Thursday, 9 August 2018

Motherpiece Tarot Deck

Tarot Card Deck Review: Motherpiece Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vicki Nobel published by U S Games Inc. Three products in this range: The original Motherpiece Round Deck, the Mini Deck, and the Guidebook and Card Set.

This deck is a revolutionary modern deck (circa 1980) which features matriarchal cultures with an earth based spirituality. The creators searched the world for early Goddess philosophy, myths, history and folklore whilst they were room-mates at Berkeley in California together. Both are life long feminists and interested in intuition, healing and the Divine Feminine. They produced these cards in the round - to be read not just as upright and reversed but with the four positions, so with innumerable potential for creative readings. 

The four suits of the Minor Arcana are Cups; Wands, depicted with African culture; Discs, illustrated with Navajo culture; and Swords, depicted with Greco-Roman imagery. The Court Cards are; Daughter, Son, Priestess and Shaman and many of the titles have changed, such as the Crone as the
Hermit and the Hanged One as the Hanged Man. There is information provided on Tarot history and history of the Goddess. Images from this deck are featured on Dior’s 2018 haute couture ‘Cruise’ collection and tarot designs will be copied for the High Street, so watch this space! 

Review by Wendy Stokes

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