Friday, 20 July 2018

Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living

Circle Network Book Review: Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living, by Melusine Draco, Paperback £9.99 E-book £6.99, Published by Moon Books

Melusine Draco’s many books on the occult have a well-deserved reputation for being informative, interesting and useful. This book is ideal for the solitary practitioner living in a town or city (the author provides differences between ‘witchcraft’ per se and ‘wicca’ per se). It is possible to know about herbal lore, to honour nature and to practice magical arts anywhere in the world. She accepts that criticism of witchcraft is still very common in the twenty-first century and suggests it is necessary to be discreet, yet confident. The book contains excellent advice and many good exercises. It also gives an understanding of the problems that present themselves to those living in a built-up area. Noise, pollution and the density and proximity of people requires the creation of a quiet, sacred space for magical work and this can still be achieved even in the smallest of spaces, no larger than an Eastern prayer mat or a small but dedicated green space. Sensitivity and awareness can be gained by paying attention to the creativity and beauty of the natural world, using correspondences for magic spells, celebrating the seasons and the moon phases, all of which add to enjoyment of life and helps to combat depression and negativity. The book explains the causes and prevention of psychic attacks, and details the difference between a talisman and an amulet and how it is possible to make and use both. A magic bundle can ward off undesirable spirits and protect the owner. Her suggested methods do not require large funds of money, as effective materials can be found very reasonably or entirely without cost. Divination and spells are also important ingredients of modern witchcraft. Some old methods, such as tarot and palmistry are highlighted, and some new and exciting techniques are suggested. Matters of faith –v- religion, ethics and integrity are covered and how the reader can clarify and define her/his own spiritual path. Melusine Draco has studied the esoteric fields and has been a practicing witch for 20 years. She is a magical and spiritual instructor and the Principle of Temple of Khem and Arcanum and provides study courses in ‘Traditional British Old Craft’ methods. She trained in the Coven of the Scales with A R and Meriem Clay-Egerton and lives in Ireland near the Galtee Mountains. ‘Mean Streets Witchcraft’ has been updated under this title.

Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living is the latest book in the  ‘Traditional Living’ series written by this author. Other books in the series are:

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Other books authored by Melusine Draco are:

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The Egyptian Books of Days: the calendar of ancient Egypt

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Mean Streets Witchcraft: Practical Craft for the Urban Witch

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