Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Earth Medicine

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Earth Medicine - Ancestors' Ways of Harmony For Many Moons by Jamie Sams, published by Harper. Paperback 383 pages

Native American culture is intelligent,p - it respects nature with respect and conservation - it appreciates beauty - of the variety of the plant and animal kingdoms - of the landscapes of mountains, rivers and beaches - and of the universal rhythms and powers, of the sun, moon and stars.

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Phantasma Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Phantasma Tarot by Paulina Fae, Boxed set of 78 cards and guidebook, published by US Games Systems Inc., 5/8/2021 £17.99 : $22.95

This is a remarkable tarot, full of daydreams and supernatural visions of mystical and otherworldly creatures. A rich delight of wonder and beauty, presence and mastery. Beyond wild and delightful! Worth buying for the artwork alone! The deck is inspirational, and offers new pathways, paradigms and powers from the cards’ messages and suggested life lessons. Some Major arcana are retitled, take for example Number 15 The Djinn and here Number 5 The Mentor. 

Sample card: 5 The Mentor - Welcome the mentor of esoteric knowledge. As a teacher of wisdom, spiritual guidance, and peace of mind, he shares the knowledge of past and present life experiences. He’s here to remind you to learn not only from outer sources, but also to learn from within. Representing perpetual interaction, the lemniscate on the Mentor’s forehead connects him to the roles of the hierophant; infinitely teaching and infinitely learning. Message: Ask yourself how your belief system affects your life. Align your actions with ideals. Consider shaking up your old routine and paradigms, and venture into the unknown. Remember your power, and let your curiosity unearth your sacred truth. Keywords: Open-mindedness, discovery, questioning, seeking, self in empowerment. Reversed message: You have the power to peel away structured restrictions. Reversed Keywords: Close mindedness, satiety, herd mentality, status quo, self-doubt. 

Thursday, 17 November 2022

Angels and Ancestors

 Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray with artwork by Lily Moses, boxed set of 55 cards and guidebook, published by Hay House £13.19

The guidebook contains all the information required to conduct a reading for self or others, including how to read the cards, create a bridge between this and the Otherworld, reversed card readings and what to avoid. A message of kindness and balance is given from archetypes that uplift, inform, guide and inspire. The deck is divided into sections with symbols, seasons, ancestral wisdom keepers and international guardians, with information about each and a short and more extended message.

The Divine Feminine Oracle

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Divine Feminine Oracle by Megan Watterson, Pack contains 53 cards plus booklet, published by Hay House. £15.99 

"For embodying love"
Each card bears an image of a young woman with a title, subtitle and affirmation. Further information is contained in the booklet about each card image. Saints, mystics, gurus, goddesses throughout the world portray divine feminine energies which aid self empowerment and help your discovery of your own answers to questions. Megan Watterson has a relationship with each 'sacred lady' and asks readers to develop their own relationship with the cards which can be developed through reading and meditation on each card. Our story might contain understanding not known to the author. The booklet provides an invocation, and each card carries a question and an intention.

All ages can enjoy working with these cards, though the photographs and computer graphics suggest it is a young woman's deck.


Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Ben Mijuskovic - Loneliness

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Loneliness in Philosophy, Psychology, and Literature by Ben Lazare Mijuskovic  is available on Kindle £2.52 with 309 pages and there is a FREE download of the book from the website.

This book focuses on the link between literature, psychology and philosophy throughout time and on humankind's ability to deal with loneliness. The author, Ben Mijuskovic, explores the various ways society uses loneliness, for example, "punishing" prisoners by isolation from others. The book discusses in detail the reasons why children fear being alone and how adults deal with a similar anxiety but do not share their concerns with others. The author is Professor and this is very much reflected in the style of writing. The book provides in depth academic understanding and will be of great interest to students and fellow academics. Reviewer: Susan Griffiths:

Mystical Shaman Oracle

Mind, Body and Soul Ezine: Mystical Shaman Oracle Boxed set of 64 cards and guidebook, by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos, published by Hay House, US $39.99 : CAN $53.99 : UK £31.99 

Before there was time, before language, there were sacred symbols".

