Saturday, 4 August 2018

Tree Calendar

Sharlyn Hidalgo and the Celtic Tree Calendar. Network book review: 'The Healing Power of Trees - Spiritual Journeys through the Celtic Tree Calendar' by Sharlyn Hidalgo Published by Llewellyn Publications, in paperback and kindle 336 pages.

Seattle born Sharlyn Hidalgo has worked as a psychotherapist and has a masters degree in psychology. She has multiple interests as a circle leader, healer, Native American specialist, Egyptian mysteries teacher and Celtic tree book author. 15 trees are described in detail with a drawing for recognition, each have respective deities, totems, ruling planets, month of power, their uses in history and in healing, rituals and higher appreciation and understanding of their spiritual energies. Rune letters, ogham letters, symbols, etc., flesh out this information within the booklet information. I love the spirituality of the natural world, and trees are easily accessible for everyone and this deck offer ways to increase our appreciation, wonder and joy. 

This is a highly personal perspective from an American with ancestors from Britain and much of this information is channelled. She describes birch, rowan, alder, willow, ash, hawthorn, oak, holly, hazel, apple, vine, ivy, reed, blackthorn, elder, and lastly, a tree for All Hallows on October 31st. Also provided in the book, is information on silver fir/pine, gorse/furze, heather/mistletoe, white poplar/aspen, yew, the grove, spindle, honeysuckle, beech and the sea. 

The book's strength for me was in the guided meditations which I enjoyed, gained insight from and was helped in developing a closer relationship with each tree. If you are seeking a beginners book to give your an appreciation of European trees that takes you through the year with ritual and inspiration, you will get something from this creative book. It's not a calendar in the traditional sense of the word! Review by Wendy Stokes:

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