Monday, 11 March 2019

The Mythic Tarot

Circle Network book review: The Mythic Tarot Workbook by Juliet Sharman-Burke. 

This is a substitute for a workshop designed for the Mythic Tarot deck by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene. Readers gain knowledge of themselves and can use this knowledge to interpret the cards for other people. Guided fantasy and colouring exercises of the Major Arcana help develop a closer relationship to the archetypes, and details of each element. Astrology signs, myths and divinatory meanings are provided plus questions to help with more accurate readings. A record of your work is used to chart your progress. The mythological references to each Major and its divinatory meaning with full 500 word explanation, followed by the card image are provided for you to colour with space for notes and the thoughts and experiences in the guided fantasies. 

The Minor Arcana cards and court cards have divinatory meanings with personal information, such as finding your own keywords or phrase to describe the card. Information on how to read the cards for yourself is supplied, with three suggested spreads, a 15 and a 21 card layout and a Gypsy Spread with 42 cards for more experienced tarot readers. Information on how to read for others, a 12 card Horoscope with sample reading, a 10 card  Horseshoe with sample readings, the 7 card Triangle and 7 card Star and samples of each are also provided. 

This is an inspiring, deep and revealing book which could also help with understanding other card decks because the divinatory meanings are standard. There are small black and white scans of the Mythic Tarot deck in the book but the deck itself has clear and purposeful images which are scenes from mostly Greek mythology, such as Aphrodite for Cups, Zeus for Wands, Athena for Swords and Poseidon for Pentacles. The author, Juliet Sharman-Burke is an analytic psychotherapist and tarot specialist and it shows! She has also written the books 'Understanding the Tarot' and 'Mastering the Tarot'. This book really assists with greater knowledge and understanding and helps the card reader become a more efficient reader! 
Reviewer: Wendy Stokes 

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