Sunday, 16 May 2021

Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards by Jade-Sky, illustrated by Belinda Morris, boxed set of 43 cards and guidebook. Published by Blue Angel Publishing, £17.99

The deck provides 43 different ancestor possibilities from many different countries, times and cultures, providing wisdom and learning. The guidebook provides information on how to use the cards. Each card has an image, title, subtitle, ancestral reading, channelled message and a divinatory meaning. 

Oracle of Visions card deck review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine card deck Review: ORACLE OF VISIONS by Ciro Marchetti, published by U S Games Systems Inc, pack includes 52 cards (size 3.75 x 5.5 inches) and explanatory booklet. £17.99

It’s a feast! Carnival in Venice meets Cirque du Soleil meets Las Vegas Harlequin! You won’t find more Hollywood glamour than this!  
Ciro Marchetti has excited us yet again with his distinguished artwork! Following on from his immensely popular and amazingly beautiful tarot and Lenormand cards, we now have an oracle deck - but with a difference! Most oracle cards carry simple messages and lack depth but Marchetti has created this deck to inspire the reader. With minimal input, our inspiration, insight and intuition is encouraged to be individual and versatile. The cards carry a number only. If you wish for a title, the booklet provides titles, quotations and 100 – 200 words of information. All cards are read upright.
The cards are divided into 4 suits: Situations; Emotions; Actions and Behaviour. Two interpretations are provided for drawing for one card reading. A six card combination reading is also offered as a sample.  

Rex Deus and Rosslyn

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Rex Deus - The True Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and The Dynasty of Jesus by Marilyn Hopkins and the late Tim Wallace-Murphy, published by Element Books. 

A work of the late Tim Wallace-Murphy, Founder of the European Templar Heritage Research Network, suggesting Jesus Christ lived after the crucifixion to travel with Mary Magdalene to France where his descendants have retained a pure line to this day. It describes Jesus as the founder of a wisdom based dynasty originating with 24 Jerusalem kings, and follows how descendants joined forces to found the Knights Templar. What is the symbol on the Rex Deus ring? Links are made with the Cathar, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons. 

Missing Family of Jesus

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: The Missing Family of Jesus - An Inconvenient Truth - How the Church erased Jesus's brothers and sisters from history By Tobias Churton, 242 pages, £16.99 published by Watkins Books.

"The only thing worth contending for is the truth"

In recent years, more evidence has come to light about the extended family of Jesus. We learn about their names and their role in his mission. In this book Jesus was not an only child of a single mother! 

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards - Ancient Egyptian Divination and Alchemy Cards by Elizabeth Jensen, illustrated by Marie Klement (pastels on canson paper), Artist website: Published by Rockpool Press. Boxed set of 44 cards and instruction book. Card Size: 5.5" x 3.75" 

The book gives information on how to prepare to give a reading, to shuffle, pray to an Egyptian deity, and lay out the cards in spreads, for a one, three or seven card reading.
Each card provides a hand painted image, a number, a title, and a subtitle that relates to the energy of the card. The book provides further information on the card energies and meanings and includes channelled messages. More information on abundance, love, work, travel, health, family and future are included. 

Temples of the Grail

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Temples of the Grail - The Search for the World's Greatest Relic by John Matthews and Gareth Knight, published by Llewellyn Publications, $24.99

Three medieval texts are freshly examined and given new and interesting perspectives by specialists, John Matthews, author of over 100 books on Arthur and Grail legends, and Gareth Knight, who has written over 50 books on Western mystery traditions, including that of Arthur and the Grail studies. 

This is no dry academic book but one that provides new depth perceptions into these ancient enigmas. This book majors on aspects of oral and written traditions of the Grail throughout the text, including the Grail Castle, the Grail Family, the Grail Hallows, the Grail Island, and the Grail King. Sections include: an examination of 

Circles of Meaning - Labyrinths of Fear

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: CIRCLES OF MEANING – LABYRINTHS OF FEAR The Twenty Two Relationships of a Spiritual Life and Culture – And Why They Need Protection by Brendan Myers, Published by Moon Books Available as eBook and Paperback, 483 pages Author Website:

Dr Brendan Myers is a philosopher, environmentalist and a teacher of ethics and spirituality. He has a special interest in Celtic mythology and folk-lore and is involved in Druidry. He has written several books, is a columnist for various pagan publications and has made many broadcasts on radio.