Magnetic clasp box with prestige packaging. This has some impressive credentials. Dr Alberto Villodo is a medical anthropologist with a special interest in shamanic healing of the Amazon and Andes regions. He is co-founder of the Four Winds Society with co-author, Marcela Lobos. Colette Baron-Reid is founder of Oracle School and this card system is a blend of shamanic and the mystical. The cards are illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia, and each card depicts a symbol from what are said to be African, Aboriginal, and Andean ‘petroglyphs’ for instance an arrow, a heart, a blade, a circle, a snake, a coyote, a crow, a drum, an eagle, fire, a mountain, a hummingbird, a jaguar, lightning, the moon, the owl, the rainbow, a rattle, a spiral, a staff, the sun, etc. I would like to have had more information about where these petroglyphs are found!

Sacred Destiny Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn, published by Hay House. US $22.99  Can $29.99  UK £16.99

Since ancient times, shamans, seers, medicine women and healers have been able to access wisdom from the natural world and these cards have been designed to help you to decipher the spiritual and psychic messages of animals, flowers, birds, lakes and ponds, moon and sun, in feathers and rainbows seen within the landscape.

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

The Priestess of Light Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Priestess of Light Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor and Kimberly Webber, published by Hay House, boxed set of 53 cards with guidebook. US $21.99 Can $28.99 

“You have the power to transform your life”. 

This is a collaboration by the authors, with Kimberly Webber, a Contemporary Symbolist Fusion artist,  also providing the card’s oil paintings of animals and the divine feminine archetypes, including geometric designs and mandalas. The original paintings are made with lapis powder, azurite, mica, marble dust, malachite, gold, copper, and cobalt. This is her first card deck and has many admirers. 

Information is given on how to read the cards and the guidebook provides 500 words of guidance on life issues, patterns and influences, and bring joy, achievement, confidence, and awareness with affirmations.  Read through the guidebook before choosing cards to read for yourself and others. In time, you will develop your own interpretation style as you develop greater intuition and trust to explore. We are all priestesses (and priests) of light. The deck was created to reveal the sacred light within every person, animal, element, and totem (tree, stone, river, mountain, antler), and maximise its power. A short invocation is provided. You will become a Priestess of Light, and increase the sacred ceremony that is your life. 

Gift box for tarot lovers! The Enchanted Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Review: The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
Box containing 78 cards, 192 page fully illustrated guidebook Published by Connections Book Publishing 

We are invited to enter ‘a realm of myth and magic’ and this quality deck certainly delivers both by providing a depth of symbolism within traditional and other tales. I can vouch that this deck will come up to expectations for tarot card and art-work enthusiasts. Its strengths are its profound wisdom set within the card concepts and also the beauty and majesty of its illustrations (which can be viewed under a magnifying glass for added enjoyment).

Monday, 14 November 2022

Energy & Spirit Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Energy & Spirit Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor, boxed set of 44 cards and guidebook, published by Hay House. US $22.99 / Can $29.99 / £15.99

Sample card reading: 27 animal totems. Animal energy and powers. 27 animal totems. Animal energy and powers. 

Upright. This card reveals the presence of some powerful animal totems who want to share their unique energy with you. (Totems are natural objects or animals with which you feel a deep energetic connection) Any animal can become your totem if you see it repeatedly or if you feel a strong resonance with it. They bring spirit messages and bestow special energies that are unique to the animal. On this card, the leopard represents great personal power and grace. The owl shares wisdom and clairvoyance. Deer ‘medicine’ brings new perceptions and enhanced physical senses.The fox vibrates with sexual energy, fertility, and feminine expression. The hawk bears messages about your life purpose and visionary powers. From insects two elephants, the world is filled with endless examples of helpful energies from nature. Be open to their many blessings. 

Sunday, 13 November 2022

Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review:  Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle Cards by Sophie Bashford, Art by Hillary Wilson, Boxed set of 44 cards plus guidebook, published by Hay House. £15.99

From the box lid: ‘I receive your wisdom with an open heart. Thank you for revealing sacred truths that illuminate my soul’s path.’

This deck has a cross cultural emphasis, with women and men of differing ethnicity, skin colour, and age ranges, including non-binary and all genders. Featured archetypes are presented with messages from divine teachings with a name and subtitle, a few words of advice, information and a message, additional meanings and a short invocation. All are positive and uplifting messages that bridge the gap between daily life and a walking a spiritual path. You can ask questions of the cards and receive practical and spiritual advice. These cards don’t completely predict the future and will not take away your free will. They show possibilities, yet you have the power to change outcomes in your life. 

