Saturday, 27 October 2018

Cave and Cosmos

Circle Network Book Review: Cave and Cosmos - Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality by Michael Harner, paperback 301 pages £15.58, Kindle £10.50 published by North Atlantic Books.

The late Prof Harner was one of the earliest pioneers, advocates and investigators of indigenous cultures and he repackaged them for Western consumption making shamanism a popular healing method. His followers describe him as a 'shamans' shaman' on account of his vast travelling and study of this subject matter as both an academic and a practitioner. The advantages of sharing his personal experiences is that he provides a glimpse into the nature of indigenous shamanism. Shamanism was his life long passion and this book is the sequel to his classic book The Way of the Shaman, upon which he made his name as a dedicated researcher. 

Friday, 26 October 2018

The Shaman's Oracle Cards

Circle Network Oracle card deck review: The Shaman's Oracle Cards for Ancient Wisdom and Guidance by John Matthews, illustrated by Wil Kinghan, Published by Watkins
Publishing in a good quality box with pull out drawer with excellent card stock. Pack contains hardback book, 52 cards and a template pictorial of a hand to aid reading. Pack price: £14.99, yes, brilliant value for money!

Information is provided about palaeolithic art which is found worldwide, in Australia, the Americas, Europe and China and has inspired the artwork for this deck. Each card carries a different image. Other information provided is about shamanism as an ancient spiritual practice. There is information on how to use the cards and how to frame questions. A sample layout helps with this process. Beautiful poems accompany each card. The images were excellent in transporting me into an inspirational space where the reading flowed quite naturally, sometimes without needing the book's

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Mythic Tarot

Circle Network Book review: The Mythic Tarot Workbook by Juliet Sharman-Burke, a psychotherapist who co-authored the tarot card deck of the same name. This book is intended for use with the Mythic Tarot cards and is intended to replace a workshop for deepening and widening knowledge through guided fantasy exercises for all 78 cards, meditations, and methods to help interpret the cards. There is also a suggestion for journaling and space is provided for this. There are pen line sketches of the Major Arcana for colouring. Information is provided on how to read the cards for yourself or for others. There are suggested spreads titled: Horoscope, Ten Card, Horseshoe, Triangle and Star.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Truth-Seeker's Tarot Review

Circle Network Card Deck Review: The Truth-Seeker's Tarot - Oracle Cards of Insight, Clarity and Wisdom by The late Prof David Fontana with artwork by Sylvie Daigneault. Boxed set of 78 cards, plus an explanatory booklet titled 'Understanding the Tarot' £16.99 published by Watkins Publishing. 

Friday, 19 October 2018

The Sacred Journey Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: The Sacred Journey Cards by Cheryl Thiele, 44 cards in a pack, designed for those who keep a diary, and can be used for inspiration and self reflection. Small round cards that fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, each card has a title and subtitle with a hand cut stamp artwork similar to a wood or lino cut. The deck is divided into the 4 elements, fire, water, earth and air. I think these cards require imagination or a teacher to get the best from them. If you are running out of ideas for your journal, choose a card or couple of cards, and get writing! Great for a beginner who needs a pointer to get started.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Chakras The Essential Guide

Circle Network Book Review: The Essential Guide to Chakras - Discover the Healing Power of Chakras for Mind, Body and Spirit by Swami Saradananda, quality paperback, £10.99 published by Watkins Books, 288 full colour pages. Author website:

This book is excellent value indeed for all the thorough and well organised information that it contains. It is a teaching guide as well as a reference book to work with the chakras for energy and healing. The book explains what chakras are, how to tell if they are malfunctioning, how to balance and cleanse them, how to protect yourself while working with them. There are exercises, meditations, breathing instructions, and mantras. Each of the seven major chakras are explained in detail, including yoga poses.

Everything you wanted to know about chakras! The definitive guide - a by a female Swami too! Review by Wendy Stokes 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Animal Dreaming Oracle

Circle Network Oracle Card Deck Review: Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King, published by Blue Angel Publishing, boxed 44 cards with guidebook.

