Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Dream Reading Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Dream Reading Cards - Discover the Purpose of your Dreams by Rose Inserra, box contains 52 cards plus full colour booklet Published by Rockpool Publishing £14.99. Author website:

Magnetic flip open box with quality cards and full colour booklet. Each card has a number, a title, and three questions that the dream suggests need answering. The booklet contains information about dreams, and how to remember them, and explains how to read the cards and reproduces each card in colour with expanded information and guidance. The cards are divided into two categories: 30 theme cards with common concepts and 22 reading cards with 13th century Persian poet and Sufi Mystic, Rumi quotes.

Sample card with reading: 
From the reading card section: Gratitude, number 42, with the quote 'Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life'. It is with gratitude that you truly appreciate your blessings. Take nothing for granted. Give thanks for everything that the universe has to offer you. Does not the rich person breathe the same air as the poor person? Do they not feel the warmth of the sun and the soft breeze on their cheeks equally? Material wealth does not guarantee happiness and wellbeing. Do not dwell on what you lack. Be grateful for all you have. It will encourage prosperity to enter your life if you are in an abundant state of mind already. 
Whatever negative feeling you are experiencing right now is creating a block, which means that positive energy cannot get through. Be patient. It will pass if you choose to focus on the positive things in your life. Remember to be frateful for simply being alive. Thank the bed for the good night's sleep, thank God for seeing a new day, thank your bills too because they are a result of services you have been granted. Whenever you turn on a light, plug in an appliance, open a tap for clean water and enjoy countless other comforts you have at your disposal, appreciate each and every one. There is much in your life to be grateful for. 
Appreciate every person who comes into your life - even those who annoy you - because they are here to teach you life lessons. Be grateful that your body can take care of where you want to go, rather than put yourself down for being too fat or unattractive. Go one day without any form of complaining. Affirm only that which is positive. There are many blessings in your life. Give thanks daily.   

Also by this author 'Dictionary of Dreams' and 60 children's books.

Review by Wendy Stokes 

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