Sunday, 26 February 2017

Chicken Soup

Oldie Goldie Circle Network Book Review: 'Chicken Soup for the Soul - Stories that restore your faith in human nature' By Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen published by Vermillion in the  Books That Change Lives Series, this is one of the Chicken Soup series, a 300 pages paperback, 8 million copies sold from the self-help and inspirational category.

This is a book that everyone loves! It features almost a hundred very short stories from around the world that will brighten your day and lift your spirits. One can benefit by reading stories which have affected the lives of other people, restoring confidence and improving wellbeing. These two great American motivational speakers have produced a highly readable book to motivate the world!

Topics covered are love, love for oneself, on parenting, on learning, living your dream, overcoming obstacles and eclectic wisdom that we all need to hear. A book of mature thinking, tips for a good life, of love, justice, peace, understanding, compassion, altruism, truth and other values which make the world a better place.

If you like these stories as much as I did, seek out the 'Chicken Soup' book series where we have for 'the Women's Soul', 'for the Mother's Soul', for the Couple's Soul', 'for the Soul at Work', 'for the Kid's Soul', 'for the Teenage Soul', 'for the Pet Lover's Soul', A Second Helping' and 'the Little Sip'...
 all a joy to read and make an ideal gift. Plenty available at reduced prices so you don't need to be rich to be happy! It's a real favourite of mine! Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Past Lives Oracle Cards Review

Circle Network Card Review: Past Life Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Brian L Weiss, a 44 card deck and guidebook Published by Hay House £13.99

Top quality card stock, in common with all Hay House card decks; good strong lift off top box with well laminated cards with gold leaf edges. The cards have images of archetypal photographs in soft sepia tones, with titles such as Trust and Faith (a stone angel in shadow with the sun behind the wing), Biblical (Man with cotton head-dress with cotton smock using a wooden mallet and metal tool to make a rough hewn table) Celtic (a stone celtic cross with a stone arch in the background and Egypt (a pyramid). Information in the booklet about how the cards aid recall and to help to heal key memories or negative patterns and to confirm what is suspected or what might have occurred, and allow work to proceed on unfinished business. When compassion is felt for others, this lets you know that your soul journey is progressing. The method is based on magnetic resonance so that any question will attract the most accurate card for the time of the reading. Information on how to choose a card, ask a question, prepare for a reading, etc., is provided and a one or three card layout can reveal all that is required. Numerology, colouring, letters and number vibrations are involved and can be part of a suggested meditation on the cards.

Eros Oracle

Eros Oracle 'He loves me, He loves me not' is created by by Laura Tuan. The secrets and symbols of The Eros Oracle offer a key to sexuality and describes facets of love - not all hunky dory as we know! It is obviously created for women and comes in a pack of 32 cards, an explanatory booklet (as well as a little white book of five European languages) with information about how to bless the cards with a rose and candle, red hot chillies, red pepper grains and Rose Quartz. There are three suits with different coloured borders. The cards have titles, such as malice, ecstasy, possess, dominion, caress, arousal, play, jealousy and guilt. There is much beauty about the artwork which is glamourous and tasteful, and has sensitive reproductions of the female in various states of undress. It is mischievous and flirtatious, titilating and teasing. You can smell the perfume and feel the silky fabrics. One can think of the Roaring Twenties, the heyday of Hollywood, the Follies Bergere or Berlin in the 1930s, maybe even a smoking room of a gentleman's club in the Edwardian era. The cards are not demeaning to women in my estimation as they are not in humiliating poses. This is a game of cards for Valentine's night, dinner with a lover or to renew passion with an old flame. Call upon Cupid to answer a question or suggest a pose. Try A 4 card guided spread perhaps or the Oracle ogpf Colours. Make time for a 10 card The Naked Truth spread. What do the personalities say to each other? What are their circumstances? This little deck is traditional Lenormand size and fits into the hand of a women with ease. I see it as a deck for women to enjoy as much as men as it is delightful and empowering. Review by Wendy Stokes