Friday, 5 June 2020

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards

Mind Body Soul Card Deck Reviews: Sacred Spirit Reading Cards - Spiritual Guidance for your Life Journey by Anna Stark, illustrated by Louis Dyer (a mixture of digital paintings/mixed media artworks). Published by Rockpool Publishing. Card size: 19cm x 8.5cm

Quality magnetic flip boxed set containing 36 cards and a full colour instruction book. Cards have an image, number, title and subtitle. The book text provides information on how to prepare for a reading, how to use the cards, set an intention. It asks "what are you seeking?" There is an affirmation, a crystal suggestion, and there is Angelic Assistance provided for each card and you can call on Chohans for assistance with specific problems. The cards can also be used for meditation. The cards are a larger size than usual. You will find much to read and enjoy in these cards!

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Sacred Sites Oracle Cards review

"Disperse, dissolve, cleanse and clear, make space for divine guidance here'.

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Sacred Sites Oracle Cards - Harness Our Earth's Spiritual Energy to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Present and Shape Your Future by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, with illustrations by Yuri Leitch. A set of 53 cards plus full colour guidebook in a drawer pull crush proof box. £14.99 Published by Watkins Publishing. The deck is divided into four colours, representing the directions of North, East, South and West, and each card has a symbol related to it and depicts a lower, middle and upper World area (the past, present and potential). You are guided how to use the cards for greatest benefit. The book offers an array of ceremonies, prayers, meditations, and exercises. Prepare yourself for a sacred site visit and take the cards withi you; the energies in ancient sites are kept special only by those who visit them with calm connection and respect. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Cat's Eye Tarot

Circle Network Card Review: Cat's Eye Tarot by Debra M Givin DVM Published by US Games Systems, Inc Price: £16.99 
The 78 cards of the major and minor arcana are represented in this novelty deck which has a white booklet within the pack that offers card titles and concept keywords, an explanation of the upright card symbolism and an interpretation for each card. Each of the cards is painted by Debra M Givin, the deck’s creator, who is a qualified veterinarian and cat specialist practising in Portland, Maine since 1982.
The card sizes are traditional and the meanings have a traditional flavour. The major arcana cards are emphasised by their purple colours, the minor arcana’s colours and symbols are: Wands, represented by orange (creative energy), reptiles and flashy reddish gingers; Cups by red (emotional energy), fish and sweet, black and white cats; Swords by blue (intellectual energy), birds and the talkative Siamese and Pentacles by brown (earth energy), mice and solid, practical tabbies. The art-work tells a story and is without mystifying esoteric symbolism. The card backs depict a long-haired tabby cat’s face with green eyes.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

June oracle card reading

First card for June is chosen from Margerete Petersen's Tarot. You have here the Wheel of Life with a prose poem: Revolving, not standing still, no beginning, no end. Revolving you can't escape. Revolving - holding on to happiness, Holding on to suffering. Lost in the magnetic field of revolving. Round and round you go, wondering why nothing is resolved. When the blindness of love thaws, you regain your sight. Subtle shifts in orbit. You'll find the answer by the river.  The Wheel of Fortune is the Wheel of Life. Within its adventure, serendipity and unknown twists and turns, there is much that is predictable and inevitable.
Next you have Bee from The Secret Language of Animals by Chip Richards and its key words are: Creativity, Purpose, Harvest, Devotion, and the information in the booklet states “in Egypt, the tears of the Sun God, Ra, landed on the desert sand and became the bees of the world! When the Hindu God of Love drew back his bow, the string was made of honeybees. When the ancient Essenes combined Holy Communion with the Angel of Creative Work, they called upon the bees, and devoted their collection to divine nectar. Rock paintings which date back 15,000 years, depict humans gathering honey which is a food source, a medicine, an antiseptic and a preservative. Bees clean their own cell and they help nurse other bees. Each member plays a vital role in the productivity of the hive.”
                                                                                                                          From Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Lynn, you have the card of Compassion with an affirmation: 'The vibration of compassion shines through my every cell". You are a deeply compassionate being. Allow the light of your goodwill to shine into the world. Accept the care that the Creator has for you. You are loved - and immensely lovable. Start with yourself, gently and lovingly accept yourself as you are. You dont need to be perfect. Release your judgements and negative beliefs and you will have greater understanding for others. Release guilt and shame because they no longer serve you. Forgive yourself and others. All the vibration of compassion shines through every cell in your body.
Your last card is Angel Uriel who gives us the sun in his right hand, which provides all light and warmth to us. In his left is a scroll with words of great wisdom. The name of this angel means 'God is my light'. Uriel has been known to rescue someone who was in great difficulty. This is the prayer:  Holy Uriel, we call upon you in the name of Love and Compassion that you will bring help us at this time of great desperation and hardship.We ask that you change the course of sadness and tragedy in our lives and replace it with enlightenment and awareness. We see you bearing a scroll with words from the Heavenly Realms. We listen now in silence for your message of wisdom and caring....                                                                                          Reading by Wendy Stokes

