Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards

Mind Body Soul Card Deck Reviews: Sacred Spirit Reading Cards - Spiritual Guidance for your Life Journey by Anna Stark, illustrated by Louis Dyer (a mixture of digital paintings/mixed media artworks). Published by Rockpool Publishing. Card size: 19cm x 8.5cm

Quality magnetic flip boxed set containing 36 cards and a full colour instruction book. Cards have an image, number, title and subtitle. The book text provides information on how to prepare for a reading, how to use the cards, set an intention. It asks "what are you seeking?" There is an affirmation, a crystal suggestion, and there is Angelic Assistance provided for each card and you can call on Chohans for assistance with specific problems. The cards can also be used for meditation. The cards are a larger size than usual. You will find much to read and enjoy in these cards!

Sample:  Spirit Messages- Observe Limitations. A hummingbird floats between the realms and demonstrates a positive approach to simplicity. It effortlessly glides across gardens and reminds us to take life slowly and enjoy! Their hum is healing and sends out love and beauty. Despite being so tiny, it can travel considerable distances. It can fly backwards showing us the importance of what lies behind us. Its wings move in a figure of 8 pattern, the symbol of eternity and the life of the spirit. This is your current guiding spirit. If it is seen in flocks, it represents a group of wise guides from the Otherworld. Be observant of the natural world, care for it, and protect it. It warns: Do not create complications in your life.
Use this affirmation: I am ready to receive confirmation from my 'spiritual team' now!

Review and reading by Wendy Stokes

Monday, 22 July 2019

Faery Blessing Cards Review

Mind Body Soul Card Deck Review: Faery Blessing Cards - Healing Gifts and Shining Treasures from the Realm of Enchantment by Lucy Cavendish with artwork by Amy Brown. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. Boxed set of 45 cards plus guidebook. £17.99

Each card has an attractive image of slim, female like figures with long hair and wings, in nature scenes. The cards also carry a number and title. The guidebook explains how to work with the cards, how to connect and receive guidance, how to cleanse, shuffle and invite the blessing which is a gift that is given with each card. Fairies are ancient elemental spirits that unite us in their love and protection for the planet. They communicate in a special way and with special words which are explained. There are highly specialised faeries, such as Faery Goddesses, and their lives and world are detailed. There are one card readings for both A Blessing for the Day and a Blessing for the Night. Other spreads are: 3 card reading - The Triple Faery Goddess Spread; 8 card - 7 Pointed Star reading; 8 card reading - Wheel of the Year.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Dreams of Gaia

Circle Network card deck review: Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan. Boxed set of 85 high quality gold leaf edged cards and a guidebook. Published by Blue Angel Publishing £23.00
To Seek, to Feel, to Grow, to Heal! 

The deck is designed for self awareness communication with the 'Divine Gaia', the Great Spirit of the natural world. As you work with the cards, do not expect a yes or no answer as there are no definitive answers in life! This deck focuses on learning about yourself and about life itself, and when the cards speak, they provide options and possible solutions. Keeping a journal is suggested for best results. 

Each card has an image, a title and a number and greater explanation from the excellent book provides key phrases, meanings, past present and future for the Major cards and a 'potential blockage' which is the term used for an in depth reversed reading for that particular card. The deck is structured beyond the normal tarot deck for more advanced readings. There are 12 minor cards plus Queen and King. A number of card spreads are suggested. The Guide of 3 cards; the Dreamer's if 9 cards; The Dreaming Tree of 12 cards. 

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards

Mind Body Soul Magazine Card Deck Review: Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards - Ancient Egyptian Divination and Alchemy Cards by Elizabeth Jensen, illustrated by Marie Klement (pastels on canson paper), Artist website: Published by Rockpool Press. Boxed set of 44 cards and instruction book. Card Size: 5.5" x 3.75" 

The book gives information on how to prepare to give a reading, to shuffle, pray to an Egyptian deity, and lay out the cards in spreads, for a one, three or seven card reading.
Each card provides a hand painted image, a number, a title, and a subtitle that relates to the energy of the card. The book provides further information on the card energies and meanings and includes channelled messages. More information on abundance, love, work, travel, health, family and future are included. 

Friday, 19 July 2019

The Spirit of Nature Oracle

Card Deck Review: The Spirit of Nature Oracle - Ancient Wisdom from the Green Man and the Celtic Ogam Tree Alphabet by John Matthews and Will Worthington, Published by Eddison Books Ltd. 25 cards plus companion book in a quality drawer pull box. 

