Saturday, 16 October 2021

Fairies Healing

Mind Body & Soul Ezine card review: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, 44 cards and a 68 page guidebook with general meanings and instructions for working with the cards. £13.99 Artwork by various artists.

Sample reading:  'Awakening Your True Self'. The card's message is about discovering your authenticity and the person who you were born to be. This means you must go on a journey of discovery, for your true interests, passions and desires. You will discover your original sense of humour and childlike, innocent enjoyments. A cloud of falseness will be lifted as you no longer try to fit in with what someone else wanted you to be. Use the affirmation: I now give myself permission to be true to my self.

Doreen Virtue offers workshops, books, cards, etc., and her card decks are suitable for use for oneself or for another person. Within the deck there are no negative concepts and the deck is easy to use and can be used for a first time deck user. The artwork is enjoyable and features unicorns, imps, birds, water fairies, fireflies and otherworld images. Cards provide a title, such as 'Detoxification', 'Honouring Your True Feelings', and 'Stand Your Ground' and further information about each card is contained in the guidebook. 

Friday, 15 October 2021

Universal Goddess Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti, published by Lo Scarabeo. 5 inches by 3 inches card size. £22.95 

This card is 'Angerona' Goddess of the Winter Solstice and represents 'silence' - the mother who never asks questions but welcomes you into her benevolent arms when you are tired or uncertain. This is a delightful deck, the paintings are of highest quality and are convincing as deities. The information in the insert is adequate and concise. There is a paperback by Antonela Platano to accompany the deck and a deluxe edition. This is a deck which will deliver a valuable reading every time, without fail! 

This card on the right is the card of Justice, here numbered VIII. She is the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice and she speaks to us directly. Do you hear her voice say with great power and authority: "Bow down before me, for I am Ma'at, the Goddess of Truth, Justice and Order. Obey my commands and you will be rewarded by the same coin, or disobey me, and be condemned by the 42 judges. 

The Wisdom of Trees Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle - Inspirational Cards for Wisdom and Guidance by Jane Struthers, Boxed set of 40 cards and guidebook. Published by Watkins Publishing. U.K. : £15.99  US : $19.95 : CAN : $21.95 

Nice drawer pull box containing quality cards and full colour instruction book. The deck is divided into 4 suits: Roots (blue and being), Trunk (brown and healing), Leaves (green and wisdom) and Flower, Fruits and Seed (russet and power). Each card presents an attractive tree and title. Booklet information adds subtitles, botanical species, properties, myths, cultural associations and a channelled message from the tree deva (nature spirit). Thereare readings for upright and inverse cards. 

Information is provided on how to use the deck, think of your question, shuffle, deal and chose your spread. Spreads suggested are Single-Card Question that has a sample reading, Past, present and future (3 cards), also with a sample reading, Horseshoe Spread (7 cards) also with a sample reading. It is suggested you keep a record of your readings. 

Sample: Oak diva message I am strong and steady and I am an essential part of the age a child mysteries of the forest. If you’re calling me I can give you alter physical power and inner emotional strength whenever you need them let me show you the way.

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Joie de Vivre Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy Published by US Games 78 card deck with white booklet (78 pages) £19.99 

It's a most entertaining tarot deck to delight all ages! The front of packet is pic of Three of Cups where Gleam, Glitter and Glow dance together in celebration of their blessings and achievements. Waters of vitality spring forth from three cup flowers on Glitter’s head. Glow supplies a plethora of fruit and the scarab beetle dancing at their feet carries a message of regeneration and creation.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

The Secret Founding of America

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: 'The Secret Founding of America - The Real Story of Freemasons, Puritans & the Battle for the New World', by Nicholas Hagger, published by Watkins Publishing, Paperback 352 pages, £9.99 Kindle: £5.03 Visit

This book charts the role of the Knights Templars, the Jacobites, Freemasons and the Illuminati in the discovery of America, and Bartholomew Gosnold's role in the founding of the British colonies. 
Nicholas Hagger takes us on a broad journey of discovery. This book is well researched and offers new points of view, discoveries and connections on this fascinating, controversial and enjoyable subject. You will definitely find something new here! One of a trilogy, see below. 

The Templar Treasure of Gisors

Mind Body Soul Ezine Book Review: The Templar Treasure of Gisor by Jean Markale, Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. Paperback 304 pages, £15.99

Using source documents, this controversial author, the late Jean Markale, considers that Templar treasures were hidden within the Cathedral at Gisor, possibly within the many underground chambers and passageways that are held to be too dangerous to investigate by modern archaeologists. Jean Markale - the pen name of Jean Bertrand - was a Celtic and mediaeval scholar at the Sorbonne; here he suggests that within the Knights Templar Order was a secret band of knights who had access to knowledge and wealth, spiritual and material, that is still to be found. Underestimated! 

