Saturday, 27 May 2017

Mythic Oracle

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Mythic Oracle - Wisdom of the Ancient Greek Pantheon by Carisa Mellado with artwork by Michele-lee Phelan. Boxed 45 card and information booklet set.

Greek gods and goddesses reflect our own human lives and the cards are designed to guide us through life cycles. They reflect the archetypal hero, Odysseus and his epic journey, from departure to initiation and eventual return home. We use this to assist us in our journey through life. We begin with an awakening, experience challenges, overcome difficulties. We must go down into our deepest level to discover new perspectives, our illusions need to be broken, our convictions clarified. We will integrate this new self into the world of the future, mastering both, our inner life and our outer world.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Walking An Ancient Path

Circle Network Book Review: Walking An Ancient Path - Rebirthing Goddess On Planet Earth By Karen Tate ISBN: 978-1-84694111-5 John Hunt Publishing - 2008 Paperback- £11.99 / unavailable on Kindle 390 pages Author website:

Rev Karen Tate is an ordained minister who conducts ‘rights of passage’ ceremonies, such as weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies. She is also the co-author of ‘Sacred Places of the Goddess – 108 Destinations’ and is eminently qualified, in this book, to suggest an alternate and transformational spirituality which honours the Goddess through connecting to the landscape and through discovering a way of being which involves prayer, peace, honouring and service. She is also Radio Show Host, a writer, a speaker and a workshop leader. She also conducts tours to sacred sites across the world.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Goddess Pages

The Goddess Pages - A Divine Guide to Finding Love and Happiness by Laurie Sue Brockway, paperback 321 pages £14.76 published by Llewelyn Worldwide

We are invited to 'Discover the Divine Within' with this interfaith minister who has written several books. The Goddess Pages details ways to work with a number of different aspects of the divine feminine with rituals, offerings, chants, affirmations and practices such as letter writing, for transformation, healing, guidance and direction. The contents are divided into 6 sections, beginning with a test of Goddess IQ. Then we have a section to reclaim our Goddess nature, work with Goddesses of self empowerment, strength, love and romance, family life and relationships, work and finance and play and lightheartedness. Each Goddess helps with reclaiming female power, confidence and happiness.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Tarot for Magical Times

Circle Network Card Review: Tarot for Magical Times By Rachel Pollack and Johannes Fiebig. Published by AGM Urania. 160 page full color explanatory book £10.21

‘Enlightenment is man’s emergency from his self-incurred immaturity.’ Kant

Astrologically, we are influenced by the planet Pluto which entered the constellation of Capricorn in 2008. It will occupy this position until 2024 during which time we will experience a process of cultural and personal transformation due to the breakdown of organisational structures, dogma and habits. Previously, when this planetary configuration occurred, it was the time of the Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment. Tarot for Magical Times focuses on this precise issue and uses the card of the Tower to play a central role in representing this planetary position.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Gems Oracle

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Gems Oracle Cards by Bianca Luna, 32 cards published by Lo Scarabeo. £15.99 cards and booklet in English and 6 other languages. Information on how to read the cards, each gemstone has a profile with a title, number, astrology symbol, chakra and yoga asana. Also included with each card is a 30 word message, ideas for meditations with suitable questions, and the general energy of the gemstone. Excellent card stock. Cards are arranged in element suits of fire, water, earth, air. Also included are use for a talisman and ritual for charging the cards. A suggested spread for a 4 card Treasure Chest. I found this deck precise, and it condenses a great deal of information into the space available. A pleasant surprise! 
Sample card reading: Tiger's Eye is a number 10 and shows the sign of Jupiter and links to the ajna chakra. No man is an island - or woman either! Sometimes we find ourselves in a complex world, and to live happily we must co-operate peacefully with others, help them, understand them, and sometimes challenge them when they make mistakes. The tiger's eye helps us to be far-seeing into the future and helps us with accuracy. It gives us idealism and love of humanity, and ensures our actions are purposeful, clear and caring.
Review Wendy Stokes

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Oracle of the Golden Path

MBS Circle Network Card Deck Review: Wisdom of the Golden Path by Toni Carmine Salerno and illustrations by Yeuhui Tang published by Blue Angel Publishing, 45 full colour cards plus guidebook.

