Sunday, 6 December 2015

Jocelyn Chaplin - The Serpent Institute

Jocelyn Chaplin
Bettany Hughes acclaimed series 'Divine Women' on prime time TV offers a full appreciation of ancient goddess worship and the role of women in the ancient times. Many women writers and speakers are introducing her various paths and how their worship was practised. As a psychotherapist and artist, I have been bringing her into my work, as goddess in various forms and also as the abstract force of rhythmic equalizing flow.

My first book ‘Feminist Counselling in Action’ was reviewed for the Guardian (15.11.88) as showing how 'the goddess can be an allegory giving shape and form to the feminine principle' and it can be used to empower women today. My most recent book (published in 2008 by O Books) is entitled 'Deep Equality - Living in the Flow of Natural Rhythm'. This is a tapestry of examples, quotes, exercises, thoughts and pictures on the subject of reducing hierarchical structures and replacing them with rhythmic ones, linked to the goddess as flow.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Truth Agenda

Circle Network Book Review: The Truth Agenda -Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and 2012 Prophecies By Andy Thomas Paperback £12.95 Published by Vital Signs Publishing Author's Website:

This entertaining book scans a vast timeline from pyramid mysteries, crop circles and UFO’s to a collection of modern conspiracy theories, such as the recent banking collapse, War on Terror, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and the Apollo moon landings. For those that question the official line, this is a superb book, full of fascination and wonder. The first part of the book presents an in-depth look at intriguing news stories. The latter part suggests a right wing organisation is intent on causing global conflict and confusion.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Annamaria Hemingway-Immortal Yearnings

Circle Network Book Review: Immortal Yearnings: Mystical Imaginings and Primordial Affirmations of the Afterlife by Annamaria Hemingway
Published by 6th Books Paperback Price: £14.99 Kindle Price: £5.76
Author website:
Annamaria Hemingway's latest book, Immortal Yearnings, takes the reader on a journey exploring how, via the medium of mythology and symbolism, humanity wrestles with the metaphysical questions posed by our common experiences of living, dying and, in some cases, receiving intimations of an afterlife.

The scope of the book is vast, both in terms of the spiritual and psychological dimensions and it spans human history and cultures. Like all good tours, it starts and ends at familiar stations: she opens with more than a nod towards Jung and his concept of archetypes, and ends with some contemporary and moving accounts of transcendent experiences. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Suzanne Ruthven - Country Writer's Craft

Book Review: The Country Writer's Craft: Writing for Country, Regional and Rural Publications by Suzanne Ruthven Compass Books Paperback 153 pages £9.99 Author's website:

If like me, you have had an inclination to write for country publications, after reading Suzanne Ruthven's 'A Country Writer's Craft', it's likely you will be more motivated and equipped to do so.

The author provides inventive ideas and tools for getting to grips with all the varied publications, from glossy county lifestyle magazines through to smallholding and farming publications and all between. There are valuable insights into the mind of editors and what they are looking for and tips on how to market research their readership. Also included are professional writing exercises at the end of each chapter.

Sivananda Buried Yoga

Circle Network Book Review: Sivananda Buried Yoga By Yogi Manmoyanand
Published by O-Books 308 pages: Paperback price £9.99 Author’s website:
Sivananda Buried Yoga is a personal journey by Yogi Manmoyanand and explains his explorations and discoveries of yoga in the format of the Yoga Sutras including Vedantic, Sankhya and Tantric methods. The author describes it as 'the never-before-told-reality of yoga'.

After living with the ascetic yogis in a cave in the Himalayas, the author's teacher, Angadanand Saraswati, chose him to carry forward the teachings that he has practiced, on behalf of the linage. On leaving the Ashram, the author was shocked to see that no one was willing to accept yoga in its purest form.

Richard Harvey - Dreaming

Richard Harvey is a psychotherapist, author and spiritual teacher. He is the founder-director of Therapy and Spirituality, a personal and spiritual growth centre situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. His background is in Humanistic and Transpersonal psychologies, Taoism and Zen. He is trained in western psychology and eastern meditative methods, psycho-spiritual psychotherapy and bodywork. The author of The Flight of Consciousness and several other books and articles focused on realizing our true selves, his innovative approach to human development, The Three Stages of Awakening, is discussed in his latest book, The Inner Journey to Authenticity and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Tantric Love Letters

Circle Network Book Review: Tantric Love Letters Author: Diana Richardson Published by Manta Books Paperback: £12.99  221 pages

The author, Diana Richardson is a leading authority on tantric sex and has written several books on the subject (some with her husband, Michael). She trained with the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Community and the Barry Long Foundation. A qualified lawyer and therapeutic massage teacher, she conducts 7 day workshops in Switzerland on Tantra with her husband. Also authored by Diana Richardson 'Tantric Orgasm for Women', 'Tantric Sex for Men', 'The Heart of Tantric Sex' and 'Slow Sex'. 