A New Approach to Counselling & Listening Skills

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Listening to the Other   - A New Approach to Counselling and Listening Skills by Caroline Brazier Published by O Books Paperback £12.99  270 pages
This is a worthy subject. Though being a good listener sounds like an easy task, the art requires considerable training. Listening is a powerful method of caring and supporting someone who is in need of quality time and attention. When a person feels that another person has understood their pain, loss or unhappiness, they are often able to let go of the past and move on, with greater hope and trust. Recommended!

The Master Game

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: The Master Game - Games Worth Playing by Robert S de Ropp 

Dr Ropp's Master Game emerged from 1960s human potential movement, and a number of philosophers and psychologists are at work here, including Gurdjieff’s influence. It answers the question we all ask “What shall I do with my life?” That is, how can I find a meaningful and fulfilling life for myself and my loved ones? This self help book, by scientist de Ropp sold 200,000 copies and is ideal for seekers who want to make the most of their time and live a good and flourish life. It covers the nature of low, neutral, high and then Master Games! 

This ticks all my boxes! Highly Recommended!

A manual on how to give nice strokes! Create a safe environment. Appreciate the familiar and the commonplace!  De-escalate and manage problems. “We are resourceful -we can deal with this”. Co-operation. Building Bridges. Enabling health and well-being. Giving loving support. Moderation in all things, avoiding extremism. 

Review: Wendy Stokes

Ben Mijuskovic - Loneliness

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Loneliness in Philosophy, Psychology, and Literature by Ben Lazare Mijuskovic  is available on Kindle £2.52 with 309 pages and there is a FREE download of the book from the website.

This book focuses on the link between literature, psychology and philosophy throughout time and on humankind's ability to deal with loneliness. The author, Ben Mijuskovic, explores the various ways society uses loneliness, for example, "punishing" prisoners by isolation from others. The book discusses in detail the reasons why children fear being alone and how adults deal with a similar anxiety but do not share their concerns with others. The author is Professor and this is very much reflected in the style of writing. The book provides in depth academic understanding and will be of great interest to students and fellow academics. Reviewer: Susan Griffiths:

Entity Possession

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Entity Possession - Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences by Samuel Sagan MD published by Destiny Books, 200 pages. Author website:

This book details Dr Sagan's formulated method, described as the 'ISIS Technique' which is used for the identification and treatment of undesirable spirit based entities. Examples are given, and types of entities, fragments and cords are described. Information about Reincarnation is provided. Taoist, Indian, Jewish, and other religious movements are honoured. Dangers of entity possession are explained, such as accidents, miscarriage, abortion, shocks, drugs, surgery, etc., including losses, possessions, black magic, etc. Clearing and cleansing is described in detail and the book acts as an instruction manual. 

The High Priestess!

I have chosen a comparison between four cards which have the same title ‘the High Priestess’. Firstly from Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot, the High Priestess is a dreamlike sylph which floats by a sliver of a new moon. It tells us to “pay attention and recognise that there are different ways of knowing. While the star and planets of the night sky can be charted and understood rationally, the same sky inspires us in ways foreign to our sense of reason.”  The Chinese New Year 2020 falls on 25th January and it is a Metal Rat Year (every Chinese Zodiac sign depicts an animal). Take a look in the dark sky and watch out for the new moon. 

The Truth-Seeker's Tarot Review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Truth-Seeker's Tarot - Oracle Cards of Insight, Clarity and Wisdom by The late Prof David Fontana with artwork by Sylvie Daigneault. Boxed set of 78 cards, plus an explanatory booklet titled 'Understanding the Tarot' £16.99 published by Watkins Publishing. 

Mists of Avalon Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Card Deck Review: Mists of Avalon by Rose Inserra, illustrated by Nadia Turner. Published by Rockpool Publishing. Boxed set of 36 cards with guidebook

I like these cards. They reconnect us to the ancient Goddess and to the land of Glastonbury as a modern day Avalon, and to the court of King Arthur with its romantic ideals of loyalty, honour, daring adventures and the quest for the grail. Excalibur, the Lady of the Lake, Morgan le Fay, and others feature in this deck. It is for working with the highest good, for self discovery, spiritual evolution and soul quest. 

Friday, 14 May 2021

Kabbalistic Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Kabbalistic Tarot - Hebraic Wisdom in the Major and Minor Arcana by Dovid Krafchow Published by Inner Traditions Paperback $14.95

Though a slim volume of 132 pages, the explanation is sufficient to perform readings using this method that the author considers is just an introduction. The information in the book includes the tarot's historical roots in terms of the Kabbalah. Krafchow is known as ‘the Jewish Bohemian‘ and has designed what I suggest is a very good teaching module for those who want to include a Kabbalistic perspective in their tarot readings.

