Friday, 15 June 2018

The Sword and the Grail

Circle Network Book Review: The Sword and the Grail - The Story of the Grail, the Templars and the true Discovery of America by Andrew Sinclair

This book describes the formation of the Knights Templars and the fortunes of the survivors after the inquisition in the 1300s. Rosslyn Chapel was built as the Grail temple with many indications of possible Templar treasure buried there. Could America have been discovered almost a hundred years before Columbus by Venician Zen brothers and St Clair family, who arrived in Nova Scotia and New England? The St Clair family history is fascinating, from its earliest time - by a healing well in Normandy - to become the Earls of Orkney and other high offices in Scotland. 

The author, Andrew Sinclair, is a direct descendant of this ancient St Clair family lineage. I enjoyed reading it. It is varied and covers many hundreds of years of history. Review by Wendy Stokes.

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