Friday, 12 May 2017

Gems Oracle

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Gems Oracle Cards by Bianca Luna, 32 cards published by Lo Scarabeo. £15.99 cards and booklet in English and 6 other languages. Information on how to read the cards, each gemstone has a profile with a title, number, astrology symbol, chakra and yoga asana. Also included with each card is a 30 word message, ideas for meditations with suitable questions, and the general energy of the gemstone. Excellent card stock. Cards are arranged in element suits of fire, water, earth, air. Also included are use for a talisman and ritual for charging the cards. A suggested spread for a 4 card Treasure Chest. I found this deck precise, and it condenses a great deal of information into the space available. A pleasant surprise! 
Sample card reading: Tiger's Eye is a number 10 and shows the sign of Jupiter and links to the ajna chakra. No man is an island - or woman either! Sometimes we find ourselves in a complex world, and to live happily we must co-operate peacefully with others, help them, understand them, and sometimes challenge them when they make mistakes. The tiger's eye helps us to be far-seeing into the future and helps us with accuracy. It gives us idealism and love of humanity, and ensures our actions are purposeful, clear and caring.
Review Wendy Stokes

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