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Sacred Mothers & Goddesses by Claudia Olivos, Boxed set of 40 Oracle Cards and Guidebook, published by Blue Angel £17.99

We look back at the earliest deities and we find a resurgence of interest in the sacred feminine to redress the imbalance of power that has dominated our world. The essence of the divine feminine is ready to be amplified! 

Animal Love Oracle Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Animal Love Oracle Cards - Advice, Compassion & Wisdom from Our Animal Mentors. Written and Illustrated by Nadine Gordon-Taylor. Set of 52 cards and guidebook in magnetic flip top box. Published by Bear & Co. US $30 : Can $37.50 

Knowledge of and respect for the other species that share our ancient planet will be part of our spiritual evolution and maturity. These 52 species are presented as mentors with important messages to guide, inspire, empower and heal us. They have been both researched and channelled by Nadine Gordon-Taylor who is a qualified artist with two galleries in Peekskill, New York - Third Eye Arts and SIA Gallery and she is also a New Age Facilitator. 

This deck helps to build a connection to the natural world - to Gaia - the Earth. Heart based consciousness that honours the world of other species is the role of the soul/light worker and will accelerate our spiritual journey with wonder, joy and admiration. The deck is not for predicting the future but for insight, enjoyment and learning. 

Body Healing Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Body Healing Cards - Connect with the Soul of Your Organs written by Ewald Kliegel with artwork by Anne Heng. Set of 56 cards and guidebook in a magnetic flip box. Published by Findhorn Press. US: $30 Can: $37.50

These cards carry channeled messages to increase your awareness and appreciation of your physical body and assist in listening to your health and wellbeing. Through the guidance of the cards, our health can be protected and improved.  

Tarot of Dreams

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Ciro Marchetti's 'Tarot of Dreams' boxed set of 83 cards plus written guidebook by Lee Bursten, published by U S Games Systems Inc.

These cards are inspired by dreams, but not the type of daydreams or fantasies, hopes or inspirations, but by the dreams we have at night whilst we sleep and are a communication between the unconscious and the conscious mind and lead us to greater personal understanding and understanding of the world's collective unconscious. The cards are designed to inspire us to develop new perspectives, examine our associations and to encourage us to think creatively. Our learning can be limitless.

The Bohemian Animal Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Bohemian Animal Tarot, written by Scott Alexander King and illustrated by Sharon McLeod. A boxed set of 80 cards and guidebook. Published by Rockpool Publishing. 

The Human personality is presented here as related to differing animals. Some cards have Elizabethan, Baroque, Victorian and Romany gypsy themes. The Bohemian styling was chosen due to its  unconventional and unorthodox lifestyle and its Gypsy/Romany and creative ways. Some Majors are retitled (the traditional and new titles are both provided). The Minors are divided into 4 directions with elements. Because the deck was created and produced in the Southern Hemisphere, the Wheel is reversed with Air in East, Fire in North, Water in West, Earth in South. Paige, Knight, Queen and King denotes a masculine aspect for the Court Cards but the deck is not male dominant. Spreads offered for 3 card Past, Present & Future with sample reading, and Celtic Cross. The animal archetypes have 80 words plus the card description of 200 words. The Quest for each card is an additional 100 words plus keywords and Divinatory meanings, all add to a deep understanding of each card. 


This is a truly beautiful Tarot deck. It is enriching, nourishing, and powerfully connects to many rare and iconic species that will facilitate great enjoyment for the reader and their clients. I like the deck and I like the work of Scott Alexander King. In addition to the suggested spreads, the deck can be worked through by choosing one card for each day. The species that are depicted are illustrated realistically and in great strength and skilfulness and admirability. Recommended. 

Review by Wendy Stokes 

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Gilded Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review:
The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti and Barbara Moore is a 78 card deck with a 64 page white instruction booklet in a front opening cardboard packet. It is published by Llewellyn Worldwide at £17.99 

Two very big names in the world of tarot, Marchetti and Moore, have combined their extensive skills in this very stylish deck. The setting is mediaeval; that sexy, candle lit era of wanton young ladies dressed in long silk gowns, and ravishing knights on chargers, dressed in equally beautiful brocades. This romantic styling is decorated with animals and birds, leafy bowers, Romanesque arches and twin pillars. Whilst working with the deck, the masquerade quality reminded me Cirque de Soleil performance titled ‘Kooza’ seen recently at the Royal Albert Hall. 

Botanical Inspirations

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Botanical Inspirations Deck and Book Set by Lynn Araujo, published by US Games Systems, Inc. Boxed set of 44 cards plus guidebook and pull out chart and card bag.

