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TAROT ILLUMINATI card deck review

Circle Network Review: Tarot Illuminati – The Light Within by Erik C Dunne, published by Lo Scarabeo 

The artwork is extremely ornate and very elegant and includes some interesting symbolism with strong archetypal energies. This is certainly the most stylish and glamourous deck I’ve seen and for those who like to meditate on tarot cards, the images invite you to step within and experience the profound and magical landscape. I especially like the colouring. Working with the cards, I found them the most inspirational of the card decks I have in my extensive collection. I found that when I used large spreads I felt quite mind-blown due to the degree of power which is generated from these cards. 

The pack has 78 full picture cards and a little white booklet with very brief information by Kim Huggens as per Anthony David Stevens about the major and minor arcana and the court cards. The scards are slimline for easy shuffling. 

I recommend for the depth required for this deck, a 430 page book which is available in a kit: ‘The Complete Guide to  Tarot Illuminati’ which is essential for those who would like to get the best from this outstanding deck. 
The information in the lwb insertion in this standard pack is in English and 5 other languages, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese. 
The 4 suits are influenced by a different culture, 
Wands are Persian, set in hot deserts with views across vast oceans of discovery and the sun blazing down from above; 
Pentacles are Oriental with an emphasis on fortune, prosperity, family and duty. 
Swords are from Elizabethan England (though I thought also a strong flavour of High Renaissance of the French Court) with cold sweeping mountains, craggy beaches and cloudy skies. 
Cups are a fantasy culture filled with beautiful beings that seem otherworldly, set in an environment of waterfalls, glittering oceans, fountains, lakes and rivers.
The court cards of each suit are Princess, Prince, Queen and King and there is astrological and numerical as well as tarot symbolism. The card usually titled ‘Magician’ is titled ‘Alchemist’. A 3 card ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ spread is suggested so I have chosen this for my readers. 

My 3 Card ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ reading for you from the insert is as follows: 

Card 1: The outward appearance or manifestation of the situation; how the world sees it; the action that it causes (Or: The Present) 6 of Pentacles – The Success of the Philanthropist
Card 2: The inward manifestation of the situation; how it makes you feel; the effects it has on you as a person (Or: The Past) 4 of Swords – The Oracle of the Fertile Mind
Card 3: The way you can make the situation work for you (Or: The Future) The Wheel of Fortune – the Riddle of Constant Change. Riddles and Gambling; ups and downs; emotional roller-coaster; uncertainty; change.

If you, like me, tire of decks fairly quickly, I think you will find this deck holds your attention because there is so much within the imagery. I took a jeweller's eye-glass to the cards and was amazed by the detail and quality of the reproductions. A great deal of thought and work has gone into the production. 

Please note: The word ‘illuminati’ is a Latin word meaning ‘enlightened’ and the deck has no association with any sect, cult or occult organisation commonly known as the ‘Illuminati’.  `
Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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