the Goddess is mentioned for reversed meanings.
Lisa Porter is the Australian composer/writer of this deck. As a self taught artist, her artwork is quirky and enjoyable, colourful, creative and contains interesting symbols. It might be too busy and young for the more mature reader and seeker.
A reading can consist of any number of cards, you can have a 3 card traditional, past, present and future spread, or a Celtic Cross of ten cards, for instance.
In the deck, in addition to the 36 goddess cards, there are three additional cards which are titled: negation, affirmation and revelation. These provide an added dimension to the readings.

Iris for communication from Journey to the Goddess Realm by Lisa Porter. Iris is the Greek Goddess Divine Messenger who travels through the multi-dimensional rainbow portals that bridge the realms of the sky. Her symbols are the rainbow and the iris flower. She appears in the sky to let us know the downpour has ceased and shows us beauty in the skies. Her large golden wings here assist her on her errands to bring good will. She devotes her life to serving others through pure sacred messages. She brings effective communication and reminds you of the importance of transparent speech. Say what you mean and mean what you say! Look up! The rain clouds have gone.
 ‘Blodeuwedd’ is titled 'discernment'. This Welsh maiden goddess has a name that means ‘flowers, blossoms and flower face’. She is beautiful and youthful, and while her husband was away on business, she had an affair. When her husband returned, she was turned into an owl which cautions you to not deceive yourself, as the world will mirror the deception back to you. This card is a passage from a youthful mind to a more mature one. It highlights milestones of learning and understanding and informs about betrayal of and by others.

 Athena's title is ‘Initiative’ and suggests you take courage and stand up for justice and integrity but avoid petty squabbles. Involve yourself in innovation, ingenuity, pioneering, balance, and action. She stands with her breast-plate, spear and helmet, with her wise owl on her arm, she is competitive and athletic and has great prowess and intellectual ability. She is the epitome of the woman of wisdom.

I thought this was suitable as a young person's deck because the artwork is trendy and the images of women are so slim, size 8 and, in my knowledge of goddesses, they are usually at least a size 14. From the booklet, the deck will help you to: Discover some higher truths, activate your higher conscious awareness, meet your inner goddess! Readers can do their own home work find out more about the goddesses that comprise this  deck, and about card spreads should they be a beginner and need this information.  Review: Wendy Stokes

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