Sunday, 5 August 2018

Mystical Tarot Review

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Mystical Tarot by Giuliano Costa, published by Lo Scarabeo, 78 cards plus information leaflet in pack. £17.99 Website:

The Tarot provides images that open a magical door that brings the mystical world into our ordinary lives. There is no wrong way to interpret the cards. With foundation meanings provided on the Major and Minor Arcanas, there is a succinct message for all but the Court Cards. We are encouraged to use our own innate abilities to interpret these cards which offer new and advanced symbolism. There are no reversed meanings provided, but the reader has the opportunity to include these as the card backs are suitable for a reading that includes reversals. 

The pack has a leaflet in 5 European languages and 78 artworks with wonderful movement and elegance, bringing a hint of Byzantium to traditional Tarot imagery and lending each image to esoteric and magical readings. If you love soft blue skies, soft flesh and flowing fabrics, you will be pleased, as I was, each card painted on wood with the beauty of an original old master. 

I have chosen the second card of the Major Arcana, known as The High Priestess as a sample. The card shows II and a 🌙 Moon symbol in the border. A woman is seated on a throne that stands on a marble plinth. It has for legs, scrolls and has two Corinthian marble pillars. At the top, one has a ewer lying on its side, the other has a stone orb that carries a lighted candle. Hung between these pillars is a golden curtain. She has a serene expression as she reds from a large book placed on her lap. She wears a full length red dress with a blue cape edged with gold. Across her bodice she wears a bodice with a Yin and Yang symbol. Upon her head she wears a tall cone like papal crown with a 🌙 Moon symbol. 

The information provided says: the sacred book of wisdom yields its secrets to the High Priestess. She is the keeper of the Mysteries, which may be revealed only by those who are worthy of initiation. Message: There are things you know and things you will never know. To understand this is wisdom. 

Review by Wendy Stokes

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