Spirituality of Carlos Santana

Circle Network book review: The Spirituality of Carlos Santana. Edited by Nicholas Nigro. Hardback price: £11.99 Kindle edition: £8.22 104 pages Published by Backbeat Spirituality Press.

Carlos Santana grew up in a family of musicians, and played in the Santana Blues Band (later the name was reduced to 'Santana'). With his inspiring Tijuana and Latin rhythms and virtuoso performances he impressed many big stars of the rock and roll era, including The Who and The Rolling Stones and he has received many prestigious awards.  

Mayan Oracle

Circle Network's Card Review:  The Mayan Oracle - A Galactic Language of Light – A Hands-on Tool to Harness the Potential for Spiritual Growth By Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner Illustrated by Oceanna Published by Bear & Co Boxed set of 294 page book and 44 cards £27.99 Website:

This oracle was inspired by a dream by two Californians, Spilsbury and Bryner. Ariel Spilsbury is a spiritual counsellor and planetary midwife who is building the Sanctuary of the Open Heart which honours the divine feminine. She is the author of The Alchemy of Ecstasy and the 13 Moon Oracle. The father seed of the project is the late Michael Bryner (1950-1998), a holistic therapist and spiritual counsellor and teacher with an interest in Mayan Esotericism and shamanism. 

The Lightworkers Healing Method

Circle Network Book Review: The Lightworkers Healing Method -Be Who Your Soul Wants You To Be
by Lynn McGonagill
Published by Morgan James Publishing 326 pages     £25.95

The book begins with a wonderfully enlightening story about what happens the day when Jesus returns and is followed by the author’s own story of how the Lightworkers Healing Method was born. The author has been working with higher dimensional

Family Constellations Therapy

Circle Network Book Review: The Science of Family - Working with Ancestral Patterns By Nikki Mackay Published by O Books Paperback £9.99
Author website:

The author, Nikki Mackay, is a well-known writer and editor of WHG Magazine, an online ezine for the pagan community in Scotland. She is also a psychic medium and healer and a Family Constellations therapist, practising in Aberdeen. Her clients visit in person, for one or more sessions and some homework can be conducted using mediations, affirmations and visualisations.

A West Country Sensitive - Chris Brooks

Born and raised amongst Wiltshire’s Sacred, Mythical and Megalithic sites, Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, the Crop Circles, Ancient Burial sites and many others that date to times past, far beyond historical knowledge or records, it is my firm belief that there is a reason and a purpose as to why each and every one of us are born in the particular geological location we have been.

Although the reasons may not always be known it is fact that each person or group of people are a product of their surrounding natural environment via the evolving of many, many previous generations, all infused with the Natural Earth Energies from within their own particular global habitat.

Discovering an individual’s historical root is to understand the evolutionary makeup and the socially conditioned mind that can vary greatly across the numerous global regions that exist.

Many individuals search far and distant places in their quest for the secrets to life; secrets that elude or defy understanding but nevertheless are vigorously sought after by most all at some point during their lifetime.

Historical records inform that, almost without exception, past societies, tribal units and ancient civilisations have one common theme, that being an undeniable belief in the afterlife and an acceptance of a spiritual realm. It is probably safe to assume that this has been the way since the very beginning. 

If the core route is common to all, then all must also have an intuitive knowing at a fundamental level. With this in mind, each tribal region, although having evolved in differing ways over countless eons of time, would still retain or own all knowledge of their spiritual origins, therefore each would have no need to look for that which they seek other than inside of self, for this is where all things are known and all truth is to be found.

It is also fact that a supporting spiritual base surrounds within nature, with all of its regional diversities, without the need to look (other than to that which best relates) to non-other than ones very own doorstep; looking to the body’s very own original comfort zone, without a need for that which is belonging to another’s society or culture.

Man’s seeking has, in most cases, been due to a lack of inner contentment. Once inner knowing is understood or realised, contentment or spiritual fulfilment becomes a most natural happening.

The Truth behind “ALL” is the same, only the label or descriptive language differs.


Little mirror reflect on me

Am I the person I wish to see?

Am I a friend of who,

Looks back to look at you?

Ponder just a while longer,

Look at who is in there yonder.

See if some change is due,

For the one who looks back at you.

But don’t be hard, as you inspect,

All the bad it does reflect.

Be kind, and make them dearer.

The one who looks, out of the mirror.

 Knightly Dreams and Travel Ways is a story of dreams of times past also the dreams and the dragons we hold within, it is of inner spirit connection and the experiences of life's pathways, all of which may link with one's own life.


Medicine Dance

Circle Network Book Review: Medicine Dance - One Woman's Healing Journey into the World of Native American Sweatlodges, Drumming Meditations and Dance Fasts By Marsha Scarborough Paperback £9.99 198 pages Author's website: www.marshascarbrough.

