Saturday, 15 December 2018

Michael Meacher

Circle Network Book Review: Destination of Species - The Riddle of Human Existence by Michael Meacher  Published by O-Books Paperback: £9.99 251 pages Author’s blog:

Michael Meacher is a New College Oxford and LSE graduate, a leftish Labour politician who almost became our Prime Minister during the Blair years (which I would have supported). Environment Minister from 1997-2003. He is a columnist for the Guardian newspaper and The New Statesman, has authored a book about the plight of elderly people in mental hospitals and here he examines the origins of the Universe, why we are here and where we are going. He examines a huge number of theories and perspectives, including the Big Bang, the formation of our planet, ideologies about an intelligent Creator, our development as human beings and what the future is likely to hold and why.

He does not shy away from uncomfortable realities, such as highly toxic chemicals currently found in the food chain, the ruthless exploitation of planetary resources and the mass extinction of other species due to human overpopulation. As climate change causes floods, hurricanes, drought, deforestation, forest fires and melting ice-sheets, there will be a refugee crisis as people move to countries where they can live and grow crops. He describes the impending need for clean water and dependency on oil, which, given the proliferation of nuclear weapons, will cause catastrophe and an ever increasing rich-poor divide which will cause violent conflict.

It is an amazing book and one that needed to be written. It is ideal for students of all kinds especially those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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