These cards are majestically beautiful. They are of a size which makes them works of art to work with. Most cards have an oriental look, with very sexy, sylph like girls and men who look ready for the defence of their country or their loved one from antique times. I think the deck is for those who like films and computer games. 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Arc of the Goddess

Circle Network Book Review: Arc of the Goddess by Rachel Patterson and Tracey Roberts, published by Moon Books:

I really loved this book, written by two very experienced and knowledgeable women witchcraft practitioners, who consider themselves to be 'kitchen' witches! This book evolved from a year's online course, so is complete with marvellous ideas and practical exercises and is a journey of personal discovery, so it is suggested you keep a journal of your journey with the goddesses through the wheel of the year.  There is also an oracle card deck to accompany this book-style course. 

Monday, 8 May 2017


The video uses a particular kind of trance induction, of which there are many. Relaxation is important and the music helps also. Hypnosis began to be very popular in the 1800s but Franz Mesmer was before this date (1734 - 1815) and he worked with hypnosis in Paris in the last decades of 1700s. With hypnosis, the patient and the therapist work together to achieve relief of symptoms and improvement in daily living. We do not know exactly how hypnosis works, but it is believed to work due to the impression the hypnotherapist makes on their client. Some fnd it easier to go into a trance than others and much depends on the powers of the therapist to bring about significant levels of relaxation and a feeling of confidence in their powers.  

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Mythic Tarot

Circle Network Book review: The Mythic Tarot Workbook by Juliet Sharman-Burke, a psychotherapist who co-authored the tarot card deck of the same name. This book is intended for use with the Mythic Tarot cards and is intended to replace a workshop for deepening and widening knowledge through guided fantasy exercises for all 78 cards, meditations, and methods to help interpret the cards. There is also a suggestion for journaling and space is provided for this. There are pen line sketches of the Major Arcana for colouring. Information is provided on how to read the cards for yourself or for others. There are suggested spreads titled: Horoscope, Ten Card, Horseshoe, Triangle and Star.

Tarot of Dreams

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Ciro Marchetti's 'Tarot of Dreams' boxed set of 83 cards plus written guidebook by Lee Bursten, published by U S Games Systems Inc.

These cards are inspired by dreams, but not the type of daydreams or fantasies, hopes or inspirations, but by the dreams we have at night whilst we sleep and are a communication between the unconscious and the conscious mind and lead us to greater personal understanding and understanding of the world's collective unconscious. The cards are designed to inspire us to develop new perspectives, examine our associations and to encourage us to think creatively. Our learning can be limitless.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

African American Tarot Review

Circle Network Review: African American Tarot - The legendary cultural identity of the Afro-Americans. Written by Jamal R with artwork by Thomas Davis, 78 cards with instructions for use. 

The little white booklet is written in five languages, including English. Published by Lo Scarabeo (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish). The cards tell of a creation story with key concepts about the archetypes, myths, traditions and associations.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Fairy Messages Cards

Circle Network Card Review: Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue contains 44 cards plus 109 guidebook with 109 pages. £13.99 Various artists.

This easy to use pack provides information on using the cards, such as how to consecrate them and receive an answer to a question. Ideal for a one card choice per day, there is also a three card spread or use of a multiple card spread suggested.  The book contains not just the title of the card, a picture and message, but in the book there is more information about the message. The card stock is excellent, as usual for Hay House, this deck is edged with gold leaf, and the artwork is of good quality. Some of the card titles are: 'Good-Bye to the Old, Hello to the New', 'Ask for What You Want', Your Wish is Granted', all cards carry a positive message and are ideal for first time users and can be used for self or others.

Fairies Healing

Circle Network card review: Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, 44 cards and a 68 page guidebook with general meanings and instructions for working with the cards. £13.99 Artwork by various artists.

Sample reading:  'Awakening Your True Self'. The card's message is about discovering your authenticity and the person who you were born to be. This means you must go on a journey of discovery, for your true interests, passions and desires. You will discover your original sense of humour and childlike, innocent enjoyments. A cloud of falseness will be lifted as you no longer try to fit in with what someone else wanted you to be. Use the affirmation: I now give myself permission to be true to my self.

Doreen Virtue offers workshops, books, cards, etc., and her card decks are suitable for use for oneself or for another person. Within the deck there are no negative concepts and the deck is easy to use and can be used for a first time deck user. The artwork is enjoyable and features unicorns, imps, birds, water fairies, fireflies and otherworld images. Cards provide a title, such as 'Detoxification', 'Honouring Your True Feelings', and 'Stand Your Ground' and further information about each card is contained in the guidebook.