“It is wise to listen to the voices of the trees for they tell us much that we might otherwise forget” Tacitus.

Pieces of bark or stone with letters from the Celtic alphabet known as Ogam have been used for divination for 1,600 years. Information about this 'secret' alphabet, sacred groves and the Green Man are provided in the information book provided in the set. 
Each card carries an image of one of the sacred trees of the Celtic people, with the title of the tree and the Ogam letter it represents. For each tree, a divinatory meaning, tradition and lore are supplied. 

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Dream Reading Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Dream Reading Cards - Discover the Purpose of your Dreams by Rose Inserra, box contains 52 cards plus full colour booklet Published by Rockpool Publishing £14.99. Author website:

Magnetic flip open box with quality cards and full colour booklet. Each card has a number, a title, and three questions that the dream suggests need answering. The booklet contains information about dreams, and how to remember them, and explains how to read the cards and reproduces each card in colour with expanded information and guidance. The cards are divided into two categories: 30 theme cards with common concepts and 22 reading cards with 13th century Persian poet and Sufi Mystic, Rumi quotes.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Flower Reading Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Flower Reading Cards - Discover the Language of Nature by Cheralyn Darcey (author and artist), published by Rockpool Publishing, 36 cards in magnetic flip to open box with high quality explanatory booklet £14.99 Author website:

International flowers are featured, each card carries a title and subtitle, and linocut artwork, which is also painted by hand. The meanings have been developed through research and enquiry, personal experience and observation. In the booklet, each card has its common name and latin name, meaning, challenges, a botanical profile and a place of origin. Each flower has been given a personality by this environmental artist who uses recycled materials for the past twenty years for her artworks. Also provided is information on how to use the cards, pick a flower for each day, for oracle readings, meditation, healing and education. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Chinese Fortune Reading Cards

Circle Review: Chinese Fortune Reading Cards by Sharina Star, published by Rockpool Publishing, comprises of a set of 36 high quality cards and instruction book, both full colour, packaged in a magnetic flip top box. The book includes information on how to read the cards, with two simple layouts. Each card has a number, a title and an image, and the book provides keywords, a general interpretation, a career/finances aspect, relationship advice and a Feng Shui tip. The interpretation of the cards is advice based, very modern. It is ideal for a first ever oracle card deck; it is a young person's deck, suited to online dating user age group. 

The cards feature a brush script from the Oracle Bones Script, discovered in the Anyang capital and date to the Shang Dynasty of 1,100 years ago. They have an authentic Chinese look about the images, reds and golds predominate, and have a Chinese script on each card. Titles are, for instance, Renewal, Forgiveness, Heaven, Abundance, Wisdom, Reunion, and images feature fishing, candles, flowers, brush writing, dragon, lanterns, a Buddha image.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Universal Goddess Tarot

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti, published by Lo Scarabeo. 5inches by 3 inches card size. £22.95 

This card is 'Angerona' Goddess of the Winter Solstice and represents 'silence' - the mother who never asks questions but welcomes you into her benevolent arms when you are tired or uncertain. This is a delightful deck, the paintings are of quality and are convincing as deities. The information in the insert is adequate and concise. There is a paperback by Antonela Platano to accompany the deck and a deluxe edition. This is one for pack which will deliver a valuable reading every time, without fail! 

This card on the right, is the card of Justice, here numbered VIII. She is the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice and she speaks to us directly. Do you hear her voice say with great power and authority: "Bow down before me, for I am Ma'at, the Goddess of Truth, Justice and Order. Obey my commands and you will be rewarded by the same coin, or disobey me, and be condemned by the 42 judges. 

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Self Power Book Review

Book Review: Self Power - Spiritual Solutions to Life's Greatest Challenges by Deepak Chopra, paperback published by Rider, 204 pages, £7.99 

Deepak Chopra is a medical doctor who is also the current leading light of spiritual and personal growth. He wrote the acclaimed book 'Ageless Body, Timeless Mind' and has many books and speaking engagements to his credit. 