Mind Mapping

Circle Network Book Review: The Mind Map Book by the late Tony Buzan published by BBC Books, 320 pages.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Jocelyn Chaplin - The Serpent Institute

Jocelyn Chaplin

Bettany Hughes acclaimed series 'Divine Women' has frequently been shown on prime time TV and offers a full appreciation of ancient goddess worship and the role of women in the ancient times. Many women writers and speakers are introducing her various paths and how their worship was practised. As a psychotherapist and artist, I have been bringing her into my work, as goddess in various forms and also as the abstract force of rhythmic equalizing flow.

My first book ‘Feminist Counselling in Action’ was reviewed for the Guardian (15.11.88) as showing how 'the goddess can be an allegory giving shape and form to the feminine principle' and it can be used to empower women today. My most recent book (published in 2008 by O Books) is entitled 'Deep Equality - Living in the Flow of Natural Rhythm'. This is a tapestry of examples, quotes, exercises, thoughts and pictures on the subject of reducing hierarchical structures and replacing them with rhythmic ones, linked to the goddess as flow.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Circle Network Card Deck Review: 'Lo Scarabeo Tarot - The art of divining begins a new chapter' by Mark McElroy with artwork by Anna Lazzarini and published by Lo Scarabeo £17.99 

Lo Scarabeo are my favourite card deck publishers. These are  slim-line cards 4.70" x 2.60". If someone has only one deck, this is the one to have! It is a combination of three premier tarot decks: The Waite-Smith, the Thoth, and the Tarot de Marseilles, and is introduced by Lo Scarabeo as a "flagship" deck. It can be used for reflection and study or as a divination deck and the traditional meanings apply. It offers a flexible approach to divination suggesting the use of intuition though a good tarot book will be necessary for beginners as contained in the pack with the 78 cards is a little white instruction leaflet that gives just the card titles and two keywords, one for upright readings and one for reversed readings. A sample reading of the suggested 9 card 'Lo Scarabeo' spread is provided.

Friday, 29 May 2020

The Hoodoo Tarot

Mind Body Soul Card Deck Review: The Hoodoo Tarot - 78-Card Deck and Book for Rootworkers by Tayannah Lee McQuillar. Drawer pull presentation box containing card and book. Published by Destiny Books. US: $35 CAN: $ 43.99 UK: £17.50

American occult and esoteric syncretism is combined with native species plant lore, and words from the Judeo-Christian Bible, alongside personalities drawn from history, myths and storytelling. They all feature in this fascinating deck of cards. I liked the personalisations. We are introduced to selected characters that I found I got to know through my imagination as much as their introduction by the deck creator Tayannah Lee McQuillar.

Joie de Vivre Tarot

Circle Network Review: Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy Published by US Games 78 card deck with white booklet (78 pages) £19.99 

It's a most entertaining tarot deck to delight all ages! The front of packet is pic of Three of Cups where Gleam, Glitter and Glow dance together in celebration of their blessings and achievements. Waters of vitality spring forth from three cup flowers on Glitter’s head. Glow supplies a plethora of fruit and the scarab beetle dancing at their feet carries a message of regeneration and creation.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Cave and Cosmos

Circle Network Book Review: Cave and Cosmos - Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality by Michael Harner, paperback 301 pages £15.58, Kindle £10.50 published by North Atlantic Books.

