Thursday, 29 November 2018

Joie de Vivre Tarot

Circle Network Review: Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy Published by US Games 78 card deck with white booklet (78 pages) £19.99 

It's a most entertaining tarot deck to delight all ages! The front of packet is pic of Three of Cups where Gleam, Glitter and Glow dance together in celebration of their blessings and achievements. Waters of vitality spring forth from three cup flowers on Glitter’s head. Glow supplies a plethora of fruit and the scarab beetle dancing at their feet carries a message of regeneration and creation.

Back of packet is pic of The Fool where Jaunt spreads her wings as she leans forward to smell a flower. Her bat companion, Prudence, pulls her back from the monster infested water below. A spider dangles from its web on her staff, a reminder that she weaves her own life circumstances. 

Playtime has arrived! This charming card deck provides stylised artwork of dreamlike, stick-thin personalities.

Delicate cobwebs, moths, fireflies, ladybirds, spiders meet hearts, tails, horns, claws, wings, flowers and fancy hats in creative swirls, spirals, scrolls, twists and tassels.

The gender 'ambiguous' personalities are named and come from a fairy land of scenes from Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, from childhood rhymes and fantasy tales.

In the French language, 'joie de vivre' means 'joy of living' and this deck elicits the delight of childhood and will stimulate, enhance and inspire a love of the natural world.

The deck is young and fun and there are some traditional words of wisdom that one would expect from a tarot deck.

Keywords are provided in the explanatory booklet which accompanies the deck with a short paragraph about the meaning of the card. Upright and inverted concepts are included. The card backs are reversible with a scroll and leaf design on a golden background. One spread is suggested.

At random I chose several cards for a spread:
The first was Four of Cups with keywords: Security, stability, prosperity, success and generosity and the suggested question is  ‘Where do I find joy the easiest?’ The card depicts Madam Dominion who is financially prosperous and fears losing her wealth. What is she losing out on? Advice: By building walls and holding on tightly, energies are blocked. Focus on making the best by combining practicality with enjoyment.

The second card is Four of Cups Inverted. Keywords relate to the need for reassurance, appreciation of blessings and an end to self-deception. The card asks ‘Where must I work to find joy?’ The card depicts Melancholique who does not notice the cups of plenty, the kind friendship offered and the joy of simple blessings. Advice: Through re-evaluation, see potential for beauty and comfort.

Third card is Page of Coins and keywords: Fascination, determination, curiosity, resourcefulness and learning. The card asks ‘What do I allow to block my joy?’ Marvel is the Page of Coins who sees endless possibilities as he reaches for a shiny golden coin. His good instincts and inventive mind lead him to opportunities. Advice: Expand your horizons, enjoy life’s journey, find your passion and your brilliance will be rekindled. 

Fourth card asks "Who should I watch to learn more about finding joy? Eight of Wands is chosen and depicts an astro-mouse named Nucleus who ventures across the galaxy with tow one eyed aliens, Zoom and Boom who guide him in the right direction. The advice is to shoot for the stars!

Fifth card chosen asks "What joy is the Universe gifting me with today? Seven of Swords shows Tom Foolery darting away with five stolen swords. The advice is to exercise caution.

Paulina Cassidy was born in Canada and now lives in Tennessee, USA. She is a healer and musician and this is her second tarot creation. Paulina Tarot is by the same creator. All cards worth a look with a magnifying glass! Review: Wendy Stokes

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