Sunday, 14 October 2018

Matrix Healing

Circle Network Book Review: Matrix Healing - Discover Your Greatest Health Potential Through the Power of Kabbalah by Raphael Kellman MD with forward by Larry Dossey, published by Transworld, paperback 270 pages £7.99

"Our material world hides an unseen world of great potential for healing"
Matrix - mother; source; origin; womb

This ability is described by the author, a medical doctor, as 'the matrix'. The book describes how the Kabbalah can assist in creating physical and mental health and the book also includes other self help methods. This ancient mystical path forges a direct connection to the divine which provides healing through spirituality. It has been proved in many instances how the mind affects the body and visa versa. 
The author, Dr Raphael Kellman, is founder and director of 'the Kellman Centre' in New York, which, in addition to traditional medicine, offers complimentary remedies for illnesses which other doctors find are very difficult to treat, such as auto-immune illness, chronic fatigue, etc.
Treatment begins with a robust set of tests to discover deficiencies, allergies, toxins, poor diet, stresses, etc., which are examined and include aspects of emotional health which contributes towards poor physical health, and may cause common chronic complaints, such as back pain, headaches, etc. An action plan is set for every individual patient, which could include ozone therapy, specific supplements, nutrients and herbs and lifestyle changes. The principles of the Kabbalah are included, with meditation, instruction on the value of spirituality for recovery, the importance of water, diet, stress management, and other practical steps to relieve and prevent illness.
The book is well explained and useful, and I enjoyed the traditional Jewish tales that run throughout. I liked the contents and appreciate Dr Kellman providing information which contains many years of his extensive wisdom and knowledge in the medical arena.

Our current medical sciences see the human being as a mechanistic list of parts to go wrong in illness,  and does not look sufficiently at prevention, or look holistically, as one part affects all others. This book explains how all parts depend on each other and what can be achieved when this is realised. When we are of a caring disposition, not Desiring to Receive for the self alone, but Desiring to Share, then we move forward towards the light and towards health. The book presents a new consciousness - the Desire to Receive for the sake of Sharing with those most in need, as God is there at those times of greatest darkness in a person's life, so we should also be there in God's place to do His work. (I would just mention to MBS Circle Network readers that in the UK, even doctors are not legally able to claim they can cure cancer.) 
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