Saturday, 12 November 2022

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot -A New Tarot for Alchemical Transformation by Selena Joy Lovett, illustrated by Daniela Manutius-Forster. Published by Watkins Publishing, Boxed set of companion Guidebook and 78 Cards  £19.99  Published Feb 2021 card size: 9.5cm x 13.5cm 

Sample: Card 18 The Moon Keywords: Intuition, mystery, dreams. This card can show up when you are not sure of your path forward. Let go of mental blocks and trust that intuition will lead you forward, shining its light to show you where to step. Don’t just take things at face value, listen to your intuition and feel into whether someone has a hidden agenda. Don’t allow an active imagination to confuse you further as you may be projecting your past fears onto what’s happening around you. Allow yourself time to feel into the situation, investigate. Make sure you are in the centre so that you can trust your intuition. Listen to your dreams as they may be heightened, showing you things you need to see.  Look at the cards around the moon to see the deeper meaning. Look at the cards that come next in the reading. 

The Journey for Card 18 The Moon. This energy is mysterious and has an immense power, and this could indicate something is hiding in the shadows, something that can’t be seen clearly. Uncover the solution by tapping into your intuition, identify your fears and move forward. Listen carefully to your dreams as they may be receiving intuitive wisdom dropped into your subconscious mind. Trust yourself and your instincts, take time to get into your centre and really know yourself and what you care about. 

Goddess Power Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review.: Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid. Pack contains 52 cards plus guide booklet. Published by Hay House. £30.99 Card size: 15cm x 20cm. 

"Who could we become if we reclaim our power".

Each card in this deck represents a goddesss from across the world. It is packaged in an elegant box which will make an impressive gift.

The author, Colette Baron- Reid, is an oracle card specialist who has designed many decks to her credit. She has a TV show in the US. The booklet provides information on how she created this deck. There is also useful information for the reader on how to prepare for a reading, to create a sacred space, and it supplies a prayer to recite before a reading. Upright and inverted readings are both provided. Each card is numbered, titled and subtitled, and the guidebook provides information about each goddess. There are several spreads suggested: 3 card spread, 4 card Special Guidance, 4 card Full Moon Spread, 4 Jewels.

Friday, 11 November 2022

Dragon Oracle Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper, with artwork by Carla Lee Morrow, published by Hay House. 44 high quality cards with guidebook. 

Each card has an individually painted image of a dragon, a description, what it can do for you, and a few words of advice. The instruction booklet has black/white scans and offers further advice on each card. Diana Cooper has allotted the cards elements, colours, astronomical and other categories and divided the deck into four Dimensions, of 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th. You can also have a personal Dragon. These are not the Dragons of art historians, symbols of evil and dangerous power, but fluffy and creative Dragons from the Angelic Realms to help us clear our negative energies, increase our flow around challenging situations and inspire our visions. 

Thursday, 10 November 2022

A Better World is Possible

Bruce Nixon writes: We are in a situation we have never been in before – an environmental crisis that threatens our very existence. Essentially, it results from our failure to live in harmony with the earth on which all life depends and each other. With another global economic crisis now unfolding, it is frightening.

"It is a time of breakdown but the good news is that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. We have survived thorough history by learning and adapting. Human beings are enormously creative. We are capable of rapid mobilisation, as World War 2 showed. "The trouble is that political and corporate leaders appear wedded to ideologies that have not worked and they don’t see that whole system change is needed. Continuous growth defies common sense when we’re already consuming 30% more than the earth can provide and population may rise from 7bn to 10bn by the end of the century. They also think short term and fight with each other rather than collaborating.

"We know what needs to be done. We need total system change.  A vision of a better way of life will inspire and bring hope to everyone. We need a Great Transition (as proposed by the New Economics Foundation).  We need to find a new Prosperity - without growth (explored by Tim Jackson in his book of that title). Such a transition offers massive work opportunities, a better balance of work and leisure and better health for all. It can be achieved through fairer, sustainable taxation; tackling corporate tax evasion; principled foreign policies; investment in conflict resolution to save lives and release the vast sums spent on war; providing funds for green investment; and shifting subsidies from industries that accelerate climate change and harm lives to those that are sustainable. Comprehensive monetary reform is needed giving reserve banks the sole right to issue money. A citizen’s income, partly funded by land value taxation, can reduce the humiliation and cost of administering complex benefits.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Review: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue PhD Published by Hay House £13.99 for box of 44 cards plus explanatory booklet.

