Thursday, 1 December 2016

Sacred Geometry - Francine Hart

Sacred Geometry Cards For the Visionary Path By Francene Hart 64 colour cards and 146 page b/w book Published by Bear & Co Price: £33
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This deck can be used with the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck by Francine Hart or alone. Each card bears an original water-colour painting by this visionary artist who specialises in geometry and mandalas and lives in Hawaii where a place of quiet retreat inspired the design on the reverse of the cards (an artwork entitled 'Sunset Activation'). The card images were inspired by Spirit, geometric, science and celestial patterns, shape and form, wave and vibration, crop circles and chakras. Many bear fairly abstract images of creatures of sea, land and sky, including the human form. The cards can be read in upright and upturned mode and the reading upturned is an amplification of the stated upright value. The intention of the cards is for guidance, balance and encouragement. 6 spreads are offered, including a 3 card titled 'Synergy', a 4 card titled 'Earth
in Balance', a 5 card titled 'Evolving the Dream', a 7 card titled 'Seed of Life' and an 8 card titled 'Spiraling Visions'. 

Some of the card titles are: Earth Prayers, Fire Keepers, Flaming Tropicals, Wild Orchids, Dolphin Merkaba, Faces of Angkor, Travellers' Prayer, Andean Shaman, Garden of Delights, Aspera's Hands, Mermaid Hearts, Pele's Summons, I have chosen one card to illustrate the deck, illustrated above. Numbered 34 and titled 'Gentle Spirits' it refers to the number 5 and the pentagram. It portrays the energy of protection, excellence and divine transcendence. 5 green Sea Turtles glide gracefully to remind us to be gentle with ourselves and to be present and consider the importance of this moment in time. We are invited to give ourselves permission to pause, relax, meditate, doodle and daydream, feel peace and enjoy the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh moment. The upturned value of the card is to 'blow out the chaos and simply be'.  Reviewer: Wendy Stokes     

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