Full colour prints of illustrative paintings of 44 different flowers with the common name, Latin or other name, with keywords and a quotation. The booklet provides symbolism, flower lore, legend, hidden messages and affirmations. A Three-card reading and the Past, Present and Future reading is provided with examples. One card can be used for daily inspiration. Pick a card at random, look at the image and message. Close your eyes and meditate and make this image come alive. As it grows in your mind's eye, reach out your hand to feel its petals, put your face to the flower, feel its coolness on your brow, put it to your lips and feel its texture! Every day you choose a card, you will be given the gift of this flower until you choose another!

Monday, 10 May 2021

Ethical Living Book Review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Ethical Living - A Rough Guide to Low Carbon Living and Responsible Shopping by Duncan Clark.

This is a very well presented guide on how to get involved with the modern ecology movement with conservation, preservation, managing your energy use, food purchases, chemicals, clothing, money, transport, biodiversity, waste and recycling, reducing pollution, etc.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Tree Wisdom Book Review

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Tree Wisdom - The Definitive Guidebook for the myth, folklore and healing power of Trees by Jacqueline Memory Paterson, 356 pages paperback published by Thorsons. 
"The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations" Book of Revelations

Written from a Celtic perspective, indigenous British trees are described. The author, a Glastonbury Archdruidess, and holder of a Bardic Chair of Avebury, died in 2004. She left this beautiful book with text written with great love and reverence. Hailing from North Devon, she appreciated trees as a young child. She senses them in a similar way to her ancestors, valueing, admiring and looking after them.
In today's world, we are disconnected from trees and nature in general and no longer understand or appreciate what trees offer us. This book helps us reconnect with the majesty, wonder  and beauty of the trees. We are invited to communicate with them and forge a relationship with them, getting to know their individual natures.

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Joie de Vivre Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy Published by US Games 78 card deck with white booklet (78 pages) £19.99 

It's a most entertaining tarot deck to delight all ages! The front of packet is pic of Three of Cups where Gleam, Glitter and Glow dance together in celebration of their blessings and achievements. Waters of vitality spring forth from three cup flowers on Glitter’s head. Glow supplies a plethora of fruit and the scarab beetle dancing at their feet carries a message of regeneration and creation.

Symbolon Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Review of Symbolon card deck by Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel and Thea Weller, published by US Games Systems Inc. 80 cards in the pack with an instruction leaflet that explains the use the cards and provides information on each card. There are no suits or court cards but some cards bear a resemblance to tarot images. The artwork is representational and loosely based on fairy tales, myths and archetypes and is designed to make what is unconscious more conscious, to assist with personal insight. The deck is for reflection, to summon the past, not the future. They are not intended for use for fortune telling or prediction. There are no 'yes' or 'no', only why, how, who, what and when! Each card provides 'the problem', 'the way through' and 'the solution'. I have enjoyed working with this deck in a new and creative way which is more about understanding the self than attempting to predict the future.

Friday, 7 May 2021

The Byzantine Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Byzantine Tarot by John Matthews with artwork by Cilla Conway. Boxed set of 78 cards (3” x 5”) plus guidebook. Published by REDFeather. £33.99

"Wisdom from an ancient empire!"

"O Imperial City, City fortified, City of the great King... Queen of the queen of cities, Song of Songs, Splendour of Splendours." Niketas Choniates, 13th Century.

The founding of Byzantium was 657BC and this deck has an extraordinary ability to give us a 'spirit of place' and transport us in a reading. The instruction book provides the history and myths of Byzantium through new titles of Major Arcana cards, such as Holy Fool, Magus, Sophia, Patriarch, Diabolos and Kosmos. For each Major card, the book provides an explanation of the symbolism in 50 words, the 'Tradition' text is 300 words and a divinatory text of 200 words. For the Monors and Court Cards, the information is the same - symbolism, 'tradition' and in a reading, but will less text, approx, 30, 100 and 100 words respectively. For every card there are 5 keywords for upright readings, and 5 keywords for reversed readings.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Elen of the Ways

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Shaman Pathways -Elen of the Ways - Following the Deer Trods by Elen Sentier. Published by Moon Books - 89 pages Author website:

Painting by Jocelyn Chaplin
In the Boreal woods that covered northern Europe and the Americas thousands of years ago, there seemed to have been an honouring of the deer family as having great spiritual power and this has continued to this day in many parts of the world, for instance, with the Reindeer still play a central practical and spiritual role for the Sami peoples of Northern Scandinavia. Reindeer are the only female deer with antlers and, as such, may have been, and could still be, especially sacred. The author argues that hunter gatherers would not have seen animals as good or bad as later people did. They would have been deeply respectful and attuned to all of them. Elen Sentier describes an extraordinary encounter with a female deer which was giving birth and she is able to tune in to the energies of the land and of animals and weaves her own personal experience with stories, myths, facts and theories. 