Always good quality card stock at Hay House. The deck is designed for divinatory use for oneself or for others. The cards are of excellent quality, the artwork is detailed and can stand the scrutiny of a jeweler's eyeglass. 44 popular Goddesses are profiled with their history and function and a channelled message from each. The book offers an alphabetical list of each of the goddesses, instructions on working with the cards, how to consecrate and store the cards, how to give a card reading (including the use of inverted cards), how to choose which goddess to work with and how to invoke the goddesses.

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Archetype Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss, published by Hay House, boxed 80 card deck with information booklet. £28.00 Author website:

The information provided assists you in self examination to discover which archetypes are active in your life. Questions help self examination and learning. How can I be more fulfilled? What is my purpose in life? I think these archetypes are a big improvement on astrological horoscopes as they look at self improvement and the question of 'life assignments'. The book examines: life journey, unique challenges, life lessons, behaviour patterns, the inner shadow, and how to step into your archetype.

Fairy Messages Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Review: Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue contains 44 cards plus 109 guidebook with 109 pages. £13.99 Various artists. 

This easy to use pack provides information on using the cards, such as how to consecrate them and receive an answer to a question. Ideal for a one card choice per day, there is also a three card spread or use of a multiple card spread suggested.  The book contains not just the title of the card, a picture and message, but in the book there is more information about the message. The card stock is excellent, as usual for Hay House, this deck is edged with gold leaf, and the artwork is of good quality. Some of the card titles are: 'Good-Bye to the Old, Hello to the New', 'Ask for What You Want', Your Wish is Granted', all cards carry a positive message and are ideal for first time users and can be used for self or others.

Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Numerology Guidance Cards

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Oracle Card Review: Numerology Cards by Michelle Buchanan with artwork by Jonathan Quintin. 44 cards in box with instruction booklet published by Hay House. Card size 3.8 x 9.5 x 14cm. £14.99

These are high quality cards and the instruction booklet explains how to bless and connect to the cards by talking to them, placing them over your heart and affirming your intentions. Then perform a 5 minute visualisation. There is also information on how to use the cards and how to perform a reading, such as being clear about asking a question and selecting your card. In addition to a one card reading example, a 3 card reading is shown which offers ‘situation’, ‘action’, ‘outcome’ or a ‘3 points of view’ card. There is also a multiple deck reading where you use ‘Numerology Guidance Cards’ with another deck, such as an angel or tarot deck. Every card in the deck has a different colour for recognition, a number and a title. In the booklet, there is an explanation for every card and number and an affirmation. The design is the same on the front (it is described as a ‘Merkaba star tetrahedron’ and the backs of the cards are a blue/purple colour with a circle described as a ‘Flower of Life’.   

Monday, 7 November 2022

The Enchanted Map

Mind, Body & Soul Card Deck Review: The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House, Boxed set of cards and guidebook. US $21.99 : CAN $28.99 : U.K. £17.99

The cards are designed to be a guide for your life journey, to create good relationships, conscious choices, and empowerment. The cards each have an image, a number and a title. The guidebook adds an affirmation, and 100 words for upright reading and 100 for reversed card readings for each card. A one- card (immediate) reading, a three-card (past, present and future) reading are suggested. The six-card reading is used as a sample to clarify your soul’s intention. A meditation is provided before you commence your journey with this deck. Art be Jena DellaGrottaglia. 

Saturday, 5 November 2022

Tree Wisdom Book Review

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Tree Wisdom - The Definitive Guidebook for the myth, folklore and healing power of Trees by Jacqueline Memory Paterson, 356 pages paperback published by Thorsons. 
"The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations" Book of Revelations

Written from a Celtic perspective, indigenous British trees are described. The author, a Glastonbury Archdruidess, and holder of a Bardic Chair of Avebury, died in 2004. She left this beautiful book with text written with great love and reverence. Hailing from North Devon, she appreciated trees as a young child. She senses them in a similar way to her ancestors, valueing, admiring and looking after them.
In today's world, we are disconnected from trees and nature in general and no longer understand or appreciate what trees offer us. This book helps us reconnect with the majesty, wonder  and beauty of the trees. We are invited to communicate with them and forge a relationship with them, getting to know their individual natures.