I enjoyed this book and learnt some time honoured ways to live a better, more mature and contented life. We need to improve relationships with communication, intimacy and authenticity, and address health and wellbeing needs by examining our illusions, judgments, expectations and assumptions. We need to work on our responsibilities, develop our sense of purpose and end co- dependency and addictions. Chopra offers a question and answer chapter examining clients' needs in simpler yet effective ways. If you have an obstacle in your way, this book is worth a read as it is full of wisdom and positive thinking. Review by Wendy Stokes

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Complete Lenormand Oracle

Circle Network Book Review: The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook - Reading the Language and Symbols of the Cards by Caitlin Matthews, Published by Destiny Books. Paperback: £13.05 Kindle: £8.99

Colour images with history of Petit Lenormand cards and comparisons with the tarot, here we learn the meaning of each card, their alphabet, and how they relate and we are given examples of readings. We learn what a 'significator' is, laying out the grand Tableau of all cards, and how to use the cards as a storyboard. Playing card images are included on the Lenormand cards and we learn how to use them in a reading and how to improve our skills after having worked with them for a while, such as telling the time in a reading, finding lost items, locations, resding for ourselves and others. There is a quick reference guide at the back of the book for key meanings and a useful index. It's a must for all professional Lenormand readers!
Review by Wendy Stokes

Friday, 12 July 2019

Shamanic Wisdom Keepers

Book Review: Shamanic Wisdom Keepers - Shamanism in the Modern World by Timothy Freke, published by Godsfield Press.

Each chapter features an interview with an authority on on a specific firm of traditional shamanism, such as Jamie Sams (Cherokee and Seneca), Malidoma Patrice Some (West African Dagara), Miguel A Kavlin (Amazonian), Haleakala Hew Len (Hawaiian), Lama Khemsar Rinpoche (Tibetan Yungdrung Bon), Andy Baggot (Celtic), Aiko Aiyana (Santo Daime), Martin Prechtel (Tzutujil Mayan), Ernesto Alvarado (Apache), and Lorraine Mafi-Williams (Australian Aboriginal), with poetry, prayer and colour plates.

A promotional coffee table book! Look at the photos and dip into the text. Many of the stories are similar but have many differences. 

Wild Kuan Yin Oracle

Circle Network: Wild Kuan Yin Oracle - Soul Guidance from the Wild Divine by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Wang Yiguang, published by Blue Angel Publishing, boxed 44 cards plus guidebook,

"For free spirits, passionate hearts and dreamers of impossible dreams"

The Guidebook provides information about how to use the deck and suggests spreads: Bridge of Transition 4 cards, Seeing from a New Angle 4 cards. The Guidebook is excellent, providing different types of information about each card, meaning, divination, guidance and healing aspects.

The cards bear a number and a 5/6 word message and an artwork influenced by the Far East with many animals, women in flight, attractive fabrics and natural settings. The Award Winning artist, with a Masters Degree, has a distinctive style and is a teacher of Fine Art in China.

‘Simplicity’ Made Easy by Jennifer Kavanagh

Jennifer Kavanagh has run a community centre in London’s East End, worked with street homeless people and refugees, set up a microcredit programme in London, and worked as a research associate for the Prison Reform Trust. She currently sets up microcredit programmes in Africa and facilitates conflict resolution workshops for Alternatives to Violence (AVP), both in prison and in the community. Since selling her business, after a year’s travel round the world in 2001/2, Jennifer found that she did not want her flat or most of its furniture, and has felt liberated by letting go of many of her possessions. Although she now lives in central London, her flat is small and quiet: an urban retreat, with an occasional glimpse of the stars. Jennifer finds balancing an active life with a pull towards contemplation provides a continuing and fruitful challenge. As she writes, “Life in the world is about a series of balances: of the life within and the outside world; inner experience and outward witness, plenitude and the void”.

Margarete Petersen Tarot

Circle Network Card Review: Margarete Petersen Tarot by Margarete Petersen, published by AGM Urania, £29.99 Pack contains 78 tarot cards and explanatory leaflet. In English and German language versions. 
Card size: 14.8 x 10.2 x 3.6cm and therefore larger than the average tarot card, these cards are based on 78 individual dream-like paintings by Margarete Petersen, the artist and creator of this distinguished and novel deck. 

Elen of the Ways

Shaman Pathways -Elen of the Ways - Following the Deer Trods by Elen Sentier
Published by Moon Books - 89 pages Author website:

Painting by Jocelyn Chaplin
In the Boreal woods that covered northern Europe and the Americas thousands of years ago, there seemed to have been an honouring of the deer family as having great spiritual power and this has continued to this day in many parts of the world, for instance, with the Reindeer still play a central practical and spiritual role for the Sami peoples of Northern Scandinavia. Reindeer are the only female deer with antlers and, as such, may have been, and could still be, especially sacred. The author argues that hunter gatherers would not have seen animals as good or bad as later people did. They would have been deeply respectful and attuned to all of them. Elen Sentier describes an extraordinary encounter with a female deer which was giving birth and she is able to tune in to the energies of the land and of animals and weaves her own personal experience with stories, myths, facts and theories. 