The Second Messiah Review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: The Second Messiah - Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasony by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, published by Fair Winds Press, paperback 260 pages $18.95

This book is well researched by the authors of The Hiram Key and ties up some threads.  From the early times after the death of Jesus, the Jewish members of the royal House of David, a hereditary priesthood, have largely been forgotten, or perhaps intentionally hidden by the early leaders of the emerging Christian sect. These relatives would have been the real Popes in true apostolic succession. Was there a bloodline that was protected until the time of the creation of the Knights Templar Order, when 11 selected French knights under Hughes de Payen, went to search under the Jerusalem Temple for what might have been scrolls, valuables, relics or other valuables, hidden for safety and left to them by their ancestors when Jerusalem fell in AD 70? 

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Elen of the Ways

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Shaman Pathways -Elen of the Ways - Following the Deer Trods by Elen Sentier. 89 pages Author website:

Painting by Jocelyn Chaplin
“In the Boreal woods that covered northern Europe and the Americas thousands of years ago, there seemed to have been an honouring of the deer family as having great spiritual power and this has continued to this day in many parts of the world, for instance, with the Reindeer still play a central practical and spiritual role for the Sami peoples of Northern Scandinavia. Reindeer are the only female deer with antlers and, as such, may have been, and could still be, especially sacred. The author argues that hunter gatherers would not have seen animals as good or bad as later people did. They would have been deeply respectful and attuned to all of them. Elen Sentier describes an extraordinary encounter with a female deer which was giving birth and she is able to tune in to the energies of the land and of animals and weaves her own personal experience with stories, myths, facts and theories. 

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

The Power Deck Review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Power Deck - The Cards of Wisdom by Lynn V Andrews with artwork by Rob Schouten. Book and 45 cards in pack published by Jeremy P Tarcher. For personal self development rather than reading for others because 'to heal our planet we must first heal ourselves'. You are instructed to pick a card each morning for beauty, health, strength and wisdom. The booklet provides information on how to use the cards. There is also a 'sacred wheel' 6 card spread offered. Cards divide into directions and colours to represent the required energy. There is an exercise to work with fear and instructions on keeping a journal with 7 questions for guidance. A daily prayer for empowerment is provided.

Monday, 4 October 2021

Christiane Northrup MD Oracle Deck

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christiane Northrup MD published by Hay House, boxed set of 50 cards plus an information booklet.

New York Times best-selling author, Christiane Northrup is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Vermont women's health expert and also has a paperback available with the same title as this card deck along with many CDs and audio materials. 

The deck has five suits which focus on Key Life areas: Fertility & Creativity; Partnership; Nurturance/Self Care; Self-Expression; Enlightened Heart & Mind. 
Each of these 5 suits contain 10 Developmental Steps: Imagine/Allow; Prepare; Flexibility Within Structure; Hierarchy vs. Partnership; Risk vs. Safety; Active vs. Passive; Channel Clearly; Regroup; Complete & Move On. Each card has 50-100 word message on the topic which is young at heart and sensible. Information on how to best use the cards, with spreads for daily guidance or to take a card before bed. Other spreads offer 4 cards for a simple relationship reading, 4 cards for life purpose, 5 cards for guidance, 7 cards for relationship, 7 cards for guidance on group or family dynamics, for current family dynamics as many as you like, 5 cards for individual family members, 7 card abundance spread, 7 for health and healing, 17 for chakras, 4 for conditional health matters and there is a one month guidance calendar. Pretty pastel cards designed by self-taught Jena DellaGrottaglia. 

Sunday, 3 October 2021

An Inconvenient Truth

Mind, Body & Soul Book Review: An Inconvenient Truth -  The Crisis of Global Warming by Al Gore.

From the award winning film, this is a n enlightening book with full colour photographs. Every human being on this planet contributes in many ways to global warming but by being more conscious of our purchases, our uses of power, and by changing our lifestyle, we can reduce our impact.

We are at the turning point in this global catastrophe. If we care about the lives of our children and grandchildren and of millions of people around the world, we must address this crisis immediately.