The Arcanas of the Star

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Les Arcanes de L'Etoile By Philippe Rouchier, 22 cards plus white general explanation booklet in French and English
Published by Quo Vadis, Author’s website: 

‘The Arcanas of the Star’ Tarot card pack contains colour artwork designs of the Major tarot concepts. The figurative images are ultra modern and highly stylised and many carry an interesting gender and conceptual ambiguity which allows deep expression of the imagination and intuition. The cards have black backs with a yellow central circle within a geometric design of a star. 

The pack also contains a 42 page explanatory booklet written in both French and English of traditional upright card concepts. The card sequence is non-standard, card 8 is Justice and card 11 is Strength.  There is a suggested spread of ten cards and questions are provided to assist the reader. I used this ten card suggested spread for a simplified and personal interpretation.

Philippe Rouchier is an artistic director and designer for cinema and TV and is a published novelist. He specialises in producing elegant images. This is his third major arcana tarot deck, ‘Eye of Myrrdin’ and ‘The Tarot of the Storm’ being previous major arcana decks. Philippe Rouchier says of the tarot “For me, the answers to our questions are not somewhere else, but in ourselves. And the tarot is a tool to help us to understand ourselves.”

TAROT ILLUMINATI card deck review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Tarot Illuminati – The Light Within by Erik C Dunne, published by Lo Scarabeo 

The artwork is extremely ornate and very elegant and includes some interesting symbolism with strong archetypal energies. This is certainly the most stylish and glamourous deck I’ve seen and for those who like to meditate on tarot cards, the images invite you to step within and experience the profound and magical landscape. I especially like the colouring. Working with the cards, I found them the most inspirational of the card decks I have in my extensive collection. I found that when I used large spreads I felt quite mind-blown due to the degree of power which is generated from these cards. 

Margarete Petersen Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Review: Margarete Petersen Tarot by Margarete Petersen, published by AGM Urania, £29.99 Pack contains 78 tarot cards and explanatory leaflet. In English and German language versions. 
Card size: 14.8 x 10.2 x 3.6cm and therefore larger than the average tarot card, these cards are based on 78 individual dream-like paintings by Margarete Petersen, the artist and creator of this distinguished and novel deck. 

Shadow Light Cards

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Shadow Light Cards By Elk Woman and L Guescini, £9.99, Published by Mystic Mouse Publishing, 52 cards and a leaflet of 16 pages. This card deck is for personal use only, not to provide readings for other people. These square shaped 3 inch by 3 inch cards are designed to carry concepts to help the user attain 'unity' of consciousness. The cards are contained in an attractive mauve coloured pack which depicts a mandala with a skull design in the centre. The fronts of the cards have a larger skull design. Crystal skulls are extraordinary artworks carved from quartz crystal in ancient times and are said to evoke inspired feelings and thoughts within those who meditate upon them. Some think these skulls can also predict the future. 12 of these cards have a white face, these are the 'light cards'. They carry single positive words, such as 'empathy' 'solitude' responsibility' and 'judgement'. 40 of the cards have a black face and represent the 'shadow'. These have dual words in opposition to each other, such as 'awareness and delusion' 'creativity and career' 'experience and challenge' 'empowerment and victim'. These are designed to make us think, become aware and also provide caution.

The Key to the Universe

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Key to the Universe - A Toolkit from the School of Life by Joanna Crowson and Silja Winther is a boxed paperback book and card pack £16.99 Published by School of Life Publishing

 The 'School of Life' is an international educational charity based in Andalusia. It offers a training programme on ethics, ecology, spiritual awareness and creativity and is building a network of organisations that have at their core a belief in sustainable living. The pack includes a book (151 pages) and 53 full colour oracle cards that have been painted by Katrina Vrebalovich. A pack designed by women for women, the author of the Motherpeace Tarot, Vicky Nobel, describes this pack as 'a work of love'.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Soulful Woman Guidance Cards Review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards - Nurturance, Empowerment & Inspiration for the Feminine Soul by Shushann Mousessian and Gemma Summers. Boxed set of 48 cards and guidebook. Published by Blue Angel Publishing.£17.99

Written by qualified psychotherapists who teach the path of the sacred feminine. The cards encourage empowerment and authenticity. 26 different artists work are featured, contributing 48 illustrations of women's faces using computer graphics, multi media and paintings. Each card has an image, a number, title and card affirmation message. The guidebook provides a message for each card plus information on how to use the cards by using the words 'I am'. There is a suggestion of a one-card reading and a 3 card reading. Symbols are the faces of women, flowers, moon, geometric designs, eggs, birds, butterflies, hair and spirals. 