Deep Equality

Book Review: Deep Equality - Living in the flow of natural rhythms By Jocelyn Chaplin  Paperback: £9.99 Published by O Books Author's blog:

Rev Dr Karen Tate Book Review

Goddess Calling by Rev Dr Karen Tate - Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy is published by Changemaker Books eBook: £6.99 
Paperback: £9.99 Website:

This book has been glowingly reviewed and praised by Jean Houston, Barbara G Walker, Szuzsanna Budapest and many other ‘greats’ of the women’s spirituality movement of our time. I opened it with considerable excitement to drink in it its beauty and riches and enjoy its poetry, delight and magic. The author provides here a useful manual to explore the many aspects of the Sacred Feminine and to access inspiration, encouragement and empowerment, not just on a personal level, but also to create a “Wisdom Circle”, a community in which rituals can be held to further explore this dynamic and transformational spiritual path specially for women.

The Moon Oracle

Mind Body Soul Magazine Card Deck Review: The Moon Oracle - Let the Phases of the Moon Guide Your Life by Caroline Smith and the late John Astrop. Published by Eddison Books. £19.99 Card Size: 3.5" x 5"

Answer your life questions using the rhythms of the moon! 

A quality boxed set of 72 cards plus guidebook based on GMT with a time change chart for other international cities. The instruction book includes:
Moon Tables from 2016- 2032 with date, phase, sign and element
12 Moon Goddesses
28 Moon Mansions
4 x 8 Moon Phases in each of the elements

The instruction book also provides full information on how to perform a reading, what spreads to use with Q & A for a 5, a 7 and a 10 card reading. 

Each Moon Phases cards depict an image, a moon phase, a title, a number, an element and an energy. The book provides further information on the moon in one of three signs. Each goddess card provides a goddess image, a goddess name, a zodiac sign and a moon phase. 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Walking An Ancient Path

Circle Network Book Review: Walking An Ancient Path - Rebirthing Goddess On Planet Earth By Karen Tate, published by John Hunt Publishing - 2008 Paperback- £11.99 / unavailable on Kindle 390 pages Author website:

Rev Karen Tate is an ordained minister who conducts ‘rights of passage’ ceremonies, such as weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies. She is also the co-author of ‘Sacred Places of the Goddess – 108 Destinations’ and is eminently qualified, in this book, to suggest an alternate and transformational spirituality which honours the Goddess through connecting to the landscape and through discovering a way of being which involves prayer, peace, honouring and service. She is also Radio Show Host, a writer, a speaker and a workshop leader. She also conducts tours to sacred sites across the world.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Sacred Traveler Oracle Review

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards by Denise Linn. Published by Hay House. Boxed set of 52 cards plus guidebook.

These cards show possibilities and potentials for the future. Life is a sacred quest - or a pilgrimage - towards our own self development and authenticity, where we seek clarity and learn wisdom and understanding. Oracle cards can be pointers towards this journey of enlightenment and can help us find our life purpose. The Sacred Traveler cards are designed to answer questions we might have and can be used for self readings or readings for another person. Each card has a meaning and a Sacred Traveler Message. There is also a section in the book to discover the hidden meanings in your nightly dreams and the cards can be used for meditation. The guidebook provides information on how to store, recharge, prepare, choose, layout and interpret the cards. There is a One Card Reading, a Daily Insight, a Monthly Layout, a One Year Spread, a 3 card reading, and a 5 card spread.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Sacred Rebels Oracle

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Sacred Rebels Oracle - Guidance for Living a Unique & Authentic Life by Alana Fairchild with artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison, published by Blue Angel Publishing, £15.99 boxed set of 44 quality cards and guidebook. Author's website:

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Crystal Visions Tarot

Circle Network Tarot Card Review:
CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT CARD DECK by Jennifer Galasso Published by US Games Systems, Inc Website:  
Jennifer Galasso studied art, graphic design and psychology and has produced a very enjoyable deck with a young female energy. Her fantasy artwork is also available as greeting cards, prints and figurines and her illustrations have been published in anthologies and magazines.