The late Prof Harner was one of the earliest pioneers, advocates and investigators of indigenous cultures and he repackaged them for Western consumption making shamanism a popular healing method. His followers describe him as a 'shamans' shaman' on account of his vast travelling and study of this subject matter as both an academic and a practitioner. The advantages of sharing his personal experiences is that he provides a glimpse into the nature of indigenous shamanism. Shamanism was his life long passion and this book is the sequel to his classic book The Way of the Shaman, upon which he made his name as a dedicated researcher. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Greek Mythology Reading Cards Review

Circle Network Card Review: Greek Mythology Reading Cards - Wisdom from Ancient Greece by Alison Chester-Lambert, illustrated with digital collages of classical artworks by Richard Crookes, published by Findhorn Press. Box comprises of explanatory booklet plus 50 cards.

Each card depicts a different Greek deity and the booklet has adequate explanations of each. The illustrations are majestic, enjoyable with photos and collages of paintings and sculptures from ancient Greece. These deities have been waiting in the wings to be consulted by us as they were consulted by the ancients, for guidance and advice. Since ancient times, the gods and goddesses have been implored for support at times of difficulty. Athena will provide strength for a task, Hera for the home, Eros to acquire a new love, Zeus for confidence. Sleep with them beside your bed for inspiration.

Maggie Whitehouse & Kabbalah

Maggie Whitehouse is an interfaith author and specialist in Judaeo-Christian mysticism. Her books on Judaism, Christianity and faith, include three on Kabbalah. She is Consultant Editor of the holistic magazine 'Tree of Life' and teaches workshops on spirituality and prosperity consciousness in the UK, USA and Europe.
Her book (2007) titled 'The Marriage of Jesus' explored the social and economic situation of his time. She suggests that Jesus would have married, like any other young man of his times, at approximately 14 years of age. The average life-span of a woman in Jesus' time was 27 years. As Jesus began his ministry when he was approximately 30 years old, she thinks it is likely that he was a widower when his ministry bagan.

Secret Life of Trees

Circle Network Book Review: The Secret Life of Trees - How they live and why they matter By Colin Tudge, Published by Penguin £8.99 with b/w drawing illustrations.

A delight on every page! Amuse your friends on your walks with precious stories from across the world about these common and wonderful plants. Trees feature in fairy tales, biblical stories, ancestral research, local history, they keep all species alive, we could not survive without them, and they are with us from the cradle to the grave. This book will make you fall in love, whether flowering, cones, nuts, berries, this book is lyrical and evocative with astounding research. This is a labour of love for what others take for granted! A deep fascination for an extraordinary subject! Practical, wise, knowledgeable, and tackling one of the most important matters for our society. On the button Colin! You are a gift to our world.  

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Relaxation Hypnosis - Recommended

Relaxation which may cause drowsiness. Do not drive a vehicle. Allow 30 minutes to relax!

Deep Equality

Book Review: Deep Equality - Living in the flow of natural rhythms By Jocelyn Chaplin  Paperback: £9.99 Published by O Books.

Feminist philosopher and psychotherapist, Jocelyn Chaplin, is a popular speaker and teacher and is the author of "Love in an Age of Uncertainly" and "Feminist Counselling in Action". In this latest book, she describes how we can only achieve fairness and justice in society by aiming for equal rather than hierarchical behaviour.

Our earliest and most ancient memories are related to the rhythms of the planet, the flow of the tides, the patterns of the movements of the sun and moon and of our own heartbeat and other bodily rhythms. By increasing our awareness of these natural pulses we can improve our wellbeing. If we can flow in harmony with our energy levels and circumstances, we can be happier and healthier and experience more gentle and enjoyable relationships which offer true understanding and kindness.

