Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Benefits of Music Therapy

Music is an ancient form of self expression and communication. With modern day technology, it is possible to show how to brain reacts to music and how it can assist people who are unwell. It has been shown to make a positive impack on dementia patients and autistic patients and in brain injuries, such as stroke or brain accident. It is a valuable way in which patients can help themselves. It can also be an emotional support for those going through difficult times and can relieve anxiety and depression. Blood pressure can be reduced and stress levels decreased.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Sheep by Alan Butler

Circle Network Book Review: Sheep – The remarkable story of the humble animal that built the modern world by Alan Butler, paperback 212 pages, £9.99, published by O Books

This book has enhanced my appreciation of this extraordinary animal that has offered humanity not only milk, meat and leather, but precious wool to make textiles over the course of thousands of years. This creature has created trade across nations, created huge industries and supported the wealth of magnates, church and royalty. The book includes breeding information, how cloth was made throughout the ages, important people and places. There are a billion sheep in world today, still working for humanity and asking for very little maintenance in return. No wonder the author devoted an entire book to their history, mythology and value to the human race.  Where would we be if there were no sheep on planet Earth?