Monday, 26 June 2017

The Tablets of Light

Circle Network Book Review: The Tablets of Light - The Teachings of Thoth on Unity Consciousness by Danielle Rama Hoffman, published by Bear & Co, Paperback 290 pages £16.99 Kindle: £16.14 Author Website:

This book contains the channelled message of 'The Emerald Tablets of Light' from Thoth, the spirit guide of the author. We are introduced to a new language and a new way of thinking and speaking. Reclaim yourself by choosing to be a Connected Vibrational Recogniser, claim your Light Body, create through Divine Design, experience the Potency of Life Force Within, remember your Cosmic Choice, reconnect with Source, find out The Blueprint of Unity Consciousness, decode the Divine Sequence Within, lift the Net of the Mass Consciousness Grid, learn to Spiral Multidimensional Wholeness into Everything, transcend your perceptions, choose 'yes and no' at the same time, increase your Bandwidth, discover What You Left For Yourself to Find, take a Divine Mission Hookup, be who you fully are, stand out, get a Divine Energy Spirit, reclaim your Divine Access Point, Awaken to Universal Design Codes - and more!

If you want to Take Yourself out of the Game, transcend the Collective Conscious Taboos, live life Fully as an Embodied Source of Light, this transmission of Quantum Consciousness from the Council of Light is for you - and this is the book for you to tune in, partner with them and become your Fully Embodied Divine Self. With this book, you will wow everyone by this amazing new language of the lightworker! Review by Wendy Stokes

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