Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Sacred Rebels Oracle

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Sacred Rebels Oracle - Guidance for Living a Unique & Authentic Life by Alana Fairchild with artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison, published by Blue Angel Publishing, £15.99 boxed set of 44 quality cards and guidebook. Author's website:

Each card has a number, a title and an image. In the guidebook detailed information on each card is provided with a healing process suggestion of an affirmation and a meditation and frequently a prayer. The artwork is excellent, as in the sample provided of an owl, peacock and raven that sit atop a web and a beaked skull as a grey haired woman relinquishes consciousness. Are her last thoughts about the needs of nature, as we shed our physical body, so many species face extinction. 
Short Sample: Visions of Life Beyond Death - Sacred vision is awakening within you. You are becoming blessed with the ability to truly see. To see what is real rather than what appears to be. This is true insight. What was once considered consequential may soon be found to hold little consequence after all. What was once dismissed as an irritation or irrelevance may be seen to have great spiritual significance. As mundane as something once appeared it could now be worthy of absolute attention. The gift of genuine vision takes you into the being of the universal creator. This is sacred terrain, beyond logic, convention and that which is limited in any way. The more open you are to receiving true vision, the more love you will feel and recognise within and around you. Something may appear to change form, to be shed, to be lost or to die but there is love within it always. This realisation doesn't remove the pain of the loss. It does provide a way through which it can be healed and eventually transformed into peace. The vision of love, the truth of all that is, can move us more than anything else possibly can. If you have been wonderinf about your life path or whether you should take action on a project or you need inspiration to really move you out of a slump, then this oracle brings you a message of hope. You will receive your vision. You will be graced with a way out of the stagnancy. You will be able to see things differently and more accurately.... (far more text available for this card). Good value! Lots here for those with spiritual oppression :-) Review by Wendy Stokes
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