Sunday, 18 March 2018

LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot

Circle Network Card Deck Review: LeGrande Circus and Sideshow Tarot by Joe Lee, published by US Games Systems, Inc., card size: 3.5" x 4.5" 78 cards plus information booklet in a strong, lift-off lid box. 

Joe Lee has worked in circuses as a clown and fire-eater. He is also an art teacher so he knows the ropes and has produced this themed deck which reflect the energy, atmosphere, sights and sounds of the circus and all the fun of the fair. The cards are very squarish in shape and have a vintage style poster look (1930s - 1950s). Wild animals, many endangered, were still used in circuses - and in some countries without animal rights laws - still are, so their contribution is included in this deck. Lion, tiger, elephant and horses were the mainstay of the circus and they are featured on the cards. You will also find every daring do imaginable here from Ringmaster, highwire, trapeze, strong-man, knife thrower, clowns of all kinds, people from all countries, to those at the front of house who are not forgotten along with the massively hard work involved in putting up the big top and taking it down again and getting the show on the road to the next location. The stress and strain, with the help of the elephants is the price to pay for the magic, sensation, amazement and joy that the acts are designed to provide. 

The Majors are a parade of archetypal characters of the fairground and circus, the Minors are day to day life, the Cups are those noveleties and fantasies, Swords are bizarre oddities of circus and sideshow life, Coins are hawkers of popcorn and candy who bring in the dosh, and Wands create the circle of wonder and magic through props and tent poles.  

Spreads have circus style titles: Clown; Strongman; Snake Charmer; Ticket, Sword Lady; Lion Tames; Acrobat! 

I so enjoyed this entertainment specialist deck which can be used upright or with reversed meanings. I found the metaphor and symbolism gave a creative edge and freshened up my readings. Next time you visit, see if there is a psychic available to read these cards! 
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