Monday, 3 May 2021

Celtic Tree Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Review: The Celtic Tree Oracle - A System of Divination by Liz and Colin Murray, illustrated by Vanessa Card. Pack includes a Hardback book with instructions and advice and divinatory meanings, plus cards, size 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size plus a writing pad to record information about your readings, in addition to a record sheet for 13 card readings and instructions about the Ogham alphabet, tree lore and Celtic traditions. 

The Essential Lenormand

Mind Body Soul Ezine Book Review: The Essential Lenormand - Your Guide to Precise and Practical Fortunetelling by Rana George $21.99 Published by Llewellyn Worldwide.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Card Oracle for May

From the Green Man Tree Oracle by John Matthews and Will Worthington, ‘Hawthorn’ bears the affirmation ‘challenge opens the way for us’. The book explains that the wisdom of the hawthorn is a non threatening challenge and invites us to explore new territory - and test our strength and abilities to the limits. People who are adventurers believe that new experiences provide new insights and an abundance of energy. We must not allow ourselves to be immobilised by fear. We must accept the possibility that change can be beneficial and new paths and new goals can give us a sense of achievement and fulfilment. You are to look for challenges, and move forward with courage and wisdom. In ancient times, the first of May was Beltain, a festival for the start of summer. Young girls, chosen as ‘May Queens’ were dressed in white and given crowns decorated with may blossom and were transported on horse-back or on decorated carts. We are reminded of the most famous hawthorn in the country – the Glastonbury thorn, said to have been brought here by Joseph of Arimathea after his long voyage from the Holy Land, and placed on Weary All Hill. If you are able to travel to Glastonbury to see this hawthorn in blossom in the Spring (or at Christmas), now is the time to make a visit. Hawthorns are planted near springs and wells and people tie ribbons, known as ‘clooties’ to the branches that their wishes for the future may come true.

Saturday, 1 May 2021

A Better World is Possible

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: A Better World is PossibleBy Bruce Nixon Published by O Books   395 pages Paperback £14.99 Author website: Free download available on this link:

Bruce Nixon worked as a transformational advisor to many large international corporations and he is now a campaigner and consultant on environmental issues. He is the author of ‘New Approaches to Management Development’ (1981) ‘Global Forces: A Guide for Enlightened Leaders – what companies and individual can do’ (2000) ‘Making a Difference – Strategies and Tools for Transforming Your Organisation’ (2001) and ‘Living System: Making Sense of Sustainability’ (2006) and numerous articles, many of which are available on his website.

The Green Man Tree Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Green Man Tree Oracle – Ancient Wisdom from the Greenwood by John Matthews and Will Worthington Published by Connections Book Publishing. 25 cards plus companion book. Now republished by Eddison Books under the title "Spirit of Nature Oracle". 

“It is wise to listen to the voices of the trees for they tell us much that we might otherwise forget” Tacitus.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Grand Lenormand

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Grand Jeu De Mlle Lenormand also known as the Astro Mythological by Mlle Lenormand) 54 cards with instruction booklet. Published by Grimaud. Card size: 127 x 90mm
Each of the traditional playing cards are represented as hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades which offer elements, numerology and other symbolism. Two extra cards are included as significator for a male or female querent. The 52 cards are 4 decks of diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. The 52 cards are divided into 5 areas: 
The Conquest of the Golden Fleece; The Trojan War; Hermetics/Alchemy; the Unexplained; and the Zodiac. 
The cards are further divided:
The Top has 3 areas -
Left - a playing card image. Central - a constellation. Right - a letter and underneath some have Kabbalistic gematria. 
Middle - a pen and ink image, renaissance and mediaeval in design. 
Bottom - 3 areas of smaller images:
Left, Central - botanical images with sometimes several different flowers. Right - another image.

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

The Tarot of Light and Shadow

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Tarot of Light and Shadow by John Matthews and Andrea Aste. Boxed set of explanatory book and two sets of tarot cards. Card size: 4.inches by 2.5 inches. Published by Watkins Publishing. 

This pack contains a double deck and all the information you need to use them in readings. Using both decks allows the reader to see both sides of a question. This is a unique pack of the two decks, one for positive situations and the other for a more challenging situation. Certainly, you will be enabled to give extraordinary readings from this double deck. No-one else will be able to give readings like this! If you want to be a one-off reader, like no other, this pack will provide it. 