Self Therapy - Marian Van Eyk McCain

Circle Network Book Review: Self-Therapy by Marian Van Eyk McCain, 99 pages
Published by: Psyche Books, Paperback Price: £6.99  Author’s website:

Water Color Lenormand

Bouquet - The Card of Wishes Granted

This deck consists of 39 cards designed by S M Senden, a scientific illustrator who was impressed with the amazing accuracy of the Lenormand system of cartomancy. The elegant simplicity of the images are presented in original water color paintings by Senden that are true to the original Lenormand images without the inserts.

This deck is perfect for the beginner who is learning the symbols of the Lenormand cards, and it is also suitable for the advanced readers who like the clean lines and elegant simplicity of these cards. The Dog card is a beautiful rendition of an Irish Wolfhound that captures the nobility of this handsome animal - a fiercely loyal dog that is gentle and loving unless threatened. The Ring card features intertwined rings as another way to express the concept of cycles. The Mice Card are nibbling and wielding their destructive actions. The Snake card is pictured with two heads to underscore the deception that this card implies.

The Whole Elephant Revealed

Circle Network Book Review: The Whole Elephant Revealed - Insights into the existence and operation of Universal Laws and the Golden Ratio by Marja De Vries Publisher: Axis MundiPaperback: £18.99 ebook £6.99  403 Pages.Authors website:

The title ‘The Whole Elephant Revealed’ is taken from a twelfth century Sufi story of a village where all the inhabitants were blind. When the King brought one to the village one day, each person was allowed to feel a part of the creature. One felt the trunk and thought it was a hollow pipe, another the ear and thought it was a large rug, another the tail and his extraordinary impressions of this and so on. Each part created confusion and no-one could agree to its purpose because the entire animal could not be envisaged.

The Grail - Simon Andrew Stirling

The Grail - Relic of an Ancient Religion by Simon Andrew Stirling is published by Moon Books paperback: £17.99 eBook: £6.99 351 pages including endnotes and key sources. Illustrations by Lloyd Canning. 

The Death-and-Rebirth Mysteries in Arthur's Britain!

First written in 12 monthly installments for the Moon Books blog, this is an odyssey, a tour de force, a dipping into people, places, times, beliefs, myths and traditions across the world; a collection of ideas, understanding and hypotheses, where words are examined and metaphors explained. At first, I wondered if the book had a lack of focus, but then it dawned! The search for the Grail involves all eras, all possibilities, with all wonders questioned, all metaphors explored and all words examined. As one hint led to lead which led to another glimpse of the precious Grail' 1001 questions about the Arthurian traditions are answered. A massive amount of online research was conducted, books read, advice sought; even for the die-hard Arthurian romancers, this book will reveal many new perspectives. A good, meaty read! Plenty here for everyone!  The author is a former actor trained at LAMDA and radio and television writer and he teaches scriptwriting, film studies, digital video production, drama and public speaking in a variety of educational settings. He scripted television and radio programmes, winning a Writers' Guild Award for his work on "Between the Lines" (BBC/Island World). His first major historical investigation was The King Arthur Conspiracy, this was followed by How a Scottish King Became a Mythical Hero, Who Killed William Shakespeare? and The Murderer, the Motive, the Means.  Shakespeare's Son: The Life of Sir William Davenant" is due to be published by The History Press in February 2016.

Card Deck Review - Angel Cards

Circle Network Review: The Angel Deck - 50 messages from the angels we meet everyday by Chrissie Astell Published by Octopus Books £12.99 Strong lift top uncrushable box and high quality large card stock with information which includes how to use the cards and offers story, poem, prayer, visualisation or meditation and includes what angels are, advice from the angels by the author and sections on the 'role of angels' and 'loving power' with illustrations in the public domain. These are sorted again by way of card five titles, such as Angel Reassurance, Angelic Connections, Angels in Action, Angelic Guidance and Angel-being. Though the cards can be used as a 'card for the day' guidance, I have decided to send one to friends in the post as a change from sending a greeting card this Christmas. Each card can stand alone and provide some upliftment for those who are unwell or going through a period of difficulty. 

Writing a Life Story - Sara-Beth Watkins

Circle Network Book Review: Telling Life’s Tales – A Guide to Writing Life Stories for Print and Publication by Sara-Beth Watkins Published by Compass Books 134 pages paperback £9.99 

So many ordinary people want to write a memoir, an autobiography or life story but do not know where to start. The market is competitive so you must be well informed in order to give yourself a very good chance of writing a really readable, enjoyable and interesting book.  This primer provides the best start for a total beginner. The author is a tutor The Open College and teaches creative writing. She has 20 years’ experience as a freelance writer, has written three fantasy e-books and two other books for

The Hobbit Tarot Review

Circle Network Card Review: The Hobbit Tarot By Peter Pracownik and Terry Donaldson Published by US Games Systems Inc  78 card tarot deck and booklet in packet £20

This tarot deck provides a parallel between the amazing storyline of Oxford professor, JRR Tolkein’s novel ‘The Hobbit’ and the experiences we have in our own life and seeks to provide caution and wisdom to help us achieve our aims. The booklet offers interpretations of each of the 78 cards and includes a 12 card ‘The Ring of Gollum’, a 9 card ‘The Sword of Aragon’ and a 14 card ‘The Arkenstone’ spread, the last, an unfolding as a spiral to be read in story-telling fashion, from the centre outwards.