"... And ask now the Beasts And they shall teach thee; And the Fowls of the air, and they shall teach thee; or speak to the Earth, and it shall teach thee." Book of Job 12: 7-8

Portraits of Australian species with Interpretations for inspirational readings. Divided into 4 elemental sections of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, the cards have excellent artwork by Karen Branchflower, a title of the animal depicted, a one word message and what elemental position is has been given. In the top, usually right hand corner is a symbol, suitable for a tattoo artwork. This image was channelled to the artist and represents both the animal and its message.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Tarot and Kabbalah plus Video of Dovid Krafchow

MBS Circle Book Review: Kabbalistic Tarot - Hebraic Wisdom in the Major and Minor Arcana by Dovid Krafchow Published by Inner Traditions Paperback $14.95

Though a slim volume of 132 pages, the explanation is sufficient to perform readings using this method that the author considers is just an introduction. The information in the book includes the tarot's historical roots in terms of the Kabbalah. Krafchow is known as the Jewish Bohemian and has designed what I suggest is a very good teaching module for those who want to include a Kabbalistic perspective in their tarot readings.

Angels in my Hair - Lorna Byrne

Circle Network Book Review: Angels in my Hair - The True Story of a Modern-day Irish Mystic by Lorna Byrne  Published by Arrow Books  352 pages Paperback: £7.99  Kindle: £5.22 Author's website: 

Lorna Byrne was able to see and hear angels as a child but was slow to learn at school and her parents considered her backward. She was brought up in very deprived financial circumstances and was a lonely child but angels surrounded her with messages of love, comfort and good fortune. Helpful spirits, such as Michael, Elijah, Arabia, Kaphas and Bird Angel guided her, advised her of the future, and granted her healing abilities in later life. As a child, Lorna needed to keep her psychic ability secret as even her parents (and later her husband) did not fully understand her, though they grew in understanding as Lorna developed her gifts.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Jungian Tarot Psychology by Robert Wang

MBS Circle Network Book Review: Tarot Psychology - A Practical Guide to the Jungian Tarot by Robert Wang, published by Urania. Book has b/w scans of the cards, the title of the card, a subtitle of the archetype and a write-up of approx 600 words on each Major and approx 400 on the other cards. 

Tarot of Ascension

Circle Network card deck review: 2012 Tarot of Ascension by Pierluca Zizzi with artwork by Michele Penco and published by Lo Scarabeo at £17.99 - The end of the world as we know it is a gateway to profound transformation. As each soul reawakens, all humanity Ascends. This is a pack of 78 tarot cards (size: 7 x 12.5cm) and an instruction leaflet in 5 European languages which gives information on each card. 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Matrix Healing

Circle Network Book Review: Matrix Healing - Discover Your Greatest Health Potential Through the Power of Kabbalah by Raphael Kellman MD with forward by Larry Dossey, published by Transworld, paperback 270 pages £7.99

"Our material world hides an unseen world of great potential for healing"
Matrix - mother; source; origin; womb

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Archetype Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss, published by Hay House, boxed 80 card deck with information booklet. £28.00 Author website:

The information provided assists you in self examination to discover which archetypes are active in your life, such as How can I be more fulfilled? and What is my purpose in life? I think these archetypes are better than an astrological horoscope as they look at self improvement and life assignments. The book looks at: life journey, unique challenges, life lessons, behaviour patterns, the inner shadow, and how to step into your archetype.

There are an infinite number of archetypes, but some examples provided in the cards are: The Athlete, The Caregiver, The Fashionista, The Intellectual, The Rebel, The Visionary and the Spiritual Seeker. They are revealed in stories, fears and talents, what makes us feel strong and empowered. Sometimes entire families share an archetype.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Mind Mapping

Circle Network Book Review: The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan published by BBC Books, 320 pages.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Entity Possession

Circle Network Book Review: Entity Possession - Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences by Samuel Sagan MD published by Destiny Books, 200 pages. Author website:

This book details Dr Sagan's formulated method, described as the 'ISIS Technique' which is used for the identification and treatment of undesirable spirit based entities. Examples are given, and types of entities, fragments and cords are described. Reincarnation information is provided. Taoist, Indian, Jewish, and other religious movements are honoured. Dangers are explained, such as miscarriage, abortion, shocks, drugs, surgery, etc., including losses, possessions, black magic, etc. Clearing and cleansing is described in such a way and the book acts as an instruction manual. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Horik Svensson