The title ‘Crystal Visions’ was taken from a music CD of the songwriter, Stevie Nicks, and the flowing beauty and elegance of these songs is reflected in the delicacy, femininity and enchanting quality of the card’s artwork. The symbol of the crystal ball is also detailed in several of the images within the deck and provides an

The Second Messiah Review

Circle Network Book Review: The Second Messiah - Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasony by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, published by Fair Winds Press, paperback 260 pages $18.95

This book is well researched by the authors of The Hiram Key and ties up some gaps in time. From the early times following the death of Jesus, the Jewish members of the royal House of David, a hereditary priesthood, have largely been forgotten, or perhaps intentionally hidden by the early leaders of the emerging Christian sect. These would have been the real Popes in true apostolic succession. Was there a bloodline that was protected until the time of the creation of the Knights Templar Order, when 11 selected French knights under Hughes de Payen, went to search under the Jerusalem Temple for what might have been scrolls, valuables, relics or other valuables, hidden for safety and left to them by their ancestors when Jerusalem fell in AD 70? The enormous building programme of cathedrals throughout France and 

Saturday, 6 July 2019

African American Tarot Review

Circle Network Review: African American Tarot - The legendary cultural identity of the Afro-Americans. Written by Jamal R with artwork by Thomas Davis, 78 cards with instruction leaflet. Published by Lo Scarabeo. 

The little white insert booklet is written in five languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish). The cards tell of a creation story with key concepts about the archetypes, myths, traditions and associations. Each painting is traditionally African but many cards have a smaller monochrome image of modern life and work, providing two levels of reading. There are many African animals, including rare species beautifully produced. 

Friday, 5 July 2019

Fairy Tarot Review

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Fairy Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine with mixed media stand computer graphic illustrations by Howard David Johnson, published by Hay House. Boxed set of 78 silver edged cards plus guidebook.

This tarot deck has been produced for positivity and guidance for oneself or for another person. Each card has an image, a number and title and short 8 word message. The booklet provides information on how to clear, prepare, shuffle and choose, and offers a meaning for every card. Spreads suggested are: a 3 card reading and a 10 card Celtic Cross Spread. Some Major Arcana titles have changed, such as: The Dreamer is 0, Unity is 5, Awakening is 12, Release 13, Balance 14, Ego 15, Life Experience 16, Renewal 20. The Minors are divided into 4 seasonal suits with Fire (wands)  spring, Water (cups) summer, Autumn (coins) earth, and Winter (swords) air.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Divine Circus Oracle

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Divine Circus Oracle by Alana Fairchild and published by Blue Angel Publishing £15.99, a boxed set of 44 cards and guidebook with artwork by Maxine Gadd, Gracjana Zielinska, Melanie Delon, Nell Fallcard, Anna Marine, Lunar Sparks, Yeuchui Tang, Monique Tulp, Babette Van Den Berg. 

Cirque de Soleil style fashion and visage, these are 44 personalities of the circus ring who help you unleash your inner creative! The persona is a mask we wear and these masks inspire and entertain and allow you to step outside the everyday world into one of imagination and wonder. This is the place of dreams and the entrance to the Otherworld - the magic of the circus tent. The idea is that love triumps over fear and sadness, that we can all make someone 's day a happy one. There are no rules in this game! You work with intuition and a few guidelines from the book. Ask a question and choose a card. A ritual is provided to maximise the potential magic of the cards. Dedicate the cards, use words provided at each reading or make up your own. All cards are to be read upright.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Tarot of Ascension

Circle Network card deck review: 2012 Tarot of Ascension by Pierluca Zizzi with artwork by Michele Penco and published by Lo Scarabeo at £17.99 - The end of the world as we know it is a gateway to profound transformation. As each soul reawakens, all humanity Ascends. This is a pack of 78 tarot cards (size: 7 x 12.5cm) and an instruction leaflet in 5 European languages which gives information on each card. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Book excerpt by Caroline Brazier

In Buddhist psychology we are interested in understanding the processes of conditioning which limit our ability to see the world clearly. The mind is conditioned by many factors and these affect our perception, creating subtle biases and colouring our experience in various ways. All of these colourations are in some way reflections of the sense of identity. At an unconscious level, we tend to seek out the familiar because it makes us feel comfortable, and safe, so when we look at things, we interpret them in the light of our pre-existing ‘blue-prints’ and fit them into stories which we already identify with.