Thursday, 3 November 2022

Wisdom of the Golden Path Oracle

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Wisdom of the Golden Path Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno, artwork by Yuehui Tang, 45 cards and information booklet in pack Published by Blue Angel Publishing. 

You are invited to 'see things from a higher perspective' and receive personal guidance and also use the cards to read for others. There are positive messages and affirmations. Toni Carmine Salerno has produced a large number of card decks through the Blue Angel publishing house of Australia. He is an author and has also produced mind body spirit CDs and is an artist in his own right. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Dreams of the Goddess

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Dreams of the Goddess - Discovering the Divine While You Sleep by Scarlett Ross, published by New Page Books 222 pages paperback 

By the author of Nostradamus for Dummies, this is a 'discovery journal' style workbook with exercises, rituals, meditations and with space at the end of each chapter to record thoughts and experiences. The USP for this book is not just for understanding dreamwork but for focussing on dreamwork that is devoted to the feminine aspect of deity, and to listen to what they say to us while we sleep at night. Scarlett Ross is a teacher and workshop facilitator with 18 years of working in the field of metaphysics. She has something new to contribute to dreamwork in this unusual and interesting method of dream therapy. A brilliant topic for goddess lovers and also for dream enthusiasts. 

Review by Wendy Stokes

Monday, 31 October 2022

Sibyls Oraculum

Mind, Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: The Sibyls Oraculum - Oracle of the Black Doves of Africa by Tayannah Lee McQuillar, with artwork by Katelan V Foisy, Pack contains 44 cards and comprehensive information book. £16.99 published by Destiny Books

"There will be a coming of the day when that which is hidden shall be revealed" 
The Libyan Sibyl

The author, Tayannah Lee McQuillar is a cultural anthropologist, scholar of religion, esoterica and mysticism. She hails from New York but conducted her research in Brazil and New Orleans and has shown great expertise in her knowledge of divination from earliest antiquity in this North African study and uniquely developed card system. She is the author of  'Rootwork'.


Saturday, 29 October 2022

Dark Light Oracle

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Card Deck Review: Dark Light Oracle - The Path to Light Lies Through the Darkest Shadows by Alexandra V Bach & Carole-Anne Eschenazi, boxed set of cards and guidebook, published by US Games Systems Inc.  Card sizes: 13cm x 9cm. $22.95 : £17.99 

Friday, 21 October 2022

Tabla Mortem Spirit Board

Mind Body & Soul Ezine  - Tabla Mortem Spirit Board - Communicate with the Beyond by Judas Knight, Jerome VanDyke, Jacob VanDyke, and Jordan VanDyke. Published by US Games Systems Inc. 5th August 2021 Boxed set of board, pendulum and instruction book. $21.95 : £21.99 

This is a modern spirit board used to contact the spirit world. The box contains a fold out board, 16 inches x 16 inches, and a pendulum with a 12 inch chain. Full instructions are provided in the accompanying book on how to use and store the board and pendulum, to use incense and candles for readings, with recommendations to make notes for this communal activity. There is a poem for blessing the board, a grounding meditation and information on how to make an offering to the Lwa. Information is given on the origins and history of the planchette/ouija (wee-gee) board, with explanations of the process, what happens after death, of superstitions related to the board, and warnings of Lwa, elementals and shells. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Colours - June McLeod

Mind Body & Soul Ezine Book Review: Colours of the Soul - Tranform your Life Through Colour Therapy by June McLeod, 260 pages paperback £11.99, Kindle £6.99. Published by O Books. Visit:
For anyone interested in colour, this book covers the topic well, and who isn't interested? We choose clothes, vehicles and decor, but what effect does colour have on our life, and if we choose a particular colour, what does that say about us? The book provides exercises so is more of a work book. It explains what colours mean, the science of colour, how we can choose the best colours for ourselves, choosing foods of particular colours to improve health, colours that relate to the chakra and aura systems, art, etc.