Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Flower Reading Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Flower Reading Cards - Discover the Language of Nature by Cheralyn Darcey (author and artist), published by Rockpool Publishing, 36 cards in magnetic flip to open box with high quality explanatory booklet £14.99 Author website: www.cheralyndarcy.com

International flowers are featured, each card carries a title and subtitle, and linocut artwork, which is also painted by hand. The meanings have been developed through research and enquiry, personal experience and observation. In the booklet, each card has its common name and latin name, meaning, challenges, a botanical profile and a place of origin. Each flower has been given a personality by this environmental artist who uses recycled materials for the past twenty years for her artworks. Also provided is information on how to use the cards, pick a flower for each day, for oracle readings, meditation, healing and education. 

Spreads include: 5 cards Flora's Seasonal Advice; 5 cards A Bouquet of Advice; 8 cards The Garden Gate; 7 cards The Garden of Life. 
Sample cards: 
Daisy - Protection. Meaning: Protection granted. Calmness during troubled times. The energy to become and stay grounded and centred. A balanced and open view is presented. Playfulness and indications of working or being with children and people from your childhood. Work that brings freedom and happiness. Peace of mind is offered. You can survive what is going on. A way forward will become apparant once energies calm and perceptions are understood. Listen to your thoughts and be honest in your feelings about and understanding of them. Remember the child you were. Challenges: Mood swings. Vulnerability and feelings of being overwhelmed. A moment of shock in response to unexpected news. Insecurity, confusion, lack of grounded energy and a lack of trust. A lack of simple fun. Nervousness or shyness is inhibiting connection with something you would normally enjoy or benefit from. Information about the Botanical profile is followed by Place - Glastonbury, England in Somerset, the centre of myth and legends surrounding Joseph of Arimathea, King Arthur, Avalon and the Holy Grail. The town has been inhabited since Neolothic times and within the surrounding area are important ancient buildings including The Tor. 
Scottish Primrose - Compassion. Meaning: Warmth, forgiveness and unconditional love. Approaching peace. Enlightened and honest, unbviased evaluation of volatile situations. Being of service to others. Finding love in a usual place. Time for contemplation before you set off with plans. Natural rhythms restored and balanced. Emotional awareness. A time for additional patience and acceptance.  
Challenges: Judgemental attitudes and opinions. Coldness in feeling for others. Speaking your mind without knowing all the facts. Not understanding the challenges that others face. Anxieties and phobias. An excalation of conflict. Planning from a place of fear. Going on the attack. Information about the botanical profile plus the place, Praying Hands, a conical hill in Scotland.

Lots to take in when reading these cards. One is sufficient for me! 
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Review by Wendy Stokes www.wendystokes.co.uk

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