Saturday, 20 February 2016

J-The Woman Who Wrote The Bible - by Mary F Burns

Circle Network Book Review: J-The Woman Who Wrote The Bible - A Novel by Mary F Burns  Published by Circle Books 343 pages Paperback £11.99 eBook: £6.99

This is enjoyable reading! It’s one of those books I enjoyed as I curled up and relaxed at the end of a busy day. It removes Biblical characters from the context of mythical heroes and presents them as real people. It is a human perspective on people whose actions and stories have influenced the our culture for thousands of years.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love is in the Air!

How do we know that we are loved and how can we best express our love to those closest to us? Because love and loving, in all its many forms, is not taught in schools while we are growing up, we imbibe from our parents and extended family, many ideas about love which might not be healthy because we do not have good role models. Romantic films, books and popular songs do not help our understanding either. When two complex people come together to communicate their love for each other, there is often a mismatch. In life partnerships, one might want move to the country, the other might want to stay in the city; one might want a busy social life, the other might be more solitary; one might be very ambitious, the other laid back. How are these conflicts to be resolved? Does one partner always get their own way and the other acquiesces? Does one manipulate while the other becomes angry? Does one partner have staying power while the other is prepared to leave? Many of these questions are hard to answer but talking about needs for affection, attention, caring and thoughtful consideration and co-operation are part of a good and wholesome loving relationship. Negotiation is usually the answer, where both parties receive some of what they want whilst honouring the equality of the needs of the other person.