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Oracle of Visions card deck review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine card deck Review: ORACLE OF VISIONS by Ciro Marchetti, published by U S Games Systems Inc, pack includes 52 cards (size 3.75 x 5.5 inches) and explanatory booklet. £17.99

It’s a feast! Carnival in Venice meets Cirque du Soleil meets Las Vegas Harlequin! You won’t find more Hollywood glamour than this!  
Ciro Marchetti has excited us yet again with his distinguished artwork! Following on from his immensely popular and amazingly beautiful tarot and Lenormand cards, we now have an oracle deck - but with a difference! Most oracle cards carry simple messages and lack depth but Marchetti has created this deck to inspire the reader. With minimal input, our inspiration, insight and intuition is encouraged to be individual and versatile. The cards carry a number only. If you wish for a title, the booklet provides titles, quotations and 100 – 200 words of information. All cards are read upright.
The cards are divided into 4 suits: Situations; Emotions; Actions and Behaviour. Two interpretations are provided for drawing for one card reading. A six card combination reading is also offered as a sample.  

Friday, 1 October 2021

Barbieri Zodiac Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Barbieri Zodiac Oracle, published by Lo Scarabeo, text by Barbara Moore, artwork by Paolo Barbieri, 26 cards and information in multi lingual booklet. £14.99

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

The Sufi Path Book Review

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: The Sufi Path of Knowledge - Ibn al Arabi's Metaphysics of Imagination by William C Chittick, published by State University of New York Press.

"How can I find God?" opening chapter of this book.

An indepth study of Sufi's most well known and knowledgeable philosopher, mystic and theologian, known as The Great Sheik, Ibn al Arabi. His teachings are translated and explained in this very readable book. You are transported by beautiful, deep and loving wisdom, zen like in its poetical ambiguity. This is a close account of the path of the Sufis, a bible of divine wisdom and discovery, and one that I highly recommend.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Mystical Kipper

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Mystical Kipper is a very elegant deck of 36 fortune telling cards, created by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and the artist, Urban Trosch, and published by the card deck specialist, AGM Urania.

Smaller than traditional card size but true to the size of the original cards, these Kipper cards depict scenes from a by-gone era. The origin of the cards is lost in the midst of time, perhaps the cards were named after Berliner, Mrs Susanne Kipper, who lived at least one hundred years ago, or perhaps they were used by the Wipper travellers. Whatever their origin, a period of wealth and beauty around the turn of the 19th/20th century is reflected in the artwork and in military, legal and agricultural matters. The cards are mainly figurative.

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Angels and Ancestors

 Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray with artwork by Lily Moses, boxed set of 55 cards and guidebook, published by Hay House £13.19

The guidebook contains all the information required to conduct a reading for self or others, including how to read the cards, create a bridge between this and the Otherworld, reversed card readings and what to avoid. A message of kindness and balance is given from archetypes that uplift, inform, guide and inspire. The deck is divided into sections with symbols, seasons, ancestral wisdom keepers and international guardians, with information about each and a short and more extended message.

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Esoteric Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Esoteric Tarot - Ancient Sources Rediscovered in Hermeticism and Cabala by Ronald Decker 312 page paperback with line drawings Published by Quest Books, Price: £14.99 

The author, Ronald Decker, has provided detailed historical research, comparisons with various early decks and their uses. Ancient texts are explored: we visit China where dice with pips, such as dominos, become paper cards with pips; via Persia, India, Russia and even consider possible links to Mongolia. The life and works of the Hermetic teacher and tarot designer, 'Etteilia' (Jean-Baptiste Alliette) is provided along with the information that Casanova forbade the use of the cards and threw them on the fire because they revealed

Botanical Inspirations

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Botanical Inspirations Deck and Book Set by Lynn Araujo, published by US Games Systems, Inc. Boxed set of 44 cards plus guidebook and pull out chart and card bag.

Full colour prints of illustrative paintings of 44 different flowers with the common name, Latin or other name, with keywords and a quotation. The booklet provides symbolism, flower lore, legend, hidden messages and affirmations. A Three-card reading and the Past, Present and Future reading is provided with examples. One card can be used for daily inspiration. Pick a card at random, look at the image and message. Close your eyes and meditate and make this image come alive. As it grows in your mind's eye, reach out your hand to feel its petals, put your face to the flower, feel its coolness on your brow, put it to your lips and feel its texture! Every day you choose a card, you will be given the gift of this flower until you choose another!