Walking An Ancient Path

Circle Network Book Review: Walking An Ancient Path - Rebirthing Goddess On Planet Earth By Karen Tate, published by John Hunt Publishing - 2008 Paperback- £11.99 / unavailable on Kindle 390 pages Author website:

Rev Karen Tate is an ordained minister who conducts ‘rights of passage’ ceremonies, such as weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies. She is also the co-author of ‘Sacred Places of the Goddess – 108 Destinations’ and is eminently qualified, in this book, to suggest an alternate and transformational spirituality which honours the Goddess through connecting to the landscape and through discovering a way of being which involves prayer, peace, honouring and service. She is also Radio Show Host, a writer, a speaker and a workshop leader. She also conducts tours to sacred sites across the world.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Soulful Woman Guidance Cards Review

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards - Nurturance, Empowerment & Inspiration for the Feminine Soul by Shushann Mousessian and Gemma Summers. Boxed set of 48 cards and guidebook. Published by Blue Angel Publishing.£17.99

Written by qualified psychotherapists who teach the path of the sacred feminine. The cards encourage empowerment and authenticity. 26 different artists work are featured, contributing 48 illustrations of women's faces using computer graphics, multi media and paintings. Each card has an image, a number, title and card affirmation message. The guidebook provides a message for each card plus information on how to use the cards by using the words 'I am'. There is a suggestion of a one-card reading and a 3 card reading. Symbols are the faces of women, flowers, moon, geometric designs, eggs, birds, butterflies, hair and spirals. 

Tarot of the Old Path

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Tarot of the Old Path. Artwork by Sylvia Gainsford. Authored by Howard Rodway. 78 cards and instruction booklet in pack. Published by AGM Urania. £20 

A Handbook of Female Wisdom! The deck is designed for witches, initiates of Wicca and the Craft, also known as the Old Religion or Old Path. The detail of intricate designs, plant and animal artwork is excellent with plenty of action. Some of the major arcana cards have been given different titles, such as Mastery, The Wise One, The Lone Man, The Close, The Guide,Temptation, Illusion, and Karma. 

Sylvia Gainsford is a member of the Fellowship of Isis and the card images contain many leaves of plants. A coven of eight consultants contributed to the card descriptions, meanings, verse and symbols, and gave advice on astrological and elemental correspondences. A 10 card Celtic Cross spread is suggested. It is an attractive deck of cards. Not for a beginner because the booklet carries a few words leaving the insight with the reader to gain inspiration from the cards rather than the booklet.

Elen of the Ways

Shaman Pathways -Elen of the Ways - Following the Deer Trods by Elen Sentier
Published by Moon Books - 89 pages Author website:

Painting by Jocelyn Chaplin
In the Boreal woods that covered northern Europe and the Americas thousands of years ago, there seemed to have been an honouring of the deer family as having great spiritual power and this has continued to this day in many parts of the world, for instance, with the Reindeer still play a central practical and spiritual role for the Sami peoples of Northern Scandinavia. Reindeer are the only female deer with antlers and, as such, may have been, and could still be, especially sacred. The author argues that hunter gatherers would not have seen animals as good or bad as later people did. They would have been deeply respectful and attuned to all of them. Elen Sentier describes an extraordinary encounter with a female deer which was giving birth and she is able to tune in to the energies of the land and of animals and weaves her own personal experience with stories, myths, facts and theories. 

9 Dimensions of the Soul

Circle Network Book Review: The 9 Dimensions of the Soul - Essence and the Enneagram by David Hey

Published by: O Books Paperback: £10.99 168 Pages

Author website:

This is an insightful and in-depth book by a student of Baghvan Shree Rajneesh. Along with an introduction, Core Understandings and a History of the Enneagram are provided Hey explains that the Enneagram as a symbol that has represented a way of understanding the spiritual evolution of mankind. 'Essence' is explained as 'different qualities of being' and 'our true nature'. Essence is explained as a way to look at our individuality and that what 'defines the aspects of our true nature'.  I clearly understood what the author was discussing as his words were easy to understand from both a humanistic and spiritual perspective.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

The Divine Feminine

Circle Network Card Deck Review: The Divine Feminine Oracle by Megan Watterson, Pack contains 53 cards plus booklet, published by Hay House. £15.99 

"For embodying love"
Each card bears an image of a young woman with a title, subtitle and affirmation. Further information is contained in the booklet about each card image. Saints, mystics, gurus, goddesses throughout the world portray divine feminine energies which aid self empowerment and help your discovery of your own answers to questions. Megan Watterson has a relationship with each 'sacred lady' and asks readers to develop their own relationship with the cards which can be developed through reading and meditation on each card. Our story might contain understanding not known to the author. The booklet provides an invocation, and each card carries a question and an intention. 

