Saturday, 30 March 2019

Mythic Oracle

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Mythic Oracle - Wisdom of the Ancient Greek Pantheon by Carisa Mellado with artwork by Michele-lee Phelan. Boxed 45 card and information booklet set.

Greek gods and goddesses reflect our own human lives and the cards are designed to guide us through life cycles. They reflect the archetypal hero, Odysseus and his epic journey, from departure to initiation and eventual return home. We use this to assist us in our journey through life. We begin with an awakening, experience challenges, overcome difficulties. We must go down into our deepest level to discover new perspectives, our illusions need to be broken, our convictions clarified. We will integrate this new self into the world of the future, mastering both, our inner life and our outer world.

Each card has a title and subtitle and information is provided about the mythology of each card and there is a channelled message from the archetype. There are 5 suits: Protogenoi, Titans, Olympians and Magical Beings. Card spreads suggestions are a daily one card, The Nature Spread (3 cards), The Relationship Spread (5 cards), Archetype Spread (6 cards), Cycle Spread (6 cards), Hero Spread (6 cards). There is a glossary of terms at the back of the booklet. 

Carisa Mellado is an Australian mind body spirit author and tarot reader with an interest in psychology, spirituality and mythology. She is co-author of Ask the Angel Oracle Cards with Toni Carmine Salerno. The artist, Michele-lee Phelan is a self taught artist who also provided the artwork for Oracle of the Dragon Fae. Wendy Stokes Reviewer

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