Saturday, 2 June 2018

Circles of Meaning - Labyrinths of Fear

Circle Network Book Review: CIRCLES OF MEANING – LABYRINTHS OF FEAR The Twenty Two Relationships of a Spiritual Life and Culture – And Why They Need Protection by Brendan Myers, Published by Moon Books Available as eBook and Paperback, 483 pages Author Website:

Dr Brendan Myers is a philosopher, environmentalist and a teacher of ethics and spirituality. He has a special interest in Celtic mythology and folk-lore and is involved in Druidry. He has written several books, is a columnist for various pagan publications and has made many broadcasts on radio.

The book explains where to focus and gather understanding about the meaning of life, and how to live it in the best possible way for ourselves and others. It begins with the belief that human beings are motivated by fear. Each chapter provides a valuable insight about how we can enrich our life through our families, home, work, heritage and community, and includes ideas about the importance of politics, health, the arts and the plight of our planet. History, geography, myths and legends, personal thoughts and reflections lead us to greater maturity of understanding, to gratitude for the present and to feel concern for the future. The book encourages, tests, confronts, cajoles, stimulates, educates and puzzles the reader and offers a great breadth and width of diverse subjects, all which pertain to how to live life with caring, justice, peace, joy and responsibility.

I very much enjoyed this book which is extremely well written. Every page provides excellent examples from across the world, all of which are woven together by an expert in the field of philosophy and spirituality. I think it is excellent value for money and I would certainly purchase other books by the same author.

“A thoughtful and thought-provoking examination of how we live today and how we might live better by rediscovering our sense of the sacred and practicing the three universal virtues of wisdom, humanity, and courage. Brendan Myers demonstrates how the way to the sacred is not through special places, rites and ceremonies, but through relationships, sociability and empathy. This book is a valuable contribution to our contemporary understanding of what it means to be human.”  Dr Vivianne Crowley

Also by Brendan Myers:

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Review by Wendy Stokes:

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