Friday, 22 May 2020

Sibyls Oraculum

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Sibyls Oraculum - Oracle of the Black Doves of Africa by Tayannah Lee McQuillar, with artwork by Katelan V Foisy, Pack contains 44 cards and comprehensive information book. £16.99 published by Destiny Books

"There will be a coming of the day when that which is hidden shall be revealed" 
The Libyan Sibyl

The author, Tayannah Lee McQuillar is a cultural anthropologist, scholar of religion, esoterica and mysticism. She hails from New York but conducted her research in Brazil and New Orleans and has shown great expertise in her knowledge of divination from earliest antiquity in this North African study and uniquely developed card system. She is the author of  'Rootwork'.

Journey to the Dark Goddess

Mind Body Soul Magazine Book Review:  

Journey to the Dark Goddess – How to Return to Your Soul by Jane Meredith Published by Moon Books  Paperback: £12.99 Author website:

Jane Meredith, a Goddess practitioner, writer and ritualist, provides a valuable method to relieve depression and grief by integrating a darker part of our life which is repressed to our detriment. The ancients provided a map in the form of myth. Life wisdom is achieved in confronting death before it happens. The Goddess was the one who wove the thread of life, cast on, and struck down, and She is the one to guide our journey to a life review and to wholeness.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Hallowquest and Arthurian Tarot

'We must create once more a pure work' W B Yeats

Hallowquest Tarot Magic and the Arthurian Mysteries is the title of the companion book that accompanies The Arthurian Tarot Cards by Caitlin and John Matthews with artwork by Miranda Gray This specialist deck and book style initiatory course in the Mysteries of Britain are based on the mediaeval stories from Britain and France of King Arthur, the Round Table and the search for the Holy Grail and feature the personalities, places and events that will be well known to students of these extraordinary tales. The authors are specialist tarot creators and this is one of their best! It presents a coherent deck which features the Greater Powers (Major Arcana) and Lesser Arcana (Court cards and Minor Arcana) correspond to the four seasons and the traditional cups, swords, pentacles and staves. Black and white scans are provided of the cards in the book. There are rituals, meditations, occult explorations and shamanic journeys and Hallowquest provides a year's meditation course as a series of doorways into the archetypes and symbolism in order to provide a structure for personal self development.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Tantric Love Letters

Circle Network Book Review: Tantric Love Letters Author: Diana Richardson Published by Manta Books Paperback: £12.99  221 pages

The author, Diana Richardson is a leading authority on tantric sex and has written several books on the subject (some with her husband, Michael). She trained with the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Community and the Barry Long Foundation. A qualified lawyer and therapeutic massage teacher, she conducts 7 day workshops in Switzerland on Tantra with her husband. Also authored by Diana Richardson 'Tantric Orgasm for Women', 'Tantric Sex for Men', 'The Heart of Tantric Sex' and 'Slow Sex'. 

The Enchanted Tarot

Circle Network Tarot card review: The Enchanted Tarot By Amy Zerner and Monte Farber - Box containing 78 cards, 192 page fully illustrated guidebook Published by Connections Book Publishing. 

Through the Enchanted Tarot we are invited to enter ‘a realm of myth and magic’ and this quality deck certainly delivers both by providing a depth of symbolism within traditional and other tales. I can vouch that this deck will come up to expectations for Tarot and art enthusiasts. Its strengths lie in its profound wisdom set within the card concepts, and also the beauty and majesty of its detailed illustrations (which can be viewed under a magnifying glass for added enjoyment.) 