Secret Life of Trees

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: The Secret Life of Trees - How they live and why they matter By Colin Tudge, Published by Penguin £8.99 with b/w drawing illustrations.

A delight on every page! Amuse your friends on your walks with precious stories from across the world about these common and wonderful plants. Trees feature in fairy tales, biblical stories, ancestral research, local history, they keep all species alive, we could not survive without them, and they are with us from the cradle to the grave. This book will make you fall in love, whether flowering, cones, nuts, berries, this book is lyrical and evocative with astounding research. This is a labour of love for what others take for granted! A deep fascination for an extraordinary subject! Practical, wise, knowledgeable, and tackling one of the most important matters for our society. On the button Colin! You are a gift to our world.  

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards - Spiritual Teachings of the Sioux. A drawer pull presentation box containing 50 cards and information book. Published by Destiny Books. US: $34.95 : Can: $42.95 : UK:
£26.77 Card size: 12cm x 8cm. 

‘Walk in balance with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants’.

Created to honour authentic traditions, with Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer as the consultant, this deck offers understanding of indigenous tribal heritage, healing and wisdom. The deck is divided into three sections: Wakan Tanka, the 16 Great Mysteries, the 8 Supernaturals, and 25 Elements of the Sweat Lodge purification ceremony which are designed for personal development. Included in the book is a loving dedication in the introduction, a poem, the Song of the Black Tail Deer, the Lodge Wheel, information about spirits, planets, elements, and knowledge of the Great Spirit that resembles all created life. 

The Phoenix Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Phoenix Cards  - Reading & Interpreting Past-Life Influences with the Phoenix Deck by Susan Sheppard. Presentation boxed set of 28 cards and instruction book. Published by Destiny Books. Card size: 14cm x 6cm. 

This divination deck is different to the usual oracle deck. Each card represents a different specialised symbol (letter). Cards are placed together to create a past life reading. The book explains how to use the cards, and there is an introduction to the topic of past lives with a creative meditation to open up the way to understanding past lives. In addition to the number and image on each card, there is a short keyphrase of 6 words and 8 categories with explanations of the Symbol, Place, Time, Groups, Language Groups, Appearance, Traits and Conclusions of each card. 


Creature Teacher Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Creature Teacher - Animal Wisdom For All Ages by Scott Alexander King, illustrated by Sioux Dollman, boxed 45 cards and guidebook.

We can learn from other species and their intelligence, beauty and skills can provide us with guidance and inspiration that can enrich our lives. Wild and domesticated species are detailed with imaginary unicorn, dragons, etc., included.

Each card has an animal title and 3/4 word message and a hand painted image. The Guide book contains excellent and extensive information on each card. These are round cards and information on how to use them is provided. Spreads suggested are a one card reading and a three card reading. 

Monday, 26 April 2021

The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot - The Cathar Code Hidden in the Cards by Russell A Sturgess. Published by Inner Traditions. US $24.99 : CAN $31.50 Quality paperback 
339 pages. 

Many photos are included including full colour glossy images to illustrate the text which covers what is described as the Western Tradition of Mindfulness that has its roots in Christian Gnosticism, and includes the Medieval Theology of Love - sacred knowledge of the holy grail that leads to inner peace and enlightenment. The author, Russell Sturgess was conducting research into the Tarot when he realised that the Cathars, when accused of heresy, had hidden their Gnostic Christian wisdom teachings within the Major Arcana of the Marseilles Tarot card images. The Magician and the Strength cards hold keys to recalibrating Christ consciousness alongside particular cards within the deck that act as pivotal energies to take us from ignorance to awareness, and through to what the Cathars referred to as the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ which is presented within these cards. These are medieval mysteries for our modern day. 

Old English Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen, 78 cards and instruction booklet in pack, published by U.S. Games Systems Inc.

"Focus your knowledge of the past - and your hopes for the future - on the present moment."

The artist, Maggie Kneen, researched at the British Library, and discovered the Luttrell Psalter written and illuminated in the 14th century by a wealthy landowner. This, and the oldest available tarot card images inspired this beautiful card deck. Peasant life, religious scenes, mythical beasts, musical instruments, transport, fashion and footwear, architecture, kitchen utensils, furniture, harvest scenes are some of the delights in this deck, and the borders and patterns are extremely enjoyable.

