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Tarot Apokalypsis Review

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Tarot Apokalypsis, published by Lo Scarabeo, text by Kim Huggens, artwork by Erik C Dunne. Boxed set of 79 cards and full colour hardback book 464 pages. £27.99

Who are you today in the Land of Apokalypsis?

This is the follow up to the award winning Tarot Illuminati, which was the first collaborative tarot deck between these two great tarot specialists, Kim Huggins and Erik Dunne, and is produced by the prestigious Tarot publishing house, Lo Scarabeo. It offers rich symbolism, astrological and kabbalistic meanings, and takes us across the world to ancient myths. To this deck, a new card has been added, creating 79 card deck.

Helping us find answers to the unknown, we learn about ourself through seeking and exploring, to find the best path and to better ourself and deepen our awareness. The word 'apokalypsis' means 'revelation'.

A Daily Draw is suggested; a 'Mithraism Initiation' spread; a 'Revelations of 4 Suits'; 'Demeter's 4 Season's' spread; or 'Hekate's Triforms' spread. Cards can be read upright or inverted.

I chose the card of Justice showing a depiction of the ancient Egyptian concept of Maat to whom the temple complex of Karnak was dedicated from 5th dynasty and was used as a court house during the reign of Ramses IX. The word 'ma'at' means 'straight' and implies righteousness, balance, order, law and truth. It opposes chaos, violence and injustice.   The card shows a dark skinned, winged female of mid years dancing in the cosmos with the planet Earth beneath her feet. She wears a blue ostrich feather in her hair and an ankh, symbol of life, on a loose girdle to cover her womb. At her feet is the pharoah within his coffin. She is weighing his heart against a feather. If the heart is heavier, he will have failed the test that allows his entry to the Otherworld.
I think it is excellent value for money, for beginners or experienced readers, and if you have only one deck, this could be the one for you! These digital images are lush! They are highly colourful, entertaining and busy. The book has excellent and extensive information on every card. The book also provides enlarged full colour images of Court and Major cards, and due to the complexity of many of the images, this is a valuable resource. I would have preferred a lighter background which would have given the front images greater prominence. Some decks I tire of quickly - not this one! I have already had many excited hours just learning about its basic points. Tarot Apokalypsis is an ultra modern deck and will suit the young and glamorous and theatrical style reader. It will have pride of place on your divination table and will certainly 'wow' your clients. 
Review by Wendy Stokes

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