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Reiki Card Deck - B & F Stiene +

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Reiki Techniques Card Deck - Heal Yourself Intuitively by Bronwen & Frans Stiene Boxed set of 45 cards and 18 page booklet £15.99 Published by O-Books Authors' website:

The card deck is designed for experienced and non-experienced Reiki practitioners who are interested in self-healing, which we are all capable of doing. The cards use traditional and non-traditional methods of Reiki and are simple and easy to use. Each of the 45 cards carries a self healing method, most of which can be used anytime and anywhere. The card backs bear a different simple sketch and a title and overleaf the instruction for a self healing method. Some titles are: Courage; knowledge; grounding; listening; clarity; compassion; gratitude; surrender; illumination; remembering; tranquility; flexibility.

The booklet provides information on how to use the deck, information about Reiki, Intuition, Self Healing, History of Reiki, two energy methodsbased on chakras, how to prepare and use for using the card, five precepts of Reiki, and a glossary.

International speakers, Bronwen & Frans Stiene are the Founders of The International House of Reiki.and authors of The Reiki Sourcebook and The Japanese Art of Reiki. They live in Sydney, Australia where they write, research and teach Reiki from the Japanese perspective.

We are instructed to take one card, which I have done for the review.
I have chosen ‘Knowledge’ which contains a Guide Meditation which has been adapted to create a non-traditional Reiki meditation and suggests a 5 step method:
1. Sit with your eyes closed and imagine you are engulfed by Reiki and divine light.
2. You see a figure coming towards you through this light. As the figure of your Reiki guide draws closer, you gain a clearer image.
3. You ask a simple question and take the hand of this spirit guide in yours.
4. You feel their energy and you ask for a message.
5. Thank the guide, and know they will always be with you.

I also chose a card titled 'Guidance' with the sub-title 'Contacting Higher Beings'. The information is as follows:
A Higher Being can represent anything you want it to be - either God, a soul, a spirit, a Reiki Guide or the inner you. When searching for guidance with this non-traditional technique, remember to open up to the full potential of human existence.
1. Close your eyes and reach your hands up to the sky with both hands facing each other forming a funnel shape. Feel your connection to Reiki.
2.Focus your intent on a higher being and sense its vibration.
3. Bring your hands together into the prayer position of gassho and melt into that vibration level. Your consciousness becomes one with it.
4. Now send your question to this higher being.
5. You will receive your answer in your everyday life or dreams.

I tried the simple self healing methods described on the cards and carried this handy deck in my pocket. Enjoyable way to pass time whilst travelling! Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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