The Cathar Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Cathar Tarot - The Secret Wisdom of the Perfecti by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan. Boxed set of 78 cards plus explanatory book. Card size: 4.5 inches x 3 inches. U.K.: £17.99 US: $19.95 CAN: $22.95

“In heaven, there are angels, and good men and good women.” Peire Mary June 1324

“The heart of man is the church of god”. Arnaut Sicre, October 1321

This is a concept tarot deck specifically designed for those who are interested in Catharism. The Tarot according to the Cathars you could say! There is a chart comparing the traditional Tarot cards and the Cathar cards. The book contains information about the history of the Cathars and an explanation on how to work with the cards, how to get to know the deck and how to activate it. Each Major is retitled with the traditional Tarot title and a Cathar title, subtitle, explanation, divinatory meaning and keywords for the light and dark aspects of each card. The Minors have less information but it is sufficient to provide a reading. The Minors are divided into the Book of Shields, the Book of Swords, the Book of Love and the Book of Wisdom. 

The Coming of the Holy Grail

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: The Coming of the Holy Grail - The Exact Location of Heaven's Treasure and the Promise of Retrieval by Claire Nahmad and Michael Revill, paperback, 341 pages, published by Cygnus. 

The text provides an investigation of the creation of the Grail, why it was stolen and why it has been kept secret and by whom, and how it is now ready for exposure. From his Mary Magdalene church in the remote village of Rennes-Le-Chateau, Father Berenger Saunier, the priest, discovered the mountain retreat of the Chief Guardian of the Grail and the last of the Morovingian royal dynasty, King Dagobert II, who was kidnapped and held captive in Ireland in his youth due to his holy bloodline, and was eventually murdered by Pepin the Fat. The Grail was buried in the crypt of the church which was once King Dogobert's private chapel. During the Crusades, it was taken to the newly created Lincoln Cathedral, built on an ancient shine to Mary Magdalene in AD60. It was kept in the Lucy Tower - the Tower of Light - where Knights Templar were imprisoned and inscribed their fate on the walls.       

Higher Reality Therapy

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Higher Reality Therapy Nine Pathways to Inner Peace By Anthony Falikowski Visit:

The psychiatrist, William Glasser developed Reality Therapy in the US in the mid 1960s and it was especially successful for those who did not respond to more conventional methods of therapy. The approach, mainly based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) focuses on negotiated ways to create improvements in current behaviour. 'Higher' Reality Therapy is an eclectic approach to a similar goal of problem solving. Reality Therapy, as devised by William Glasser is criticised rather severely but taken as the basic premise and improved upon to create 'Higher' Reality Therapy.

The Integrated Self

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: The Integrated Self: A Holistic Approach to Spirituality and Mental Health Practice By Louis F Kavar Published by: O Books Paperback: £8.99 Kindle: £6.58 Pages: 86
Author’s website:

The Reverend Dr Louis Kavar is an ordained minister of religion, spiritual director, hypnotherapist and counselling psychologist. He works as an educator in the field of counselling and spirituality in the United States. He has travelled throughout the United States and globally in his pedagogic role.

Dr Kavar’s book posits an integrative approach towards spirituality and psychological practice. It offers a holistic framework encompassing mind, body and soul. It is primarily intended for mental health practitioners who are working directly with patients and offering psychological therapy.

Journey to the Dark Goddess

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review:  
Journey to the Dark Goddess – How to Return to Your Soul by Jane Meredith Published by Moon Books  Paperback: £12.99 Author website:

Jane Meredith, a Goddess practitioner, writer and ritualist, provides a valuable method to relieve depression and grief by integrating a darker part of our life which is repressed to our detriment. The ancients provided a map in the form of myth. Life wisdom is achieved in confronting death before it happens. The Goddess was the one who wove the thread of life, cast on, and struck down, and She is the one to guide our journey to a life review - and to wholeness.

Events Psychology, Silvia Hartmann

Mind Body & Soul Book Review: Events Psychology - How to Understand Yourself and Other People by Dr Silvia Hartmann Paperback: £24.97 Published by DragonRising Publishing Author website:

Dr Silvia Hartmann is a researcher and innovative therapist who has extensive interest in modern psychology. She is at the forefront of the development of brand new therapeutic methods. Every major event, both good and bad, results in inner self talk when patterned beliefs are formed. Events Psychology is a simple, person centred technique to uncover past trauma that can be used by therapists, counsellors and healers. In this training manual, Dr Hartmann details her Events Psychology method. It provides a series of questions, to home in on past events to gently approach painful memories so that relaxation can be achieved. These key events are then used as stepping stones, to turn negative into positive, and bring resolution. The introduction of new healing events to counter-balance the negative can then be introduced.