Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tarot for Writers

Circle Network Book Review: Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner published by Llewellyn Books $19.95 US 
'Kick-start your creativity' with this book on using tarot cards - 'a machine for writing stories' for inspiration and guidance. Both John Steinbeck and Stephen King used tarot cards to develop their writing skills. Can you believe there are 500 suggestions in this book to help writers of all genres. Any tarot card deck of 78 cards can be used, with standard major, minor arcana. The deck profiled in this book is the Universal Tarot by Roberto De Angelis and black and white line drawings are used to demonstrate the cards and samples of inspired writing are provided with each of the 22 majors.  Each of the major cards has a correspondence, key symbols, keywords, astrological association, myths and legends, literary archetypes, writing prompts and a paragraph about how the major can be used to assist your writing practice. Each of the minor cards has a correrpondence, key symbols, keywords and writing prompts. At the back of the book is a glossary and an index.

Information about interpreting tarot is provided for beginners, there are techniques for working with the cards creatively and a reference guide. There are several spreads given, including The Hero's Journey, The Zodiac and a Celtic Cross for writers. Development of characters, storylines, plots and subplots and settings are provided as well as using the cards as a storyboard. There is information for working alone or in a group. If you have writer's block, this book can release you!

The author Corrine Kenner has a BA in Philosophy and is a tarot master with many books on the tarot to her name. She also has astrology, divination and crystal expertise.I liked this book, it inspired me and using tarot cards has now changed my writing style, improving it and making it more magical and inspired! Review: Wendy Stokes

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