Circle Network review: The Runes - The Future Revealed with the Ancient Norse System of Divination by Horik Svensson, published by Carlton Books. Box set contains 25 ceramic stones bearing a runic letter, a hessian bag, an explanatory instruction book. 
The word 'rune' means 'whispered secret'

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Magicians of the Gods

Circle Network Book Review: Magicians of the Gods - The Forgotten Wisdom of the Earth's Lost Civilisation by Graham Hancock published by Hodder Books £9.99 paperback 592 pages with many colour plates 

This is the sequel to the International Bestseller 'Fingerprints of the Gods' which excited me, and on account of this, and his other books, I became interested in this British author's work.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Animal Voices Children's Cards

Animal Voices Oracle - Connecting to our Endangered Friends by Chip Richards with illustrations by Susan Farrell, published by Blue Angel Gallery. 
UK rap £13.99
US Rep  
This deck is presented in a boxed set of 31 cards and explanatory guidebook. The cards are designed to stimulate children’s understanding for, and enjoyment of, a variety of our planet's species, such as those that swim, run, fly, crawl, climb, etc. Each card carries an image and it's title. The guidebook provides information about each animal and a special message which calls for children to get to know the unique beauty and gift of each rare animal to remember them for a lifetime. A first ever oracle card deck and highly suitable for 7 – 13 year olds - but adults will learn something too! 

Liquid Crystals

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Liquid Crystal Oracle - Return fo the Atlantian Way for Children of Light, by Justin Moikeha Asar (who grew up on the Pacific island of Vanuatu), deck published by Blue Angel, £24.99 77 cards provide an adventure, a doorway to another world of crystal spirits who created the mineral kingdom. 292 pages of a book system to follow. Within the centre of the card, a symbol. The cards also carry a crystal title plus a subtitle. The cards specialise in a form of Atlantean energy with a message from Atlantis, how the crystals are used, affirmations, keywords, chemical composition, colour rays, animal totems, essential oil, where to place the stone on the body for maximum effect, crystal trinities, beings related to the cards, crystals that relate to the Kabbalah. Brightly coloured cards. Find your commitment for this deck as it is a complex and will take some dedication. Especially of interest to lightworkers who like the Atlantean channelled messages.

Gold and Silver Guardian Angels by Angela McGerr

Circle Network Oldie Goldie Card Review: Gold and Silver Guardian Angels By Angela McGerr 144 book plus 144 small cards
Published by Quadrille £12.99 Author’s website:

This deck is designed to help make contact with angels and invite them into your daily life, to enrich you, balance you and provide harmony and integration. The book provides a page for each of the named angels, their attributes and powers, written in the first person. Each of the cards carry an angel’s name and a message. For instance from the Golden Guardians 'Eth – Manage your time more effectively' or 'Zadkiel – Hold fast to your integrity and principles'. From the Silver Guardians, ‘Adiel - Allow a certain situation to wind down’ or 'Barakiel – Show sensitivity and understanding to others'. From the Key to Balance Cards, 'The Key is Monday and Hope' and 'The Key is silver and the power of the full moon'. There are 48 Golden Guardians, 48 Silver Guardians and 48 Key to Balance Cards.

Chicken Soup

Oldie Goldie Circle Network Book Review: 'Chicken Soup for the Soul - Stories that restore your faith in human nature' By Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen published by Vermillion in the  Books That Change Lives Series, this is one of the Chicken Soup series, a 300 pages paperback, 8 million copies sold from the self-help and inspirational category.

Spirituality of Richard Gere

Circle Network book review: The Spirituality of Richard Gere. Edited by Nicholas Nigro. Hardback price: £11.99 Kindle edition: £8.22 104 pages Published by Backbeat Spirituality Press. 

Secrets of the Convent

Circle Network Book Review: The 11:11 Code: Secrets of the Convent
by Hilary H Carter Published by: O Books Price: Paperback: £9.99 Kindle: £6.58 Pages: 234 Author’s website:

British born Hilary Carter is a yoga teacher and an author who lives in the South West of England. This is her second book, ‘The 11:11 Code—Secrets of the Convent’. In this book she narrates an episode from her recent life experience which involves the phenomena of numerical synchronicity. This is a process by which particular sequences of numbers manifest in different places and contexts in Hilary’s life, pointing to a direction she should take. This phenomenon leads Hilary on a spiritual journey through the particular numbers 11:11. 

