Friday, 14 December 2018

The Second Messiah Review

Circle Network Book Review: The Second Messiah - Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasony by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, published by Fair Winds Press, paperback 260 pages $18.95

This book is well researched by the authors of The Hiram Key and ties up some gaps in time. From the early times following the death of Jesus, the Jewish members of the royal House of David, a hereditary priesthood, have largely been forgotten, or perhaps intentionally hidden by the early leaders of the emerging Christian sect. These would have been the real Popes in true apostolic succession. Was there a bloodline that was protected until the time of the creation of the Knights Templar Order, when 11 selected French knights under Hughes de Payen, went to search under the Jerusalem Temple for what might have been scrolls, valuables, relics or other valuables, hidden for safety and left to them by their ancestors when Jerusalem fell in AD 70? The enormous building programme of cathedrals throughout France and 

England, such as Chartres, needed building knowledge, money and relics to be successful. Was this due to the Templars? Did they find something, perhaps knowledge or treasure? The last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, we know was tortured to reveal secrets relating to the Order, from which he recovered and was imprisoned until his death by being burnt alive. Was he crucified during this torture and is the 'Shroud of Turin' evidence of this? Does Freemasony holds secrets about the Knights Templar, the time of Jesus, and before this to Egypt, and to the time of the Flood when Enoch passed the information on how to build new cities after the devastation? What were the original 33 degrees before they were removed in the 1700s and do they pertain to the Rex Deus bloodline? Who was Hiram Abif? What is the 'pesher'? Was the torture of Jacque de Molay a re-enactment of the torture meted out to Jesus? Is Rosslyn Chapel's west wall a replica of Herod's Temple and could something be buried under Rosslyn that was taken by the Knights Templar for safe keeping? Does the Stuart dynasty, William I of England, James I (VI of Scotland) carry an ancient and holy bloodline and what of the House of Savoy? Were St Patrick and St Columba Jewish? Are the two vases in the pharoah's tomb relevant?

This is such an exciting book - a chase, a quest, a marvellous research by two talented and experienced researchers in their field. The above is just a snippet of the glorious research that has been conducted here. They escort us along with their findings and hey presto! they come up with the goods and they leave us wanting more! 
Review by Wendy Stokes 
(Review Addenda: The back of the shroud has an image which is of a different size to the front. This was not mentioned in the book and I think it was an omission.)

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