Hans de Waard Interview

From the book: The Jacket Technique: For days on end, I felt amazing! The Jacket Technique was born: I compared our physical body to a coat stand from which excess baggage hangs in the form of jackets. Those jackets all have different names, like the cord jacket, the trauma jacket, the projection jacket, and more. When there are too many jackets on the coat stand, you can’t see the coat stand itself. You can’t see who you really are, what suits you and what really nurtures you in life.

The Jacket Technique is a method to remove from your life whatever is weighing you down, whether it be anxiety,

Today's Journey Tarot Meditations

MBS Circle Network Book Review: Tarot Meditations - A Journey for Self Discovery by Expanding Dimensions. Published by R C Linnell Publishing Paperback $14.95.

The book provides information on how to use it. A progression of steps to light meditation is suggested. It provides small black and white scans of the 'Today's Journey Tarot' deck (illustration by Christopher Wilkey) and suggestions and questions to incite contemplation: 
a 20-40 word explanation of each card
a one word suggestion to contemplate 
a short question to ask yourself
a short sentence to tell yourself something positive
and a short instruction or life tip
10 of the 78 cards carry a short meditation

The Future of Healthcare

Circle Network Book Review: The Guiding Philosophy for the Future of Healthcare: It’s Not What You Think… (Actually It Is What You Think!) by Nancy J Gordon PhD Paperback (106 pages) £8.99 Published by Ayni Books Author website:

Dr Gordon is a psychoneuroimmunologist and has worked for 22 years as a national wellness consultant, lecturer and coach for individuals and corporations. With tools and techniques that monitor thoughts and emotions, she helps people to become the best they can be and has worked with US Olympic swimmers on mental welbeing and creates a wellness programme to meet  individual needs. She provides education and training in Universal Laws, stress reduction, ergonomics, self-care, teamwork, work-life balance and anger management. She has written many papers, articles and books on enabling and empowering people.

Shen Therapy

Fully Certified Provider: Vijay Rana
 Cost of 1 hour £50
London Venue


SHEN - Specific Human Emotional Nexus - takes place on an individual basis, as a retreat or in a group setting. It is a gentle and non-verbal treatment and takes place while the client lies fully clothed in a cradle (a soft canvas table style bed). The therapy works on the principle that memories of distress, caused by accidents, shocks, emotional upsets, etc., remain embedded within the physical body and the practitioner's hands are used to move and release the memories, thoughts or emotions associated with these events. Symptoms, such as fear, sadness, guilt, embarrassment, disappointment, lack of confidence and exhaustion can be relieved.

Popular Culture Magic 2.0

Popular Culture Magic 2.0 by Taylor Ellwood and Storm Constantine is published by Megalithica Books in paperback. This is a thinking person’s informative guide to everything you ever wanted to know about popular culture and how it is used for ‘magical’ purposes.

Cartoon, video game, book and film super heros have an obsessed fan base who incorporate the clothes, music, vocabulary and tastes of their idols into their everyday life. Characters from Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Buffy, are examples.

The book, which has been described as a grimoire takes an intellectual approach to this phenomenon which is similar to the Tibetan creation of the 'tulpa''. When a fan fixates on their chosen icon, they often take on board an entire corporate brand, such as with Disney for instance, with portrayals of the character in theme parks, games, advertising, toys and other marketing outlets. Groups and networks are created where ideas are shared, meetings and conventions can be part of the experience. A fantasy world attracts new aspects of life previously unknown and unexplored. Popular culture has mushroomed with modern technology, and it influences our modern world beyond that which we might fail to realise.

Tarot Transformation - Tiffany Crosara

Circle Network Book Review - The Transformational Truth of Tarot – The Fool’s Journey By Tiffany Crosara Published by Dodona Books Price: £14.99 ISBN: Number of pages: 258
Author’s website:

This is a valuable book on a fascinating topic which both beginner and more experienced user can benefit from. The author, Tiffany Crosara has 25 years of working with the tarot as she was introduced to it when she was a perceptive and sensitive young person. Her first name, ‘Tiffany’ means ‘epiphany’ or ‘revelation from God’ and her work as a tarot reader and teacher is certainly inspired. She is one of the UK’s top tarot readers and teachers.