Sunday, 22 April 2018

Mystical Kipper

The Mystical Kipper is a very elegant deck of 36 fortune telling cards, created by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and the artist, Urban Trosch, and published by the card deck specialist, AGM Urania.

Smaller than traditional card size but true to the size of the original cards, these Kipper cards depict scenes from a by-gone era. The origin of the cards is lost in the midst of time, perhaps the cards were named after Berliner, Mrs Susanne Kipper, who lived at least one hundred years ago, or perhaps they were used by the Wipper travellers. Whatever their origin, a period of wealth and beauty around the turn of the 19th/20th century is reflected in the artwork and in military, legal and agricultural matters. The cards are mainly figurative.

The artist Urban Trosch has created smooth, restful and delightful and decorative illustrations. The original designation of the card titles have been retained in this numbered deck which can be best used for questions that relate to personal relationships. The use of one's own intuition is needed to get the best from the reading.  


Tree is numbered 17 and is titled 'Receiving a Gift'. It shows a Christmas tree with fairy lights. Gifts are laid out around its base, we guess who purchased these, and who they are for and what might be inside the wrapping paper. Will this be a happy Xmas event. Someone has gone to much trouble to create a perfect setting. It is a card which draws us to the creation of  homely happiness and sharing a time of celebration with others.    


The Mystical Kipper cards, however, do not depict all sweetness and light! Some cards highlight the more difficult aspects of life which are ever present for the unsuspecting. There are false persons, unhappiness, prison, bereavement, and other dangers. All 36 cards can be laid in an 'All Cards' spread, nine cards in four rows and the cards are read horizontally, diagonally and vertically.
This is a delightful deck, as is it's companion, the Mystical Lenormand, by the same creators, Fiechter and Trosch. I like to use the Mystical Kipper cards alongside the Kipper Cards to create a 72 card combined deck. There is sufficient information in the little white booklet in the deck pack to get the beginner started. 
Reviewer: Wendy Stokes  To read my review for The Mystical Lenormand, click on this link:

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