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Ancient Egyptian Magic

Circle Network Book Review: Ancient Egyptian Magic Classic Healing and Ritual for Modern Times By Cassandra Eason Published by Vega Books Paperback 192 pages Author website:

Cassandra Eason is the author of over 30 books on New Age spirituality and she is an international speaker and workshop facilitator. 

This is a book written for those who wish to practice Egyptian ritual, so I must start by acknowledging that I am reading for academic interest and have not tried the suggested rituals. However, this book is full of history, myth and magic. I was fascinated by the perspective. While I am tied to my English roots now, there was a time when I would have enjoyed practicing these rituals. In my teens, this was the book I longed for and craved.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

A Better World is Possible

Bruce Nixon writes: We are in a situation we have never been in before – an environmental crisis that threatens our very existence. Essentially, it results from our failure to live in harmony with the earth on which all life depends and each other. With another global economic crisis now unfolding, it is frightening.

"It is a time of breakdown but the good news is that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. We have survived thorough history by learning and adapting. Human beings are enormously creative. We are capable of rapid mobilisation, as World War 2 showed. "The trouble is that political and corporate leaders appear wedded to ideologies that have not worked and they don’t see that whole system change is needed. Continuous growth defies common sense when we’re already consuming 30% more than the earth can provide and population may rise from 7bn to 10bn by the end of the century. They also think short term and fight with each other rather than collaborating.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Earth Warriors Oracle Review

Mind Body Soul Reviews: Earth Warriors Oracle - Rise of the Soul Tribe of Sacred Guardians and Inspired Visionaries by Alana Fairchild. Artwork by Isabel Bryna. Boxed set of 44 cards and guidebook. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. £17.99

Each card provides an ornate painting with female faces, big cats, birds, butterflies, moon phases, skulls, wings and plants. The guidebook provides information about how to use the cards, a channelled message is provided for each card and an extensive spiritual guidance write-up. There is also a powerful healing ritual for each card. There is a 4 card 'Earth Mother Speaks', and a 4 card 'Life Purpose Adjustment with Divine Guidance' reading. There is also a one card 'Simple What Do I Most Need to Know' and a 4 card 'Divine Healing and Spiritual Guidance Session.

This deck is a life changer in my estimation. It suggests a new politics for the New Age and protectors are required to birth a new way of being. I like this presentation and model of spirituality that Alana presents within this deck of cards. Alana was a lawyer but prefers teaching spiritual values through her books, card decks, DVDs and CDs. She doesn't disappoint! Recommended!

Monday, 11 May 2020

Events Psychology, Silvia Hartmann

Circle Network Book Review: Events Psychology - How to Understand Yourself and Other People by Dr Silvia Hartmann Paperback: £24.97 Published by DragonRising Publishing Author website:

Dr Silvia Hartmann is a researcher and innovative therapist who has extensive interest in modern psychology. She is at the forefront of the development of brand new therapeutic methods. Every major event, both good and bad, results in inner self talk when patterned beliefs are formed. Events Psychology is a simple, person centred technique to uncover past trauma that can be used by therapists, counsellors and healers. In this training manual, Dr Hartmann details her Events Psychology method. It provides a series of questions, to home in on past events to gently approach painful memories so that relaxation can be achieved. These key events are then used as stepping stones, to turn negative into positive, and bring resolution. The introduction of new healing events to counter-balance the negative can then be introduced.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes, published by US Games Systems Inc. 80 cards and instruction booklet in pack.

"A tool for meditation, inner reflection and divination."

Two extra major arcana cards have been added to the traditional tarot deck. These are The Well and The Artist. These two cards reflect the personal journey of Matt Hughes.

The faces of every card carry gold embossing which provides the deck with a very glamorous beauty and this special aspect adds an interesting ingredient to the readings. Each card carries a simple yet beautiful coloured drawing in soft pastel colours presented in a gold frame. The artist is self taught, and the cards have an Art Nouveau/Pre Raphelite and Symbolist energy, similar to The Age of Illustration.