Mycoocoon Colour Immersion Therapy

Mycoocoon is an amazing opportunity for a combined experience of aromatherapy, music, and colour immersion therapy. 

Motherpiece Tarot Deck

Tarot Card Deck Review: Motherpiece Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vicki Nobel published by U S Games Inc. Three products in this range: The original Motherpiece Round Deck, the Mini Deck, and the Guidebook and Card Set.

This deck is a revolutionary modern deck (circa 1980) which features matriarchal cultures with an earth based spirituality. The creators searched the world for early Goddess philosophy, myths, history and folklore whilst they were room-mates at Berkeley in California together. Both are life long feminists and interested in intuition, healing and the Divine Feminine. They produced these cards in the round - to be read not just as upright and reversed but with the four positions, so with innumerable potential for creative readings. 

Friday, 5 October 2018

Nicholas Hagger Autobiography

My Double Life 1 ‘This Dark Wood – A Journey into Light’ 650 page paperback: £25.99 Kindle: £11.99 and 'My Double Life 2 - A Rainbow Over the Hills’ 1090 page paperback and Kindle £11.99 by Nicholas Hagger. Published by John Hunt Publishing.

This is a two volume autobiography by Nicholas Hagger, a well- known intellectual and educator. Unlike most autobiographies that are written by a ‘ghost’ writer, this is written by Nicholas Hagger himself. From tutor to Hirohito's son, to witnessing the Gadaffi revolution first hand and to a fight against communism and possibly contributing the fall of the Berlin Wall, this is a personal history full of wonder, excitement and insight. It is not a life without problems but as the author believes that difficulties lead to greater understanding of life, there was no shying away from reporting the most personal of events.  


Thursday, 4 October 2018

Servants of the Grail book review

Video of Philip Coppens speaking about the creation of sacred space
Circle Network book review: Servants of the Grail - The real- life characters of the Grail legend identified by Philip Coppens, published by O Books. Paperback 325 pages £11.95. Author website:

The legend of the Holy Grail rose to prominence at the very end of the 12th century but the origins of the story are far older than  Wolfram von Eschenbach. The author traces this mystical story through many countries, the Middle East, Germany, Wales, Ireland, Spain, France, England, Egypt and Greece, to name a few! Was it a cup, as the Vatican suggests, or a stone, a person, a code, an initiation, a secret knowledge, a cult, a doctrine or a sacred Brotherhood? Original texts are examined and many aspects are researched, including the Kabbalah, Cathars, astrology, Hermetic doctrine, numerology, the bardic tradition, spiritual quests, paganism, the Madonna and cathedral building.

Monthly Oracle Reading

The first card I have chosen for October is from The Angel Oracle and is titled 'Discernment'. It bears the inscription "Through the grace of the divine, I am able to know the right path". This angel has risen above the clouds of confusion, and holds an orb of clarity. When we focus on the light, we are able to see the highest good. This card teaches us to honour our inner voice, which guides us towards the development of our spiritual gifts and skills. It will help us to sense the healthiest path open to us. This might not be the most popular or easiest path, but it is a true and wise one and one that is intelligent and heartfelt. We can pray to this angel to help us to develop greater insight, to hear the angels when they whisper to us in warning, or to direct us to take a particular path which is of integrity, autheniticity and transparency.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Higher Reality Therapy

Circle Network Book Review: Higher Reality Therapy Nine Pathways to Inner Peace By Anthony Falikowski Published by O Books, Visit:

The psychiatrist, William Glasser developed Reality Therapy in the US in the mid 1960s and it was especially successful for those who did not respond to more conventional methods of therapy. The approach, mainly based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) focuses on negotiated ways to create improvements in current behaviour. 'Higher' Reality Therapy is an eclectic approach to a similar goal of problem solving. Reality Therapy, as devised by William Glasser is criticised rather severely but taken as the basic premise and improved upon to create 'Higher' Reality Therapy.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Oracle cards

PROFILING: Tarot oracle with images from Mythic Oracle - Wisdom of the Ancient Greek Pantheon by Carisa Mellado with artwork by Michelle-Lee Phelan