Friday, 22 September 2017

Universal Prophecy Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Universal Prophecy Cards by Julie McKenzie published by Animal Dreaming Publishing, Author's website:

Simple instructions on how to clear the cards, ask the question, shuffle, choose, bless, and seek meaning. There are gold leaf edges on these high quality cards which are read upright only. Spreads suggested: Single card draw; 6 cards Message from your Beloved; 12 cards Yearly Layout; 10 cards Golden Bridge Layout; 13 cards Prophecy Layout. There is a card titled The Golden Prophecy which is a master card of the deck. Each card has a title, an image, and a few words of advice. Sample card titled 'colour' with the  image (right) and words of advice: Visualise rainbow colours surrounding you as you breathe in their healing energy. From a calm mind and peaceful heart, the truth you seek will emerge.
The author is a medium and specialises in children's books. 

Review Wendy Stokes

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