Friday, 24 September 2021

Black Moon Astrology Cards Review

Mind Body Soul Card Deck Review: Black Moon Astrology Cards by Susan Sheppard. A boxed set of 52 cards plus guidebook. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. £17.99

The cards are divided into 3 sections, planets, constellations, houses, elements and additional astrology aspects. Each card carries an image, number, title and subtitle. The guidebook provides information on how to use the cards which provide an easy method to get involved with astrology. No previous knowledge is required. Key words and a quotation are provided for each card with both a brief and extensive explanation. The cards correspond to the tarot. Several spreads are suggested: 15 cards, Here, Now, Later; 12 cards, Astrology Wheel; 5 cards, Black Moon; 4 card, Planetary; 4 card, Course of Action, 7 card, Black Moon Romance.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Earth Power Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Earth Power Oracle - An Atlas of the Soul by Stacey Demarco, published by Blue Angel Publishing. £18.25 Boxed set of 41 cards and guidebook.

Cards offer a title, an image, mixed media, and a 20 word affirmation. The guidebook provides further information on each card and location. There is a a key message for each of the 41 places of magical interest around the world, a Global Positioning System location finder, and an element. There is also a creation story, advice on how to dedicate your cards, and information about how to recognise and experience a 'genius loci', a place of spiritual power and beauty.

Cards feature locations in the vicinity of of lakes, mountains, rivers, islands, ancient ruins, holy places, examples, Amazonia, Avebury, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Delphi, The Ganges, Gobekli Tepi. Suggested spreads are The Atlas - 7 cards, The Temple - 6 cards, The Hemisphere - 2 cards, The Journey - 9 cards, The Compass - 4 cards.

Monday, 20 September 2021

Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs - The Israelite Pharaohs of Egypt by Ralph Ellis, 370 pages paperback and kindle formats. Edfu Books. 

A thorough study of the Biblical and Egyptological records leading to a redefining of the patriarchs of the Old and New Testaments. The author suggests that Jesus was the last of a line of Egyptian kings. There is a parallel between the Jews exodus from Egypt and the Hyksos pharaohs leaving Egypt and the author suggests that the royal line of Jews was in fact the Hyksos dynasty and came originally from Egypt.  Therefore Jesus, as of the royal line of King David, would have been of this ancestry and was a rebel leader. The author also uncovers the life of Saul (aka Paul of Tarsus) as the historian, Josephus Falvius and suggests that Jesus was the governor of Tiberias and owned a castle there and died during the 70AD siege and not in crucifixion in 33AD. In his sequel to this book, and whilst working on Jesus, the Last of the Pharaohs, the author found an ancient Egyptian stele with a Biblical quote about a conference that organises the exodus. He put this discovery into The Tempest and the Exodus. Other discoveries are the site of Mount Sinai and Mount Ararat. Interesting?


Friday, 17 September 2021

Grand Lenormand

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Grand Jeu De Mlle Lenormand also known as the Astro Mythological by Mlle Lenormand) 54 cards with instruction booklet. Published by Grimaud. Card size: 127 x 90mm
Each of the traditional playing cards are represented as hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades which offer elements, numerology and other symbolism. Two extra cards are included as significator for a male or female querent. The 52 cards are 4 decks of diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. The 52 cards are divided into 5 areas: 
The Conquest of the Golden Fleece; The Trojan War; Hermetics/Alchemy; the Unexplained; and the Zodiac. 
The cards are further divided:
The Top has 3 areas -
Left - a playing card image. Central - a constellation. Right - a letter and underneath some have Kabbalistic gematria. 
Middle - a pen and ink image, renaissance and mediaeval in design. 
Bottom - 3 areas of smaller images:
Left, Central - botanical images with sometimes several different flowers. Right - another image.

Thursday, 16 September 2021

The Mythic Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book review: The Mythic Tarot Workbook by Juliet Sharman-Burke, a psychotherapist who co-authored the tarot card deck of the same name. This book is intended for use with the Mythic Tarot cards and is intended to replace a workshop for deepening and widening knowledge through guided fantasy exercises for all 78 cards, meditations, and methods to help interpret the cards. There is also a suggestion for journaling and space is provided for this. There are pen line sketches of the Major Arcana for colouring. Information is provided on how to read the cards for yourself or for others. There are suggested spreads titled: Horoscope, Ten Card, Horseshoe, Triangle and Star.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Medicine Dance

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Medicine Dance - One Woman's Healing Journey into the World of Native American Sweatlodges, Drumming Meditations and Dance Fasts By Marsha Scarborough Paperback £9.99 198 pages 

The Enchanted Tarot Review - 25th Anniversary Edition

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Enchanted Tarot - 25th Anniversary Edition. By Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. Published by Race Point. £19.99

Over 250,000 decks of The Enchanted Tarot have been sold since first printed in 1992 and this is the prized '25th Anniversary' deck - not to be missed - as it is a very reasonable price for a boxed deck of 78 individual fabric artwork images plus a full colour book and a plum velvet bag!