Friday, 13 April 2018

Templar Sanctuaries in North America

Circle Network Book Review: Templar Sanctuaries in North America - Sacred Bloodlines and Secret Treasures by William F Mann, Foreword by Scott F Wolter. Published by Destiny Books, 419 pages Paperback: £14.99 Also available in Kindle format.

Was there an sea trade between the Mediterranean and North America 2,000 years ago? Did Christopher Columbus, a Portuguese Knight of Christ, deliberately mislead the Spanish about North America? Did Prince Henry Sinclair, descendent of the Grail bloodline, make a voyage to North America and hand on to his descendants an extraordinary knowledge? Did the Knights Templar sail across the Atlantic in 1307? Were rituals of initiation passed to the Native American people to be incorporated into their own rituals? Was a settlement established in Green Oaks, Nova Scotia (New Scotland) to provide safety for the Knights Templar? Did the Merovingian dynasty comprise of the descendants of Jesus through Childerick? Did Templar finances assist George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in the founding of the U S of A. Was a New Jerusalem intended, based on Venus, the Sacred Feminine? Does the white lily represent the role of priestess? What were the gold plates that Joseph Smith discovered? Is the Mormon Church connected to the sacred bloodline through the lost tribe of Israel? What do the Sulpicians, Rennes le Chateau and Berthenonville have in common? What importance does the bear play in squaring the circle? What clues can we find in Renaissance art? What is the relevance of Longitude to the bloodline? What role do St Anthony and St Paul play? Did St Martha go to Avignon? Does Prince William carry the bloodline?

Followers of the sacred bloodline will not be disappointed! Poussin's and Tenier's paintings are discussed alongside less well-known occult artists. The oral history of native Americans pertaining to early immigration, history, geography, art, new light is thrown on many traditions

This is the third in a series of books on this fascinating topic. It answers many of the questions above and many others as it covers a time frame from the dawn of human engenuity to today. It teases, hints, points and puzzles the reader with exciting possibilities and new revelations. I enjoyed it. It is the third by this author, who is a bloodline carrier and a foremost researcher on the interesting subject. 
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Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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