Saturday, 6 October 2018

Animal Voices Children's Cards

Animal Voices Oracle - Connecting to our Endangered Friends by Chip Richards with illustrations by Susan Farrell, published by Blue Angel Gallery. 
UK rap £13.99
US Rep  
This deck is presented in a boxed set of 31 cards and explanatory guidebook. The cards are designed to stimulate children’s understanding for, and enjoyment of, a variety of our planet's species, such as those that swim, run, fly, crawl, climb, etc. Each card carries an image and it's title. The guidebook provides information about each animal and a special message which calls for children to get to know the unique beauty and gift of each rare animal to remember them for a lifetime. A first ever oracle card deck and highly suitable for 7 – 13 year olds - but adults will learn something too! 

Card chosen for MBS Mag readers: Sea Turtle: Keywords: Beginnings, Journey, Home. Turtles are like great grandparents of the Earth. They developed before birds, snakes and lizards and they live to over 100 years old. The lay eggs on the beach which hatch and then begins their journey across thousands of miles of oceans. 25 years later, they return to the same beach to lay their eggs. They carry their shell on their back all through their life. If there is something you would love to do, make or learn but haven’t known how to start, the message the turtle gives is for you to take a deep breath and begin. Great journeys are made and huge dreams are reached by simply having the courage to take small, steady steps. Turtle says to trust the tides, ask for help when you need it and see where the ocean leads you! 
Associated deck by Chip Richards: Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards - Endangered Voices of Mother Earth. 
Review by Wendy Stokes


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